Behind The Scenes Of Xoxoday Products

Behind The Scenes Of Xoxoday Products

Discover what went behind creating the three Xoxoday products

Manoj Agarwal
Manoj Agarwal

Xoxoday has been selling SaaS products in employee engagement, rewards and recognition, sales incentives, channel incentives and enterprise gifting. Over time, we found a strong need to give an identity to each of the products. In mid 2019, we came up with the names of our three products. A big thanks to Regan who spearheaded this project and came up with recommendations.

Empuls: Xoxoday for Employees


Build a winning culture

Behind the name Empuls:

(Em)ployee (puls)e is Empuls. This product helps companies diagnose and measure the pulse of their employees. It gives you a quick insight into the health of your company culture and take corrective actions. Knowing the pulse of your employees can help companies improve employee engagement with data driven methodologies. An engaged employee is more productive, efficient, happy and helps companies improve their revenues. Empuls solves the intrinsic motivation drivers (autonomy, empowerment, alignment, purpose, communication, respect) of employee engagement,  by understanding employee pulse at work.

Empuls Logo

Behind the Empuls logo:

This logo is inspired from the Japanese concept of Ikigai (a reason for being). The centre in the logo represents the perfect state which is a combination of the other four intersections. An employee is truly engaged or happy at work when the four elements lead to a good balance. These elements are: Motivation (recognition, celebration, benefits), Alignment (mission, vision, goals), Communication (transparency, two-way, social) and Empowerment (autonomy, respect, feedback). These four dimensions together lead to a state of employee happiness, engagement, and experience which Empuls measures through eNPS score.

Compass: Xoxoday for Channel and Sales Incentives

Behind the name Compass:

Compass literally is an instrument which shows the directions. It symbolizes guiding and navigating someone towards the right direction with data points. The Compass product from Xoxoday helps companies to guide sales and channel partners with their goals and targets. It helps them navigate the complexities of sales and channel business with effective communication, alignment, goal setting, feedback loops and motivates to move towards the final target. Compass helps in solving the intrinsic motivation problems of  channel partners, wholesalers, distributors, resellers and sales teams.

Compass logo

Behind the Compass logo:

Compass logo is inspired from the Compass instrument. The logo is symbolic of the direction, alignment and motivation achieving targets & goals, for the sales, delivery, gig, channel partners and back office teams.

Plum: Xoxoday for Rewards and Incentives


Your motivational currency

Behind the name Plum:

Plum is a sweet, colorful, tasty fruit. Its neither a common nor an uncommon fruit. The idea behind this name is that one gets a lovely fruit when one shows results. Its neither available so easily, nor its so tough to get. If you are working hard towards your goals, behaviours and targets, its a good chance that you ll get a "plum". Plum solves the problem of extrinsic motivation in employees, sales or channel engagement. Thus, Plum product works very well with both Empuls and Compass to solve rewarding and incentive for showing positive behaviours and outcomes. Besides, Plum can be used independently by customers for various other kinds of rewards, incentives, gifting, loyalty etc programs.

Plum logo

Behind the Plum logo:

Plum logo is inspired from the Plum fruit. The colors chosen are symbolic of extrinsic motivational drivers like perks, benefits, rewards, incentives for good performance.

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Manoj Agarwal

Manoj Agarwal

Manoj Agarwal is the Co-Founder and CPO at Xoxoday. He is an MBA from IIM Kozhikode comes with 14 years of experience in building companies, technology, product, marketing, & business excellence.