Gamify Pushy Goal Sheets to Get Better Output

Goal sheets are pushy. Gamifying goals is the key to making it interesting. Here's our take on how Xoxoday Compass - a Gamification software can make goal-sheets interesting with goal setting games.

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June 23, 2021

If you've ever been through a structured process for goal setting in goal sheets, you’d know that this exercise can be daunting, sluggish and tedious. However, goal sheets are critical and can objectively prove your performance. The fact that filling in these goal sheets feels like an additional task without any incremental and tangible advantage, is the biggest shortcoming of this process.

Goal-sheets have a few inherent shortcomings:

Goal-sheets have a few inherent shortcomings:

To overcome this boredom and monotony, companies leverage gamification both internally and externally to give them the desired business results while ensuring high engagement. Gamification involves modifying game-inspired elements to business tasks, which result in creating a game-like environment for the participants. 

Compass by Xoxoday is #1 Gamification software to accelerate sales that helps you turn your sales programs into games with your own game-rules, challenges, and incentives and helps you turn boring goal-sheets into goal setting games that actually motivate.

Publish Goal Sheets like Games.

Games are fun. Why? Because there is a continuous challenge. They give you a sense of accomplishment. They’re competitive and demand you to level up. But most of all, you get instant rewards to motivate you to keep going. 

Here’s a quick guide on how you can use Xoxoday Compass to gamify goals and transform dull goal-sheets into interesting games that hit home, each time.

Publish Goal Sheets like Games

Sales games have a mix of challenges, scores, hurdles, levels, ranking, badges, rewards, demotion, nudges, and more that make the game exciting and fun.

Discover exciting goal setting game templates that Compass offers to help your sales teams experience sales targets like a game, and results like never before. 

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