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In addition to comparing these two platforms in the size of the gifting catalogs they offer, we will also consider different aspects such as the tech capabilities, the number of tools they integrate with, and the support they provide to their customers and patrons.

By simplifying the rewarding process for businesses, Plum makes rewards delightful for the end-users. Plum Rewards provide value at every step, starting from defining behavior triggers to enabling action to make results happen.

On the other hand, Tremendous is a bulk gifting platform that helps deliver rewards via email, SMS, and APIs.

We will be differentiating them by distinct criteria and see how they stack up.

What makes Xoxoday Plum the better platform for business gifting?

Let us now compare both these gift card platforms based on the size of the reward catalog, redemption capabilities, technology capabilities, payment options, integrations, customer support, and more.

User-driven Growth
Referral Programs
Marketing Contest Campaigns
Implementation and Onboarding Support
Loyalty Programs
Customer Feedback & Survey Programs
Stakeholder Alignment
Employee Rewards
Sales Development
Channel Partner Development
Customer Success Teams
E-commerce Delivery Teams
Plum Rewards edges out Tremendous and is more holistic when compared in these two categories.

1. Global Rewards Catalog:

Plum by Xoxoday has a vast catalog containing 21,000+ reward options across 100+ countries and has 20+ categories, including experiences, non-profit donations, and custom merchandise. End-users can redeem incentives from our massive global catalog using reward points/codes/links.

The catalog includes gift cards, curated experiences, wellness initiatives, subscriptions, work-from-home offers, and perks. Storefront users can select from 20+ categories ranging from health and wellness to electronics. They can also get exclusive offers and discounts across brands.

There are more than 5000 handpicked experiences and travel options across the globe for folks who are into travel.

Upcoming features to the Storefront in the next five months of 2021 include fintech, merchandise, new gift card APIs, wellness initiatives, and cashbacks. End-users can also access consumer promotions such as lucky draw, spin wheel, etc.

On the other hand, Tremendous only contains 1800+ gift card options and lacks features such as experiences, perks, merchandise, and wellness initiatives. Tremendous also lacks the number of reward categories that Plum possesses.

20+ Incentive Categories covering donations, wellness initiatives, subscriptions, self-improvement, etc.
Hand-picked Experiences and Travel Options across the globe
Gift Card Range
Wellness Initiatives*
Unlimited Reward Redemption
Discounts and Cashbacks
Consumer Merchandise
*upcoming in the next 3-6 months.
With a vast global catalog spanning 21,000+ reward options across several categories, Xoxday’s Plum outclasses Tremendous when it comes to the size of the reward catalog.‍

2. Reward Redemption & Distribution Capabilities

With omnichannel distribution capability for admins like HRs, sales leaders, etc., looking to distribute rewards seamlessly, Plum is apt for bulk rewarding.

Admins can distribute incentives to end-users via reward points, reward codes, reward links, API, and QR codes* for staff to redeem in the Storefront.

Reward points, known as Xoxo points, can be used by HR heads, Researchers, CXO or admins of a company to distribute rewards to their employees, stakeholders, survey respondents, or channel partners. These points are accumulated on the user’s account, after which they can use these distributed points on the Plum Storefront.

Reward codes, referred to as Xoxo Codes, can be sent individually or in bulk to end-users. These codes can be created in the denomination and currency that an admin wishes. End-users can use several codes in a single purchase/multiple purchases as per their convenience.

Links, referred to as Xoxo Links are unique links that let recipients choose the gift of their choice with a single click. Admins can choose to distribute incentives via email, SMS, and distribute the rewards via email, SMS, and QR codes. Organizations only have to pay for the rewards that are redeemed via Xoxo links.

For organizations wishing to send gift card vouchers in bulk, Admins can use Plum Rewards API too.

Tremendous API response, when compared to the former, is more complex. It also requires a significant amount of effort to master.

Plum, on the other hand, provides a seamless experience and is far easier to integrate. Users who use Plum Rewards API can also get specific vouchers from the Plum Catalog using filters such as country, category, etc.

With the ability to send rewards across channels, Xoxoday’s Plum outmatches Tremendous when it comes to distribution capabilities.‍

Data not available
✔(No SMS customization & Preview)
QR Codes*
*upcoming in the next few quarters in 2021.

3. Platform Experience & Technology

Built on a robust tech stack with complete microservices architecture, Plum is compliant with the latest security standards, including GDPR and SOC-2.

