Leadership insights
July 3, 2020

50+ Powerful Leadership Quotes for the Leader of Your Wolf Pack

To all the talismans leading their wolf packs, here are the most powerful leadership quotes for the north star in your team.


Xoxoday Blogs

August 11, 2020

Looking London, Talking Tokyo?- Brevity and Clarity in Business Reports

Are your business reports and presentations really sharing the information they should, or passing on confusion, frustration and data fatigue instead?

Manoj Agarwal
June 4, 2020

Leadership Insights on Why 'Less is More'

Unravel 38 highly practical and real-to-life leadership insights on how to make the best of ‘less’ for ‘more.

Manoj Agarwal
May 14, 2020

When There’s No Playbook, Change The Game.

What is the shape of your workplace & people strategy in the NewNormal?

Manoj Agarwal
December 23, 2019

Did Henry Ford say faster horses?

If Henry Ford had tried addressing the demand for faster horses, where would the automobile industry be today?

Manoj Agarwal
November 2, 2019

B2B or B2C or C2C? It’s all Human to Human Marketing

We’ve spent so much time fighting about what kind of marketing is the best that we often forget what it’s about: Human to Human Marketing.

Aman Singhania