Top 12 Team Outing Experiences In Delhi NCR

5 Min Read | All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The saying is quite a universal one. We all know how dependent, as an organisation, you are on a productive employee.…

5 Min Read |

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The saying is quite a universal one. We all know how dependent, as an organisation, you are on a productive employee. From time to time he employees need time off from the routine of their work. And what could be better than team outings? Team outings truly are a respite from the usual. Not only they are a welcome break from the monotonous work life, they give an opportunity for employees to gel better with each other outside the office. There are many places in and around Delhi which are great for team outings. These places (mostly resorts) are adept at handling a large number of people and also offer a great many team building exercises which engage the employees for the entire day. Plus, if you want to add a seminar or a workshop in between, most places would arrange for that too. Xoxoday presents you some of the best team outing experiences in and around Delhi.

What could be better than introducing your employees to a new way of life while they have fun? The Rurban Village’s aim is to present the rural lifestyle to an urbanised population. You will be educated about reforestation and environmental conservation techniques. But it is also fun as many activities will be organised. The eight hours will be full of fun, frolic and education with breakfast, lunch and hi-tea provided to you.

Team Outing At Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani in Sonipat has a lot of fun options for corporates. Eat Rajasthani food, enjoy live dance and music, participate in team building exercises and get a taste of Rajasthani culture.

Day Outing At Atrio Hotels

Atrio is a boutique hotel that is perfect for a leisurely day. Fun activities will keep the employees engaged and the pool can be used to relax and chill after a long day. In between your relaxing time at the resort, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and snacks will be served.

Picnic At Village Masti

Village Masti is a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. With the leisurely amenities at the resort and fun team building activities to keep the employees engaged, Village Masti is a great place for team outings.

Day Outing At Surjivan Resort

Located amidst the gigantic mountains of Aravalis, Surjivan Resort allows you to relax in the peaceful surroundings. Its close proximity with Delhi (1-hour distance!) makes it ideal for corporates to organise a day trip for their employees.

Fun at Camp Wild Dhauj

Situated near lake Dhauj, the campsite offers 7 Eco-Lodges and 12 Safari tents spread over 12 acres of land. If you are planning to take your employees out for a day full of fun and frolic, Camp Wild Dhauj is a great option. With myriad corporate team building activities and comfortable surroundings, it is a one-stop solution for corporate offsite near Gurgaon & Delhi.

Day Outing At Wet N Wild

If you want to go all out to show your employees a great time, Wet N Wild is the place you want choose. It is India’s first ever water parks with the latest tornado, pendulum and other water slides, as well as five swimming pools. Enjoy the great food, thrilling rides and the interesting company of your friends and peers.

Botanix Nature Resort Adventure Outing

The resort has acres of greenery sprawling all around. A popular place among the corporate for team outings and tea building exercises, Botanix Nature Resort offers adventure activities, leisure amenities to make any day outing a fun experience.

Day Outing At Golden Hut Resort

Located in the lap of Aravalis, the resort offers a serene environment, away from the bustling city life. Dive into all the adventure activities that have been arranged for you. A leisurely lunch will satisfy your hunger and give you enough to re-energise for more fun that lies ahead. The resort offers numerous day activities like the joyride, water zorbing, swimming and several indoor-outdoor games to keep you engaged and provide you with the best time.

Day Picnic Near Damdama Lake

A popular choice for corporate team outings, Damdama Adventure camp is adept at looking after the needs of a large number of people and keeping them engaged through various team building activities. The camp can be reached 2.5 km from the Damdama Lake via trekking. The fun begins even before you reach the camp.

Day Outing At Park Ridge Resorts

With lavish rooms, splendid banquet halls and professional staff, this place is just perfect for a weekend party or a day trip. You can choose to unwind at the spa or just relax by the swimming pool. Indoor and outdoor team building activities and an ambience of relaxation make it popular among the corporates.

Day Outing At Fly India Adventure

The tranquillity and picturesque setting of this resort will take you back in time and allow you to experience the simplicity and peaceful existence of a simple village life, which differentiates it from other resorts near Delhi. Everything you eat here is organically cultivated and prepared in a traditional style in earthen vessels. The place is perfect for a day outing with a difference

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