A Guide to Weekend Getaways Near Pune!

weekend getaways near Pune

Pune may be one of those dreamy eyed cities that you’ve forever had a love affair with, one does need to get away for a while. While there are plenty of things you can do in Pune, there are also beautiful weekend getaways near Pune with stunning sights and great locales that you can explore. If you’re wondering how to pick one from the many weekend getaways near Pune, don’t worry, we’ve got your covered.

From just ambling around at a luxury resort to trekking through the lush green traverses of the wild paths, rafting through the raging waters of a river to just heading out on a long drive outside the city, there is so much you can do near Pune.

To help you pick your ideal weekend rendezvous, we have compiled a list of getaways, treks and luxury resorts that will help go on a short-haul weekend getaway near Pune

Weekend Getaways Near Pune

Getaways Near Pune
Trekking and Adventure Options Near Pune
Luxury Staycations Near Pune

Getaways Near Pune


Distance from Pune: 62.5 Km
Ten Second Takeaway:
Located close to Pune, Lonavala is a famous weekend getaway, especially during monsoons. The city, situated at an altitude of 625 meters, is popular for its surreal beauty. Developed as a hill resort, Lonavala is also famous among adventure enthusiasts.

weekend getaways near Pune - Lonavala

Best time to visit: October to May
Places to Visit: Korigad Fort, Tiger’s Leap, Lohgad Fort, Karla, Bhaja caves and Duke’s Nose
Activities: Lonavala is quite popular for trekking, waterfall rappelling, camping and farm tours
Best ways to travel: Book an UberHire from Pune to Lonavala.


Distance from Mumbai: 113 Km
Ten Second Takeaway:
If your idea of a great weekend is to engage in pulsating adventurous activities, then Kolad is a must visit. The gushing waters of the Kundalika river make this an apt location for all kinds of water sports. The mighty mountains here is a trekkers paradise waiting to be explored. The even beautiful scenic roads leading to Kolad come alive during the rains making this a gorgeous monsoon getaway near Pune.

weekend getaways near Pune - Kolad Best time to visit: September to May
Places to Visit: Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls, Bhira Dam, Ghosala Fort, Kuda Mandad Caves, Tala Fort, Gaimukh, Saturday Lake
Activities: White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Water Crossing, Zip Line, Trekking etc.
Best ways to travel: Book an UberHire from Pune to Kolad for an adventure of a lifetime.


Distance from Mumbai: 213 Km
Ten Second Takeaway:
Bhimashankar is an adventurous tourist destination situated in Pune. This city offers gorgeous sceneries and is a favorite among trekkers. Bhimashankar is also home to the Nagara Architecture and one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. This quaint little city is an amazing destination for a quiet monsoon getaway amidst the hills.

weekend getaways near Pune - Bhimashankar Best time to visit: November to February
Places to Visit: Bhimashankar Temple, Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary, and Hanuman Lake
Activities: Trekking and Boating
Best ways to travel: Book an Uber Hire to Bhimashankar from Pune.


Distance from Mumbai: 58 Km
Ten Second Takeaway:
Lavasa is a new name among travelers making this a serene and quiet getaway close to nature. Rain or Summer, come what may, this little city will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

weekend getaways near Pune - Lavasa Best time to visit: Throughout the year
Places to Visit: Varasgaon Dam and other sightseeing activities
Activities: Water Sports, Adventure Sports, Nature Trail and Waterfall Safari
Best ways to travel: Book an Uber Hire from Pune to Lavasa.


Distance from Mumbai: 51 Km
Ten Second Takeaway:
The hill town of Kamshet is a mere 16 km away from Lonavala and Khandala in the Western Ghats. Adventure and flying enthusiasts visit Kamshet throughout the year for paragliding sessions. Paragliding is one of the most popular activities here and the course they offer is top-notch.

weekend getaways near Pune - Kamshet Camping Best time to visit: October to June
Places to Visit: Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar Temple, Pawna Lake, Bhairi Caves, Bedsa Caves
Activities: Paragliding, Hot Air Balloon Ride and Camping
Best ways to travel: Book an Uber Hire to Kamshet from Pune.


Distance from Mumbai: 98 Km
Ten Second Takeaway:
Situated at an altitude of 1334 meters, this magnificent hill town is the epitome of peace. Panchgani is soothing, cool and serene with a beautiful environment. Also, immensely famous is the drive down to Panchgani from Pune which is not short of magic.

weekend getaways near Pune - Panchgani Best time to visit: Throughout the year
Places to Visit: Panchganga Temple, Kamalgad Point, Sydney Point, Pratapgad Fort, Venna Lake, Mount Malcolm
Activities: Camping, Tent House Stay and Adventure Activities
Best ways to travel: Book an Uber Hire from Pune to Panchgani.


