Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Coorg

Plan a fun-filled holiday time in Coorg, better known as the Scotland of India. The beautiful hills of Coorg is a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and provides the break we all crave for. Head to the charming locales of Coorg and visit these best places to visit in Coorg that you will find soul soothing.

  1. Abbey Falls, Coorg

Abbey falls is a wonderful waterfall structure, a sight worth beholding with water falling from a height of 70 feet. The waterfall is a major attraction  for the tourists visiting Coorg and has thousands of visitors every year. The wonderful cascade has water gushing down in the form of white foam and the sight is mesmerizing for all beholders. You can also feel the spray of water on you if you are standing close to the falls. While you plan a trip to Coorg, Abbey falls should definitely figure high up in the list.

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  1. Dubara Elephant Camp:

Elephants are not particularly fascinating creatures but they are very friendly once you get close to them. Ever imagined yourself at an Elephant camp in the midst of groups of tuskers bathing and playing in water? Dubare Camp is one of the unique camps in the world where you get familiar with the tuskers and have loads of fun. So don’t miss this destination on your Coorg trip.

3. Nagarhole National Park:

One of the most diverse National Parks of the country, Nagarhole National Park, can boast of a wonderful variety of animals, plants and birds. The national park is a favourite among the nature tourists in South India. The park is a wonderful retreat for families who would like to take a Jeep safari in the midst of the forest. You will be provided with a special guide for the same.

Nagarhole National Park is spread across 640 Kms. It adjoins the two other major national parks of South India- Bandipur and Wayanad. On the Jeep safari, there are high chances of sighting the wild beasts, dears and rare birds.

4. Raja Seat:

A must visit seasonal flower Garden in Coorg, Raja’s Seat is a wonderful hill-top with lusciously blooming vegetation and flowers. The main attraction is the enjoyable toy train ride which is wonderful not just for kids but also for families. From the view-point, one can see the picturesquely beautiful landscape of Coorg. There are lovely selfie-points and succulent vegetation areas to click your best pictures.

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The place has an intriguing history associated with the Kodagu dynasty. The King built the structure in order to sit and relax in on the hilltop especially in the seasonal of blooms. The people of Coorg rate Raja’s Seat as the most popular place in the region.

5. Nisargadhama:

Nisargadhama in Coorg is a unique island of it’s kind that has been formed by river Kaveri. The beautiful landscape is replete with bamboo plantations, wild and docile animals and much more. The wonderful place has tree houses and lakes with boating facilities and much more. It’s a true haven for nature lovers. Nisargadhama is fun for families as well as for couples.

6. Omkareshwara Temple:

Visit this exceptional temple that is famous for it’s unique architecture which is a rare mix of Hindu and Islamic architecture. This wonderful temple is a study in ancient architecture for students and for tourists, it’s an awe-striking sight.

7. Namdroling Monastry:

Also known as the Golden temple in Coorg, the Buddhist Monastry in Kushalnagar is one among the biggest attractions in the region. While you have Dubare Elephant Camp and other attractions in the vicinity, you cannot miss this iconic monastry in Coorg that has a place of prestige in the country. Namdroling Monastry will mesmerise you with it’s beautiful architecture and Buddhist sculptures. Also, there are grooves of sandalwood trees surrounding the place which make it even more peaceful and captivating.

8. Talakaveri:

Talakaveri is the place that is generally considered to be the source of the river Kaveri. It is located by Brahmagiri hill near Bhagamandala in Kodagu district, Karnataka bordering Kasarkod district of Kerala. It stands at a height of 1,276 m. above sea level. However, there is not a permanent visible flow from this place to the main rivercourse except during the Monsoon. A tank or kundike has been erected on a hillside by kodavas, at the place that is said to be the origin. It is also marked by a small temple, and the area is frequented by pilgrims mainly it is the worship place of kodavas.

9. Tadiandamol Peak:

The highest peak in Kadakke, this is trekking area from where you can behold captivating views. It offers a moderate trekking experience to groups and the whether is mostly cold. It is one of the best trekking zones in the region. The apex of the mountain is the covered with clouds and we bet you’ll love the view.

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10. Irupu Falls:

Irupu Falls is a stunning sight with beautiful water cascade. In monsoons, the region is replete with water. With an entry fee, you can be close to the falls and enjoy with your friends and family. The waterfall is also known as Lakshmana Thirtha Falls and a local favourite. The height of the falls is 170 feet.