10 Best Adventurous Spots for Trekking In Chennai!

Best Adventurous Spots for Trekking In Chennai

An adventurous activity like trekking reminds you of the great Himalayas. So, while trekking in the Himalayas isn’t always an easier option, let this not demotivate your thrill craving soul. Lucky for us, the whole of South India is immensely filled with gorgeous terrains that give us a lot to explore. If you’ve been bitten by the adventure bug off late and yearn for getaways into nature’s nest, then we suggest you head out a trek. Get away from the hustle of your daily life and choose from one of the many options to go trekking in Chennai.

Best Adventurous Spots for Trekking In Chennai

These trekking trails near Chennai are your answer to your adventure cravings. Not only do these make for a great weekend getaway from Chennai, they also let you test your limits. The terrains also give you a glimpse of nature’s abundant beauty. So, if you’re tired of looking at the buildings all around you and are looking for a change of scene, these trails will leave you in awe. Trek to these destinations to escape reality and wrap up your weekend with an unforgettable rendezvous with nature.

Best Time to go for Trekking in Chennai

The most ideal and preferred time to go trekking in Chennai is between the months of November to April. During this time the otherwise hot and humid Chennai takes a back seat and cools down for the winters. Summers even in Chennai hilly regions can get extremely, unbearably hot while the monsoons just as dangerous.

To help you decide on your trail, we’ve compiled a list of the best options for you to head out on treks near Chennai.

Trekking in Chennai

1. Yelagiri

Perched at an altitude of 3600 Ft, Yelagiri has been gaining popularity quite well in the recent times. This secluded hill town is blessed with beautiful valleys, hills, and vistas that make this an ideal place for trekking in Chennai. You could choose to hike to Peerumedu Waterfalls or to Swami Malai Hills in Yelagiri, these two are considered to be every trekkers favorite. The trails are easy which include 3-4 Km of the trek. The trek is ideal for beginners and as an adventure lover, anybody could start their first trek at these spots. Located at a distance of about a 4 hours drive from Chennai, this is definitely a must try trek for trekking enthusiasts.
Best Season: Nov to Feb
Trek length: 3km
Distance from Chennai: 220km
Difficulty Level: Easy – Moderate

2. Nagalapuram

Nagalapuram for Trekking in Chennai
Nagalapuram Hills is a forest region located in Andhra Pradesh. It is nestled on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Located 75 km from Chennai, this destination is ideal for trekking in Chennai. You could choose to trek in the forest of Nagalapuram in either a day or two. If you wish to make it two days, you could camp in the hills and descend back to the base the next morning. If you do choose to camp in the hills, make sure you don’t miss the sunrise the next morning. The sunrise here is breathtaking. You can also choose to camp near the dam which is present at the trek base.

The entire trail to the summit is accompanied by several smaller mountains and streams. The loose gravel here is a reason we advise you to be careful while trekking. While this can be a tedious trek, the magic pool at the peak will assure you that every bit of effort that you have put in for this trek is worthwhile.
Best Season: Nov to Jan
Trek length: 13 Km
Distance from Chennai: 75km
Difficulty Level: Moderate

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3. Ubbalamadagu Falls or Tada Falls

Tada Falls for Trekking in Chennai
Known as the Ubbalamandagu or Tada Falls, this trek is located on the borders of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The total trek distance from the trek base is a good 10 Km and will take an entire day to hike to the falls and get back. This very refreshing trek offers a spectacular scenic view of the waterfalls making this a perfect trail for trekking in Chennai. The crystal clear waters of the Tada Falls make this hike through the rocky mountain worthwhile.

The trek initially starts off on a dry and muddy trail that continues for about 2 Km. This trail then changes to a boulder-ridden rough trail which needs skills to traverse. All the way to the falls, you are welcomed with scenes of smaller streams that can easily refresh your mind, body, and soul.
Best Season: June to November
Trek length: 10km
Distance from Chennai: 80km
Difficulty Level: Moderate

4. Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Waterfalls for Trekking in Chennai
The Talakona Waterfalls trek takes you through the lush green forests of Andhra Pradesh. Located about 190 Km from Chennai, this waterfalls falls from a height of 270 feet making this a favorite among trekkers. Trekking through these forests gives you a glimpse of the gorgeous sandalwood trees. The beautiful scent of the Sandalwood trees envelops the entire trail making this worth every bit of effort. The forest is also known to have medicinal properties making the water flowing from the Talakona Waterfalls medicinal as well.

This option for trekking in Chennai is more adventurous than you think. If you’re up more thrill, then you could also choose to rope walk at a height of 40 ft from the ground. The rope walk also takes you through streams and canopies. The waterfalls is located in the Sri. Venkateswara National Park and boasts of excellent flora and fauna. A short trek to this waterfalls makes for an exhilarating weekend getaway from Chennai.
Best Season: September to December
Trek length: 2km
Distance from Chennai: 190km
Difficulty Level: Moderate

5. Venkateshwara Hills

Venkateshwara Hills for Trekking in Chennai
One of the more beautiful and lesser explored trek trails in Tamil Nadu is Venkateshwara Hills. This breathtaking trek lies in the unexplored terrains of the Sri. Venkateswara National Park and Sanctuary. The trek takes approximately 3 days to complete. The charming forests of the national park give you ample streams and smaller waterfalls on the trails. You can even spot wildlife here if you’re lucky enough. Located in the deeper parts of the Eastern Ghats, this trek trails lets you explore, flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