Distance from Mumbai: 231 Km
Ten Second Takeaway:
If you’re an absolute mountain baby, then the hill town of Mahabaleshwar is the place where you should head to. A Monsoon guide would go incomplete without a visit to this famous destination. Although not unexplored, the breathtaking sight of the soaring mountains will definitely leave you spellbound. Adding to that the greenery everywhere is supremely majestic.

weekend getaways near Pune - Mahabaleshwar Best time to visit: October to June
Places to Visit: Elephant’s Head Point, Arthur’s Seat, Wilson Point, Venna Lake, Chinaman’s Falls Elphinstone Point, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Lodwick Point, Lingamala Falls, Helen’s Point
Activities: Trekking, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Archery
Best ways to travel: Book an Uber Hire to Mahabaleshwar from Pune.


Distance from Mumbai: 126 Km
Ten Second Takeaway:
The lush green hill town of Matheran is a favorite among mountain lovers. Located close to Karjat, this eco-sensitive region is Asia’s only automobile free zone.

weekend getaways near Pune - Matheran Best time to visit: Throughout the year
Places to Visit: Louisa Point, Panorama Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point, Echo Point, One Tree Hill Point, Charolette Point
Activities: Water Rappelling and Trekking
Best ways to travel: Book an Uber Hire from Pune to Matheran.

Trekking and Adventure Options Near Pune

When it comes to weekend getaways near Pune, it does not always have to be all about stays and relaxation, for few, it’s all about being adventurous and testing your limits while living a life that is completely off-the-edge. For the latter kind, here are some super adventurous options to choose from.

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Sudhagad Trek

The best way to get the most out of the mountains is through trekking/hiking. This day trek located about 10Kms from Pali village is where the Sudhagad Fort is situated. An easy hike to cover, this is an absolute bliss to opt for during the monsoons. You can also cover the Bhorai Devi Mandir, Pant Sahiv Wada, Chor Darwaja, Takmak Tok and Shiv Mandir.

weekend getaways near Pune - Sudhagad Trek You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Kalsubai Trek

How would you feel trekking up to the highest peak in the Sahyadri range? That’s what Kalsubai trek gives you. Located at a height of 1646 m in the Akole Taluka is the topmost peak of the Sahyadri Mountain range of Maharashtra. While the route starts from the village of Bari and you could take a trekking route or you could opt for an animal track, instead.

weekend getaways near Pune - Kalsubai You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Naneghat Trek

The Naneghat mountain pass is located in the Western Ghats near the Junnar range in Pune. Situated on the way to Malshej Ghat, this thumb-like peak is the pinnacle of Vanarlingi, a very famous trekking spot. This route is absolutely mesmerizing when it is immersed in rains.

weekend getaways near Pune - Naneghat You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Camping At Farm Palghar

Enjoy an enthralling camping experience beneath the beautiful blanket of the starlit night sky amidst the lush greenery of the farm, away from the hustle of the city. Enjoy the experience of staying in the camps for the period of one night and two days at the farm in Palaghar in Mumbai.

weekend getaways near Pune - Palghar You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Rajmachi Fort Camping With A Night Trek

Get ready to immerse yourself in an adventurous and exciting night trek to Rajmachi. The trek is known to be a highly challenging yet breathtakingly beautiful. You will get a chance to witness the beautiful elements of flora and fauna like Sambhars, palm-civet, hares and a sky full of fireflies, as you walk through the thick forest. Covering a distance of 18Kms one-way, this is one trek that you will not regret signing up for.
You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Bhimashankar & Nagfani Trek Via Shidi Ghat

Go on an adventurous and wonderful trek to Bhimashankar through the marvelous Sahyadri Hills and the Shidi Ghat while witnessing the spectacular scenery at the Bhimashankar Forest. A treat to your nature-loving soul as you come across the wide range of exotic species of wildlife including the elusive rust-colored giant squirrel (Ratufa Indica Elphinstone) which is the state animal of Maharashtra.

weekend getaways near Pune - Bhimashankar Trek You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Trek Through The Western Ghats – Raigad Fort

The magnificent Western Ghats has always been interesting to mountaineers and trek-lovers. And while normal, off-season treks are popular here, it’s during the rains that the place comes alive.  Pack your trekking gear for a hike through the Western Ghats of Raigad district in Maharashtra. Explore the top of the Raigad Hill and the gorgeous ruins of the Raigad Fort. You can also get a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise from the Wagh Darwaja. This is one hike that you would not want to miss.

weekend getaways near Pune - Raigad You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Camping At Kamshet

Venture into a journey of star gazing and solar observation while camping at Kamshet. This experience comes with the dual offer of fun and learning as you derive a deep insight of the celestial bodies from the expert guide. Also, enjoy yourselves by participating in outdoor games at campsite and forest trail.

weekend getaways near Pune - Kamshet You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Andharban Trek

Embark on an adventurous trek to Andharban in the beautiful Sahyadri hills. If you decide to go on this trek in the monsoon or the post monsoon period, you will certainly find yourself bedazzled by the beauty of the waterfalls and the cascades with a panoramic view of the Kundalika valley. Being a medium level trek, it is recommended that you have a little prior trekking experience.

weekend getaways near Pune - Andharban Trek
You can book this trek on Xoxoday.

