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This blog will help you take a look at the size of the reward catalog and offerings that Sendoso and Xoxoday provide. We will also be comparing them in aspects such as technical capability, the number of integrations with third-party platforms they support, and the customer support they provide to their patrons.

A Comprehensive Guide to Corporate Gifting | Xoxoday
Corporate gifting is a gesture of gifting valuables to clients, employees, or any other co-habitant within the business space.

By simplifying the rewarding process for businesses and making the rewards delightful for the end-users, Plum provides value to the end-user at every step, starting from defining behavior triggers to enabling action to make results happen. In this process, it inculcates fundamental behavior change.

Sendoso, on the other hand, is an online gifting platform that lets users deliver gifts via modern direct mail, eGifts, and other physical impressions at scale.

Our product caters to various use cases to deliver on user-driven growth and stakeholder alignment.

What makes Xoxoday the Best Corporate Gifting Platform?

Let us now compare both these employee rewarding platforms based on reward catalog, reward redemption capabilities, technology, payment options, integrations, and more.

User-driven Growth
Referral Programs
Marketing Contest Campaigns Data Not Available
Loyalty Programs
Customer Feedback & Survey Programs
Stakeholder Alignment
Account-Based Marketing
Employee Rewards
Sales Development
Channel Partner Development
Customer Success Teams
E-commerce Delivery Teams

‍Not only does Xoxoday Plum cover more use cases (As shown in the table above), but it is also a more comprehensive and holistic solution for customers looking for a gifting solution.

1. Global Rewards Catalog

Covering 100+ countries, 20+ reward categories, 21,000+ options with 4,000+ gift Cards, 2800+ brand vouchers, non-profit donations, and cash cards, Plum’s catalog is very holistic and suits a wide range of needs. In addition to that, we have 3000+ perks and custom merchandise.

End-Users on the Storefront can utilize their reward points on our extensive global catalog which includes gift cards, experiences, wellness initiatives, subscriptions, and perks. They can choose from a wide range of categories including automotive, electronics, health and wellness, and lifestyle, and get exclusive offers and discounts! For travel enthusiasts, there are 5000+ handpicked experiences and travel options across the globe.

New catalog additions to the Storefront in the next few quarters in 2021 include fintech, merchandise, new gift card APIs, wellness initiatives, and cashbacks. Employees can also access consumer promotions such as lucky draw, spin wheel, etc.

Sendoso, on the other hand, lacks key features such as wellness initiatives, and a wide range of eGift cards, and doesn't contain as many curated experiences as Plum. Sendoso also lacks the number of reward categories that Plum possesses.

20+ Reward Categories covering fashion, subscriptions, learning, etc.
Curated Experiences and Travel Options across the globe
Gift-card Range 4000+ Limited number of gift cards
Wellness Initiatives*
Unlimited Reward Redemption
Discounts and Cashbacks
Redemption without logging in.
*upcoming in the next 3-6 months in 2021

‍With a massive catalog collection containing 21,000+ gift cards, experiences, perks, subscriptions, wellness, & more, Xoxoday’s Plum wins hands down with Sendoso when it comes to the size of the rewards catalog.

2. Reward Redemption & Distribution Capabilities

For admins like HRs, sales leaders, customer success heads, etc looking to distribute rewards seamlessly, Plum offers omnichannel distribution capability. Plum is perfect for bulk reward distribution as rewards can be given to users via reward points, reward codes, reward links, and QR codes* for them to redeem in the Plum Storefront.

Xoxo points can be used by HR heads or CXOs of a company to distribute rewards and incentivize their employees, stakeholders, or channel partners. Distributed points can be used by the recipients on the Plum Storefront. Points are accumulated in the user account and they can redeem them as they deem fit.

Xoxo Codes are unique gift codes that can be sent individually or in bulk to end-users. Admins can create these codes in any denomination and currency. Employees can use multiple codes in a single purchase/multiple purchases as per their convenience.

Xoxo Link is a unique link that lets recipients choose the reward of their choice with a single click. Admins can distribute the rewards via email, SMS, and QR codes. Organizations only have to pay for the rewards that are redeemed via Xoxo links.

For admins who wish to use APIs to send bulk brand gift vouchers, Plum provides the capability for admins to distribute gifts en masse.

