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From when we started 8 years back to today, the excitement, passion and focus on making the best in class employee engagement & motivation products are the same

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August 16, 2021

From when we started 8 years back to today, the excitement, passion and focus on making the best in class employee engagement and motivation products are the same. We live this enthusiasm every day! At Xoxoday, we believe in excelling every day in everything we do while we enjoy our journey and learn from our mistakes. We have already made Xoxoday as one of the best product based companies in Bangalore.

Pallavi Prakash, Senior Manager, Pre Sales
Pallavi Prakash, Senior Manager, Pre Sales

“Now having completed 8 years with this company, I surely can say that life in Xoxoday is full of adventure, challenges, achievements, and celebration – in short full of zest. I have learned loads, developed myself and got inspired in every step of this journey. I reflect back to see where I started from, to where I am and where I will be - exciting”
Pallavi Prakash, Senior Manager, Pre Sales

Brainstorm, try, test, and execute

It is good to see that with every nudge to the young minds of Xoxoday, comes a fresh idea that is worth brainstorming and exploring for a better product offering. With a culture of open sharing, transparent communication, allowing and fostering innovation Xoxoday has become one of the best product based companies in Bangalore. Forums are introduced from time to time to encourage out of the box thinking, and each successful implementation is rewarded. We test these ideas in house and on seeing success take a confident plunge to offer it to our clients.

Bharti Bhagtani, UI/UX Designer

It's been more than a year now since I joined Xoxoday and it feels like I stepped into a rollercoaster ride - taking turns I never expected but enjoyed almost every moment of this ride. It is here that I get to work with the best saas company and most wonderful Design team. We were a bunch of designers when I started, and our team expanded eventually. We have a crazy creative Design Head, from whom I have learned a lot about design and much more Gyan on all the life and things around. I quite love my workplace and enjoy spending most of my hours in a day. We have lovely colourful little workspaces to suit your mood, and you can opt to sit and work wherever you feel you are most productive. As a team, other than working together, we indulge in great brainstorming sessions, attend workshops and enjoy those fun Friday evenings. The collaboration with cross-functional teams, product managers, engineers are knowledgeable and meaningful. I believe all this has helped me learn a lot and also given me great exposure to working on a product from scratch. One of the things that I value a lot is the level of accessibility and approachability all the founders have maintained. We have regular town halls where the leadership team walks us through our plans, giving insight on our current standing and overall business scenario. The HR team is focused on global engagement of the employees, keeping them motivated, planning and having fun as well health and wellbeing sessions. In a nutshell, so far, so good. It’s nice to be a part of something so impactful and meaningful.”
Bharti Bhagtani, UI/UX Designer

Diversity and Inclusion Xoxoday, one of the best product based companies in Bangalore

Xoxoday being one of the best saas company is an equal employment opportunity provider. If you are a great combination of skill and will then, Xoxoday is your destination. In our current state itself, we maintain a healthy mix of gender and local, regional diversity. As we expand globally, we are focused on enhancing our diversity mix in various segments such as Race, Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, Religious affiliation, Generation, Disability, Personality type and Thinking style etc. We believe that not only will it enhance our people quotient, but it will also be a significant boost to our technological advancement. The tech company culture at Xoxoday makes it the most comfortable and one of the best company for employees.

To enable inclusion, we are continually exploring ways to align our people's policies, practices, values, and norms. For example, in the current context, to support gender diversity, all our policies are gender-neutral. Our training framework is being designed to upskill our leaders on skills required to foster inclusion and promote diversity. Based on the context of the discussion, employees are involved in the process of decision making. 

Ramya C J, Customer Success Head
Ramya C J, Customer Success Head

When I started my journey with Xoxoday, I was overwhelmed with all the hustle around. There was so much happening every day - fun, innovation, learning, cross-training and so on. I could see the people living in the culture mostly described in words. From the day I have joined till date, I thoroughly enjoy every moment working here. It is indeed a great exposure to be in the midst of so many talented people who are now my very good friends including my team and my manager without whose support, my experience wouldn’t have been as enriching as it is now. Xoxoday holds a special place in my heart - both personally and professionally. I am pleased to see an open approach that fosters trust between the employees and the management. The sensitivity towards the employees, focus on their overall development, care for their commitments - make it a very inclusive environment. This culture facilitates and empowers me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. As the Head of Customer Success department, I interact with many clients to understand their concerns and see how best we can help them. Our endeavour always is to work towards customer delight - be it by means of providing the best products or best customer support. Having a solution-oriented mindset is still at the foundation of our deliveries. Xoxoday and its products are people-centric, and we believe that before advocating others, we have to live this in our every action. People and technology, together with work as a team, to make Xoxoday one of the best product based companies in Bangalore with strong core values and undeterred focus on customer delight. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great individuals showing such care and are equally generous in sharing knowledge to make each other better. Overall I am sure as an engaged employee at Xoxoday. I will be able to deliver and add value in strengthening our Customer Success efforts. This is my canvas, and with every happy day, I am painting and creating my own story - a story of my journey with Xoxoday.
Ramya C J, Customer Success Head

We care, we share

One of the ways that we thank the society is by contributing back to its prosperity. Be it a visit to an orphanage, donating blood or clothes or having support camps for relief work due to some natural calamity – we consider each of this as an opportunity to make us more human and show that in our actions.