You will also come across plenty of pools, streams, and waterfalls that invite you for a dip. The stunning variety of wildlife you will come across here is stunning. The trek starts at the Kumaradhara Dam and unfolds many traversing pathways and winding trails that people may have never seen before. The trek ends at the National Highway near Kothapally Village. The breathtaking Angel Falls and the water pools at the summit of the Venkateswara Hill will definitely leave you spellbound. The entire trek trail covers about 48 Km and takes a good 3 days to reach the summit.
Best Season: September to March
Trek length: 48 Km
Distance from Chennai: 357 Km
Difficulty Level: Moderate – Challenging

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6. Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills for Trekking in Chennai
Situated at an elevation of 4000 ft from mean sea level, Kolli Hills is an offbeat option when it comes to trekking in Chennai. Located about 368 Km from Chennai, the trek to Kolli Hills takes about 2 days. The trail includes the very beautiful Agaya Gangai Waterfalls. The hills and its surroundings are considered to have mythical powers owing to the witchcraft that was once performed there. The hills stand tall and proud on the fringes of the Eastern Ghats, adding to the regions enchanting beauty.

While this is a moderate trek, we recommend prior trek experience for this terrain. The trek route can also be attempted from the Puliancholi Village. The trail ends at the reputed Akash Ganga waterfalls. Once you summit, you can take a very refreshing dip in the waterfalls here unwind and relax at your own pace. There are also a number of caves that lie deep within these hills that are open for you to explore. The combination of rocky landscapes, temples, and bouldered terrains makes this an epic trek to go on near Chennai.
Best Season: February to December
Trek length: 18km
Distance from Chennai: 357km
Difficulty Level: Moderate To Challenging

7. Yercaud

Yercaud Hills for Trekking in Chennai
Yercaud is yet another serene place, that is less-explored by travelers. It is set against the backdrop of the Eastern Ghats, and the place to trek in Yercaud is the Shevroy Hill range. This “Jewel Of The East” is located 367 km from Chennai. Trekking at the Shevroy Hills is simply exceptional because of the wonderful trekking experience. The drive through the forests and mountain ranges of the Eastern Ghats will simply leave you spellbound! One of the more spectacular places to go trekking in Chennai, the stunning peak goes up 1,515 m from mean sea level.

The drive to Yercaud is very pleasant and takes you through the Eastern Ghats with 20 hairpin bends all through the route. The entire hill range gives you several unique and breathtaking viewpoints. Here, you can visit the sunset point at Manjakuttai Village, the caves, the temple that situated at the highest point of Yercaud. Big Lake, Small Lake, Lady’s Seat, Pagoda Point, Anna Park, Shevaroy Temple and Bear’s Cave are some of the attractions here.
Best Season: Oct to January
Distance from Chennai: 367km
Difficulty Level: Moderate

8. Meghamalai

Meghamalai for Trekking in Chennai
Meghamail, the literal translation of the ‘cream of the skies’ is a beautiful hilly Wildlife Sanctuary. Located on the borders of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, this is also very close to the Periyar Reserve. The forests here rich with Elephants among other wildlife and gives you an exciting window into the fauna of the region.

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Trekking through the rainforest is one of the most rewarding trekking in Chennai. The Elephant Corridor, Pothai Pull Medu, and the Manalar Waterfalls are some of the amazing places that you can enjoy here.
Best Season: September to December
Distance from Chennai: 550km
Difficulty Level: Easy

9. Gingee Fort

Known as the “Troy of the East” by the British, Gingee Fort rises out of the Tamilian plains. Lying in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu, the fort is 160 Km from the state capital, Chennai. The majestic fort has three different hilltop citadels and a massive boundary of thick walls and cliffs. Owing to its enormous structure the fort is fortified to the extent that Shivaji, the Maratha king, named it as the “most impregnable fortress in India.” A trek to the fort makes one learn the reason for why it has been called by such influential names. As you reach the fort, you realize that it has been located at the most strategic location which made it difficult for the enemies to enter its premise. The fort indeed is a result of genius minds.

Constructed in the 16th century by the Vijayanagars, the fort was later captured by the Marathas. The fort was later abandoned in the 19th century. The main road between Puducherry and Tiruvannamalai segments through the fort, just to the west of Gingee town. Out of the three citadels situated atop, the most unchallenging to reach is Krishnagiri which rises on the north side of the road.

To the west is the highest of the three, Rajagiri, and the most distant and least compelling is Chakklidurg which lies in the south-east direction. The remnants of the Gingee fort and their dramatic beauty form a peaceful setting making it a very worthwhile spot. Hence, a trek to the fort is no harm. You surely are going to return with some amazing pictures and a rich sense of history.
Best Season: Nov to Feb
Distance from Chennai: 160 kms
Difficulty Level: Easy

10. Dolphin’s Nose, Kodaikanal

Dolphins Nose Trekking in Chennai
The easiest of trek you can do in Kodaikanal is to Dolphin’s Nose while watching a beautiful stream flow by your side. This 8-kilometre long trek is one of the most amazing forest exploration trips you can take in Kodaikanal.

Once you are there, enjoy the thrill of standing on the edge of a precarious rock covered in thick fog. Try moving closer to the edge of the rock to witness the abyssal depth of the valley. The summit offers an all-encompassing perspective of the area beneath and on sunny mornings, you may have the visibility to recognize the Periyakulam Town and in addition the Vaigai Lake. The trek isn’t an exceptionally strenuous one and you may also take a makeshift route to the little town of Vellagavi which is on the same track.
Best Season: September to December
Trek length: 8 km
Distance from Chennai: 550 km
Difficulty Level: Easy

So which trek would you like to undertake this weekend? Comment below and let us know!

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