Recognition with Purpose: Aligning Reward Badges With Company Core Values

Reward Badges could help you find a cheaper yet effective way out. In today's world, where everything is digital and gamified, badges seem to be continuously growing in popularity.

Rewards and Recognition
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January 14, 2020
Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share - (Gallup, 2018).

“Employee engagement” has been an HR buzz word since the last decade and will continue to gain more momentum in the future. While every company is finding its own fix to employee engagement, employee recognition remains the most common and the most effective mode to boost engagement.

However, despite it being the easiest and fastest way to improve engagement, employee recognition often gets underutilized in the workplace. This might happen due to limited understanding and over-complication of Rewards and Recognition program. Reward Badges could help you find a cheaper yet effective way out. In today's world, where everything is digital and gamified, badges seem to be continuously growing in popularity.

Badges make things fun while monitoring and boosting engagement and performance. They can easily convey the message of acknowledgement while exemplifying an individual/team for exceptional achievement or conduct.

Xoxoday's recognition badges feature is a powerful tool that can help your company create unique recognition structures with real positive impact. The company can use it and modify in any way possible, like -

  1. Signify an individual's career milestones,
  2. Highlight positive behaviour,
  3. A way to shape company values/morals

Benefits of using Recognition Badges

There are many benefits of using recognition badges, but some of the key benefits are -

Caters digital workplace

Badges can drive both traditional and digital engagement. While some choose the tangible option for badges in the form of pins, button or broach, others are opting for digital ones that cater to the digital workspace. Digital badges ensure continuous performance development and management.

Acknowledge specific actions

Badges lets managers combine general recognition of “great effort” along with acknowledgement of particular skills, tasks or achievements.

Growth meter

When employees show a pattern of receiving badges for a specific task or skill, it indicates a shift in status form good performers in an area to an expert. It helps the company to track talent, growth of the team and also help the company in making promotion-related decisions.

Holistic Recognition

Badges can be used to recognise things like - acknowledging great work, highlighting an individual’s commitment to the company, new qualifications, work anniversaries and promotions, etc. It is essential to give employees every and any appreciation they deserve, which in turn leads to further engagement in other employees.

Customisation of badges with your company values

Customising of badges is important if you are looking to add an element of fun at work while personalizing a recognition model to suit your company’s values.

Badge customisation also has a significant role in forming and shaping company values and culture. Building an organisational culture is hard, and making everyone work according to the set values is even more difficult. Having reward badges tailored according to your company rules can help in shepherding employees in the right direction. Badges can not only be used for behaviour correction but also help in reinforcing positive ones.

Many engagement tools provide you with a series of badges, but not all are customizable. This is where Xoxoday badges come into the picture. Xoxoday believes that no one size fits all. Every company has its own set of goals and values. Hence, we have made badges easy to understand and customisable.

However, we pre-populate a few badges with some universal values to help you get started.  

There are a few types of Recognition Badges:

1. Core Value Badges: any user can give and receive these badges.

2. Special Badges: These badges can be generated in the form of awards. For companies that have a recognition budget, Xoxoday’s reward badges can be assigned monetary value in the form of points. Employees can use these points against a global catalogue of gift experiences, e-cards and perks. Hence, most of them are nomination based.

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3. Auto-generated: You can set up automated badges for things like birthdays or service anniversaries.

Automated Badges for employees

Xoxoday badges are charmingly gamified, and getting a word of praise is included along with it is a delight for employees. So if you are planning on customizing, but would also like to hang on to a few of our default badges then you are free to mix and match.


Badging is a powerful tool that can help you create an impact and resourceful reward structure with some real impact. If badging is your first step to engagement, then remember to keep things simple and fun. Start with something light and later starts getting more involved as your company starts building a culture that can fully absorb the concept of digitalisation, gamification and rewards tracking.

Employee engagement is challenging and requires a comprehensive approach. A culture of recognition – codified by awards, points and badging – is a good start.

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