We do plan to have a well-defined charter that helps us to have focused attention on a few areas close to our heart and that resonate well with Xoxoday’s philosophy of self-sustenance - children education and providing vocational training on livelihood is one such area. 

Balance work and fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! – and we surely would not want that. Be it indoor games like foosball or intercompany cricket tournament, jamming for a music session or having a joke party – we do it all. We believe that fun time and serious work can go hand in hand.

Here's a small video on how we engaged our employees while working from home.

Celebrations around festivals and other occasions, personal milestones such as birthdays, marriage, long service etc. Bring all of us together. It gets all colourful, loud with cheering and fun. We attempt to bring out all that hidden talent in our employees by opting for a wide range of fun activities such as poetry, photography, cooking skills etc. To celebrate company success, join in for an annual team outing. Feel special, enjoy your day - Birthday, marriage, or Long service – use the celebration points to cheer yourself. Get your loved ones to office, show them where you work and enjoy the fun and frolic during the annual family day.

Thanks to our in-house product – Empuls amid the lockdown or remote working, we still succeed in maintaining a good touch time with the teams. Virtual competitions and events bring all of us together. While some actively participate, some of us love to comment on others. Bottom line, if it's fun at Xoxoday, we all are into it. 

Shashank H N, QA Engineer
Shashank H N, QA Engineer

The knowledge that everyone possesses is quite remarkable. While I am contributing to the organisation in its journey, I am gaining abundant experience from my peers.
Shashank H N, QA Engineer

Personal time out

A wide array of leave options are rolled out, enabling the employees to spend quality time with their loved ones. Celebrate new chapter in your life with marriage leave, welcome the new one with maternity and paternity leaves, work on your self-development, take up further education with sabbatical leaves. Joining us requires relocation – we are here to help – avail relocation leave to settle in the new town and help your family settle down too.

Reward & Recognition

We are here because our team is. Continuous recognition is ingrained in our culture. We believe social recognition motivates and encourages an employee. Peer to peer recognition is an essential aspect of our R&R framework. Through our platform Empuls, anyone can give our value badges, share congratulatory notes to their peers, colleagues, or subordinates. The entire organisation then joins in to celebrate the achievement. Quarterly town hall brings with it the business update, open Q&A with the leadership team and rewarding the winners for their outstanding work and upholding our values.

Health & Wellbeing

Work can get stressful – long hour seating, back to back meetings, deadline pressure and so on. We realize that it is essential for the employees to make health their priority too. While we are careful with the food, snacks and beverage options that are served within the office premises, we also have tied up with a leading healthcare brand to facilitate employees avail wellness benefit – Gym, Zomba, Cardio, Cross-training, Yoga, Meditation or a combination of all – do what suits you well.

Explore Xoxoday Plum for exciting deals and offers for fitness programs
Explore Xoxoday Plum for exciting deals and offers for fitness programs>>

Get advice from expert trainers and make your training plan. Get diet plans to make your way to healthy living. We understand that the current pandemic has been mentally stressful for all. To ensure our employees continue to have good mental health, we have introduced an EAP (Employee assistance program) that will enable employees to benefit from consultations with professional counsellors all at their own time, their own pace and with utmost and complete confidentiality. 

Learning & Development

We only grow if our employees grow. For that to happen, it is essential that we keep upgrading ourselves regularly, learn new skills, gain expertise in our existing abilities. Other than benefiting from the in house library, attending seminars, internal training sessions, we also encourage employees by providing a capped reimbursement on job courses that they pick up and complete success in their capacity.

Ayush Arora, Senior Manager, Frontend Sales
Ayush Arora, Senior Manager, Frontend Sales

At Xoxoday, Life is more of a learn and grow. We get a chance to try new things and achieve them with continuous support from our peers and management
Ayush Arora, Senior Manager, Frontend Sales

Emergency assistance

To ease that financial pressure that may set in with any unforeseen personal or family emergency, we have made provision of company loan for our employees. It is processed swiftly to ensure the help reaches just in time as per employee need. Hence making Xoxoday one of the best product based companies in Bangalore.

Our commitment to Safe Workplace

Xoxoday is an equal employment opportunity provider. We hire individuals based on skill only, and we are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees. Well, defined Anti Sexual Harassment process is laid down. List of Internal committee is published at conspicuous places. Adequate education sessions are conducted to educate employees on POSH. Suitable measures on Information security, data privacy, physical security are also put in place to meet our moral, legal, regulatory and compliance requirements. We follow an open-door policy and welcome employees to provide open feedback, share their concerns, and queries with us openly. You can directly reach out to the leaders and express yourself. Xoxoday has zero-tolerance to retaliation.

Life at Xoxoday is a cocktail of intense work time and chilled fun time. All balanced to provide wholesome work experience. Our values drive us every single day to excel and be our best. Join us on this journey of personal and professional excellence. We look forward to you becoming part of our Xoxoday family.

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