The UI/UX is smooth and works across devices seamlessly. Plum also provides advanced analytics for admins on reward redemption usage as a completely DIY solution and allows custom branding.

Plum is not only a tool for admin functions but is built keeping the end-users in mind. We regularly iterate our product every 45 days by listening to feedback from admins and storefront users.

The analytics provided by the Plum dashboard, backed by data, will ensure the effectiveness of your reward program. As an admin, you will also be able to see the rewards that were sent, received, redeemed, etc., in a single dashboard and get a bird’s eye view of how Plum is impacting your business objectives. In addition to that, we have a scheduler option that admins can use to automate birthdays, and anniversaries rewarding.

Admins can efficiently perform customizations with Plum. Organizations can have custom brandings such as landing pages, and logos and use their email templates. Personalization of gift cards, greetings, images, emails, and messages is possible for special occasions. It is also possible for admins to create custom landing pages/URLs/Micro-sites. Admins can also choose to brand packing and delivery services.

On the other hand, Tremendous offers limited customization doesn’t have campaign automation and has limited functionality when it comes to analytics.

Another major differentiation between the two platforms is that the real-time bulk upload status is shown in Plum, whereas in Tremendous, this feature is absent.

DIY and Self-serve enabled
Bulk Orders and APIs
✔ (No real-time status of Bulk uploads)
Admins can Export & Import data from the platform
Ability to Setup campaigns & automate reward scheduling
✔(Extensive Filtering possible like price and categories)
Custom Landing Pages, templates, micro-sites, and branding.
Advanced Reporting and Analytics
Reward Redemption without logging in.
✔(On reward & On redemption models)

4. Payment Options

Plum by Xoxoday supports currencies from 75+ countries across geographies. Excess payment options for users in the Storefront include Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, and Digital Wallets like PayU, Paypal, etc. It is also possible for end-users to do wire transfers across countries.

Tremendous also supports multiple currencies and can geographically serve 75+ countries. No excess payment options are available for users though.

Multi-Currency Support
Finance and Recharge Capability for Admins

5. Integrations

As a core part of Plum’s growth strategy, Integrations are crucial to what we do. We are proud to have leapt in terms of the number of integrations for Plum.

As an admin, you can now seamlessly integrate with a wide range of HRMS tools, CRM software, survey tools, referral marketing software, customer success software, and e-commerce platforms.

HRMS Platforms
Data not available
CRM Softwares
Data not available
Survey Tools
Data not available
Referral Marketing Softwares
Data not available
Customer Ticketing Tools
Data not available
E-commerce Platforms
Data not available

‍You can find out more about existing Xoxoday Integrations.

6. Support and Security

We provide round-the-clock 24/7 email and chat support to our customers and end-users.

The guides for onboarding customers, FAQs, resources, and DIY journeys also make it extremely easy for employees, Storefront users, and admins to get started and adopt the product.

Our product experts do a quarterly review to understand how the product can deliver more value to your company. There is also a dedicated account manager who will support you during your customer journey. The platform is also DIY-friendly and has ready developer APIs and relevant marketplace apps.

When it comes to security, we maintain audit logs and are GDPR, ISO 27001 compliant. To know more about our meticulous security policy, please check Xoxoday Security and Compliance.

We also maintain audit logs and are GDPR, ISO 27001 compliant.

24/7 email, chat support
Chat Support
Blogs & Community
Phone Support
Implementation and Onboarding Support
Sales Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Workshops and Training
Multilingual Support in Storefront


As a unified rewards and incentives solution, Plum can be used to reward end-users. As an admin, you can define the behaviors that ought to be rewarded, assign triggers for various parameters, and use rule engines to distribute rewards based on the milestones completed. And the best part? You can do all of this from the tools you already use.

From marketers to channel partners to customer success teams, there is a solution for every team that wants to drive behavior with engaging rewards. Check out our solutions for Market Research Incentives, Consumer Promotion, Channel Incentives, and more.

When it comes to the Storefront, Plum offers a far more holistic catalog to redeem rewards. It also enables admins to send rewards via numerous distribution channels.

Plum also outclasses Tremendous in the number of rewarding categories, technical capabilities, analytics, the number of integrations, and 24/7 support to ensure that your company’s R&R program runs smoothly without any issues.

Have any queries? Check out our FAQs and documentation.


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