Luxury Staycations Near Pune

If your idea of a getaway is to fly to one of those feel-good cities around the country, then here’s your chance to save on airfare and splurge on a luxuriously pampering, divine beyond comparison experience. Narrowing down your choice from the many weekend getaways near Pune is not as easy it may seem, we’ve compiled some of the most classy, elegant and chic hotels near Pune that

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Experience Fortune Select Dasve

Lavasa is one of the most popular holiday destinations and the scenic beauty of this place is perfectly enhanced during the monsoon.  Schedule your weekend getaway or your next upcoming holiday, this monsoon, for a stay at one of the most exotic and luxurious Fortune Select Dasve hotel nestled among the beautiful Sahyadri range. The hotel is located on the Warsagaon Lake and offers the most panoramic view of the picturesque beauty of the flourishing greenery along the hills. The attractive package includes a refreshing welcome drink on your arrival and a 1 night and 2 days accommodation in the hotel coupled with delicious breakfast lunch and dinner buffet.

weekend getaways near Pune - Fortune Select How To Get there: Drive down to the Fortune Select Dasve on an Uber Hire.

Night Stay At Canopy In Machan

Unleash your nature loving soul this monsoon as you get drenched in the enjoyable experience at your stay at the Canopy Machan in Lonavala. This place offers a window to witness the alluring scenic beauty of the Western Ghats. Also, rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul through the evening Yoga sessions with a trained instructor.Get a chance to explore the hills with the interactively guided nature trails across a whopping 25 acres near this eco-friendly resort.

weekend getaways near Pune - Machan How To Get there: Drive down to The Machan on an Uber Hire.

Stay At Royal Orchid For Family

Ever felt the comfort of staying at home while you are out on a holiday with your family, staying at a hotel? Well, the Royal Orchid Golden Suites offers you the homely environment along with their world class luxurious treatment and super-friendly hospitality. The package includes the comfortable 1N/2D accommodation, refreshing welcome drink upon your arrival, delicious chocolates, access to all the in-house amenities and a perfect farewell gift. So, come and enjoy your stay at this lavish resort along with your family, this monsoon.

weekend getaways near Pune - Royal Orchid How To Get there: Drive down to the Royal Orchid Hotel on an Uber Hire.

Stay In Resort At Lavasa

Staying around Mumbai or Pune and looking for a getaway to enjoy the upcoming monsoon rains? Well… we have got you covered! So all you folks out there who want to enjoy the perfect monsoon getaway, plan a trip for a  lavish stay in Lavasa which is located among the beautiful hills and offers a perfect getaway for the ones who enjoy the monsoons.

weekend getaways near Pune - Lavasa Resort How To Get there: Drive down to Lavasa on an Uber Hire.

Stay At Resort In Mulshi

This monsoon, pamper yourself with a relaxing and refreshing stay at a beautiful lakeside getaway in Mulshi. Choose the accommodation that you desire from a variety of options available to you which include tents, cottages, rooms and much more. So bring along your loved ones and enjoy a perfectly rejuvenating experience at Mulshi. The package includes a comfortable 1N/2D accommodation in tents on twin-sharing basis, delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner and access to all the in-house amenities.

weekend getaways near Pune - Mulshi

Stay At Jalsrushti

Jalsrushti Island Resort in Pune is one of those places that offer a picturesque view of mother nature and also offers easy accessibility to the city life. Situated close to Pune, the resort lies in the close proximity of the city market, the express highway, and other tourist attractions. Also, you can relish the delectable traditional food of Mulshi and feel completely at home in the friendly hospitality and ambiance offered at the Jalpusp cottages which offer an alluring riverside view.

weekend getaways near Pune - Jalsrushti How To Get there: Drive down to the Jalsrushti Island Resort on an Uber Hire.

Stay At Malhar

Malhar, in the Hindi language,  translates to monsoon. The Malhar Machi Resort in Mulshi is one of the most picturesque destinations to visit this monsoon. The resort, which is beautifully made, keeping in mind retaining the rustic feel of the place,  is sure to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated from the busy schedules of your daily life and bask in the goodness of the monsoon rains. With cozy cottages for accommodation, this resort is a definite yes when it comes to setting out on a monsoon getaway.

weekend getaways near Pune - Malahr Make the best out of your weekends with Xoxoday and head to one of these many weekend getaways near Pune. If you wish to check out more such experiences, log on to  www.xoxoday.com.


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