QR Codes*
*upcoming in the next 3-6 months in 2021

With flexible options to send rewards across a multitude of channels, Xoxoday’s Plum outmatches Sendoso when it comes to distribution capabilities.

3. Platform Experience & Technology

Built on the latest technology stack with complete microservices architecture, security standards & compliances, the UI/UX of Plum is frictionless & aims to be the best in the industry. The product is also completely self-serve enabled, providing advanced analytics for admins on reward usage, and allows custom branding. Built for the end-users, Plum is not just a tool for admin functions. We take feedback from users very seriously and release new features & improvements to the product every 45 days.

Analytics backed by intelligence enables the effectiveness of reward programs. Admins are not only able to easily see sent, received, or redeemed reports, but can also track the performance of the campaigns to see exactly how Plum is impacting their goals. Powered with system-generated nudges based on data intelligence, upcoming features include “People Analytics to benchmark and predict attrition”.

It is quite easy for admins to customize with Plum. Firms can have custom landing pages, and logos and use their email templates. Personalization of gift cards, greetings, images, and messages is possible for special occasions. It is also possible to create custom landing pages/URLs/Micro-sites. Packing and delivery services can also be branded.

Sendoso, on the other hand, offers limited customization and doesn’t provide detailed analytics on reward redemption usage.

DIY and Self-serve enabled
Bulk Orders and APIs
Ability to export & import data in the platform
Campaign & Reward Automation
Custom Landing Pages, templates, micro-sites, and branding.
Advanced Reporting and Analytics
Reward Redemption without Logging In Data not available

4. Payment Options

We support currencies in 75+ countries. Excess payment options for Storefront users include options such as Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, and Digital Wallets. Wire transfer is also possible in multiple geographies.

Sendoso, on the other hand, doesn’t support as many currencies and is geographically limited.

Multi-Currency Support Data not available
Finance and Recharge Capability for Admins

5. Integrations

Core to what we do at Plum, Integrations help us improve the current ways of working with our technology. Having taken a huge leap in terms of the number of integrations we have for Plum, you can now integrate seamlessly with a wide range of CRMs, Survey Tools, Referral Marketing software, Customer Ticketing Tools, and E-Commerce Platforms.

Plum also enables you to integrate with HRMS platforms, thus making it a holistic employee reward solution.

HRMS Platforms
SAP SuccessFactors
Zoho People
CRM Softwares
Freshworks CRM
Zoho CRM
Survey Tools
Survey Monkey
Referral Marketing Softwares
Customer Ticketing Tools
E-commerce Platforms

You can find out more about existing Xoxoday Integrations.

6. Support and Security

Get email and 24/7 round-the-clock chat support as our patron.

The onboarding guides, FAQs, resources, and self-serve enabled journey makes it very easy for admins, employees and Storefront users to get started and adopt the product. Our engagement experts do a quarterly review to understand how the product can deliver more value to your company. There is also a dedicated account manager who will support you during your customer journey.

Plum is self-serve enabled and has ready developer APIs and relevant marketplace apps. When it comes to security standards, we maintain audit logs and are GDPR, ISO 27001 compliant. Know more about our detailed security policy. We also maintain audit logs and are GDPR, ISO 27001 compliant.

24/7 email, chat support
Chat Support
Blogs, Community, Phone Support
Implementation and Onboarding Support
Sales Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Workshops and Training
Multilingual Support in Storefront


Plum is one of the best corporate gifting companies when it comes to online gifting with a wide choice for end-users. As a unified reward solution for everyone, you can define the behaviors, assign triggers for various parameters, and run rule engines to distribute rewards based on the milestones completed.

From marketers to sales to customer success teams, there is a solution for all teams that wish to drive behavior with engaging rewards. Check out our solutions that power incentives for Market Research, Sales Development, Loyalty Campaigns, and more.

For end-users, Plum offers a far more holistic catalog to redeem rewards. By enabling admins to send rewards via myriad distribution channels. Plum outshines Sendoso when it comes to rewarding categories, technical capabilities, analytics, the number of integrations, and 24/7 support to ensure that your organization’s RnR program runs smoothly without any hassles.

If you have any queries, please check our FAQ section and documentation.

Ganesh Ram

Ganesh was a product marketer at Xoxoday. He writes about SAAS, Marketing, and Startups in general. He also likes reading about history, enjoys playing board games, and travelling to new places.