List Of Creative Award Names For Your Employees

Need inspiration with the names of employee rewards? We have got a full list of creative award names for employees.

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July 16, 2020

Your company has had an extraordinary year. Objectives were met, the team went above and beyond to fulfil their duty and obligation. Rookie employees did more than anticipated. You want to reward these key players with special awards. But what awards should you give them? What kind of employee recognition programs do you need to execute? This is exactly what we will be addressing in this article, a list of creative award names for employees. 

Before that, let's understand the need to give employee rewards titles and how does it benefit you as a leader?

Why do you Need to Give Awards?

According to classic behavioural psychology, the recognition and awarding of the desired behaviour (like working hard, coming up with innovative ideas) lead to the repetition of the desired behaviour. Therefore employee rewards titles lead to more productivity at work and positive outcome for the organisation.


  1. Greater enjoyment at work as employees get more time focusing on the job and less time complaining
  2. Higher loyalty and employee satisfaction scores
  3. Enhanced teamwork
  4. Lower employee turnover
  5. Low level of absenteeism and stress in the office

Creative Awards Titles for Employees Along with Categories

We know that no company is the same, and neither is the culture and office dynamics. Hence, we understand that not all categories will fit your workplace structure. However, there are categories that are universal everywhere or have some similarities with your current employee rewards system.

Employee Recognition Award Categories

Following are some creative names for these categories of rewards -

New Hire Awards ‍

As the name suggests, this kind of employee awards titles is given to top-performing new hire. This employee has performed remarkably well within their first month/quarter/or year of joining the company. Here are few suggestive creative award names for this country -

·        Rookie Rockstar

·        Rookie of the month/ quarter/ year

·        Rookie Sailor

·        Fast Starter

·        Bright Beginner

·        Dashing Debut

·        Amazing Addition

·        Budding Star

·        Exceptional Hire

·        Best First Impression

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Top Performer Recognition Award

This is an award given to employees who are at the top of their game. They are slayers of deadlines and are the best at what they do (no matter the time or circumstances). Following are some creative award names that best suits their attributes.

1. Mr./Ms. Significant

2. Precious Gem Award

3. Superstar Award

4. Prime Player Award

5. Shining Star Award

6. Mr/Ms WoW Machine

7. Cloud 9Collaborator

8. Pinnacle Performer

9. Alpha player

10.  Mover of Mountains

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Perfect Attendance Awards‍

This kind of award goes to an employee who hasn't missed a day of work. Perfect attendance shows employees dedication to work. Such behaviour needs to be recognised. Some creative names of such an award could be -

1.  Always Present Award

2.  Perfectly Present Award

3.  Happy Everyday Award

4.  Count You In

5.  Never Missed a Beat

6.  Dedicated Employee (Of the month/quarter/ year)

7.  Always Timely Award

8.  Mr./Ms. Consistent

9.  No Missed Opportunities

10.   Aced Attendance

Team Awards

This kind of award goes to the whole team. When a team works exceptionally well and bring out great results from their solid teamwork goals, they get nominated for this kind of an award. Here are a few creative names for such an award -

1.  League Of Superheroes

2.  The Dream Team

3.  The Fist Bump Award

4.  High Five Award

5.  Helping Hands

6.  Ace Alliance

7.  Synergic Force

8.  Force To Reckon With

9.  Squad Goals

10.  Super Squad

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Customer Service Awards

Our Customers are the foundation of our organisational being. A company is nothing without its customers. To keep customers satisfied we need skilled employees. Customer service awards are for those employee recognition awards who go beyond their call of duty to keep customers happy and content.  Here are a few creative names for such an award.

1.  Joy Givers

2.  Customer Success Champions

3.  Peace in the Chaos

4.  Distributor of smiles

5.  Super Satisfyer

6.  Calmer of Storms

7.  Client Whisperer

8.  Customer Comforter

9.  Client Care Champ

10.  Five-star Customer Service

Peer-to-Peer Awards‍

In simple terms, peer-to-peer awards go to the best colleague. And as the name suggests, this recognition award titles is by the employees, for the employees and of the employee. Peers generally choose the candidate who exhibits trust, friendship, reliability, loyalty, kindness etc. Here are a few examples -

1.  Above and beyond

2.  Helping Hand

3.  Key contributor

4.  Outstanding Dependability

5.  Bestower of Energy

6.  Ultimate Team Player

7.  Everyday Hero Award

8.  Behind the Scenes Award

9.  Caught in the Act of Caring Award

10.  Makes My Day Award


There are countless ways to recognise your employees and reward them for their good work. However, it all begins with the company culture. An exceptional employee recognition plan starts with what you as a company want and advocate. Are you one of those people who only appreciate top performers or the ones who consider other attributes like hard work, dedication and teamwork? Let us know in the comments below.


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