20 Awesome Places for Best Things To Do In Mumbai!

Awesome Places for Best Things To Do In Mumbai

Mumbai is often called the New York of India. A city that never sleeps, Mumbai depicts the face of the busiest city in the country. Being alive and pulsating most of the time, the western city is also known as the commercial capital of India and symbolizes the spirit of vibrancy.

Awesome Places for Best Things To Do In Mumbai

Widely popular for its nightlife and street food, Mumbai is never short of entertainment. If you are here for a trip, either with your family, friends or soulmate, the city will give you a lot of reasons to love the place. And mind you, it is not only the nightlife that Mumbai is famous for, there are quite a number of heritage sites and traditional centres, which reminds us of the true essence of India.

So while planning a trip, it is very important to learn that the street food of Mumbai or the nightlife isn’t everything that highlighted in your trip planner. Exploring the city on a bicycle, going for a private yacht and visiting India’s biggest amusement park is also among the top things to do in Mumbai.

So, here are some of the most exciting and popular things to do in Mumbai, which would make your stay way better than you would be expecting, be it a short or a long trip. Whether you like to explore the city or want to experience something new and unique, there are a lot of things you can do to make your trip memorable.

Most Popular Things To Do In Mumbai For Explorers

Tour Mumbai On Bicycle

This is a unique thing that makes for one of the best things to do in Mumbai. The charm of the city is on a different level at that time of morning. Hence, touring the city on a bicycle, along with some other fellow tourers, is definitely a unique activity that you can indulge in.

The three hours that you spend on the bicycle will see an English-speaking guide taking you through the highlights of the city like the CST station, Sasson Dock, Bombay Panjrapole, Marine Drive, Crawford Market and Gateway of India.

Escape to the Lost Kingdom Activity

This is definitely one of the fascinating things to do in Mumbai. Try your hand in revealing the lost kingdom by entering a room that is so designed and themed to take you to another era, like a blast from the past.

Spanning for two hours, you will need to find out about mysteries by solving the clues and escape the room within an hour. You will get a briefing about the game prior to the session but you need to be over the age of 18 to be taking part.

The Luxurious MacGregor Yacht

Yachting on the MacGregor yacht is something that everyone touring Mumbai should try once. Once you are in for this experience, you will feel that you have booked a private yacht for a couple of hours as you go sailing over the Arabian sea. This is surely one of the top things to do in Mumbai.

The MacGregor Yacht package includes a three-course meal as well along with a delicious cake, which is complimentary. You will get life jackets and a qualified sailing instructor along with a private butler.

The Excellence Of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is undoubtedly a very under-rated hobby for many people from the new generation. The experience of wildlife photography in Mumbai involves the wildlife in their own habitat, which is extremely adventurous and challenging. This makes wildlife and travel photography one of the top things to do in Mumbai.

This experience spans across a duration of eight hours where the participants accompanied by renowned photographers like Umesh Mayura, Nitin Sharma, Nandan, Arpa Ghosh, etc. 50 of the most beautifully captured photos processed and presented to you. However, note that the travelling, fooding and accommodation charges of the photographer are to be borne by the client itself.

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Bike Trip To Raghuveer Ghat And Koyna Backwater

Bike riding is one of the most widespread passions for the current generation individuals. So now, it’s time for all of those bike enthusiasts to avail this thrilling experience as this popular thing to do in Mumbai unfolds itself with some of the thrilling bends and curves. This three-day bike expedition by Mumbai Travellers is popularly known as “Ladakh to Maharashtra”.

The starting point of this expedition is at NH17 and ultimately leads to the Sahyadris. The 45-50 kilometer stretch of non-roading conditions will test your skills as a bike rider.

You will even get an overnight stay on a shared basis at Tapole tourism centre. This experience spans over two nights and 3 days at a stretch. While on the trip, you will get pure Maharashtrian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

Take A Speedboat To Mandwa

Now, this is definitely a wonderful experience who are looking for top things to do in Mumbai. Who doesn’t like sailing over the deep blue sea? Everyone does. So now, get set and enjoy a couple of hours of private sailing on a speedboat and experience the fresh breeze that the sea has on offer for you.

Start from the mainland to Mandwa and then back. A qualified sailing instructor on the speedboat and the authorities will also take care of your safety. Safety life jackets given in your travel while your stay in the middle of the sea.

The Famous Chickoo Nursery Farm

If the main city of Mumbai is becoming a little hectic on you, you can take a break and visit the Chikoo Nursery nearby situated in a pleasant village-like surrounding, which gives you a relief from the crowd and pollution within the main city. A visit to this place is one of the best things to do in Mumbai.

We will guide you through the nursery to the Chickoo orchard, shade houses and botanical garden that has more than 300 medicinal plants. However, while you experience the nature at the Chickoo Nursery, you can also participate in some outdoor games like badminton and cricket. But most importantly, you can have a one night and two days time among the serenity of this place.

The World-Class Imagica Theme Park

Imagica is one of India’s biggest and best-themed amusement parks. It includes a wonderful theme park, excellent water park, a very large snow park and the luxurious Novotel Imagica hotel.

Imagica Park has 24 indoor and outdoor rides and up to 5 F&B outlets, which makes it one of the most popular things to do in Mumbai.

The cost of the tickets includes entry to all the rides and attractions inside the park. So what are you waiting for? Grab hold of the package and offer a memorable day outing to you and your mates. But make sure that you are in your comfortable apparel.

Popular Things To Do In Mumbai Within The City

Learn Kathak – The Traditional Dance Form

Dancing is an art. If you think you have got what it takes to master dancing, try a hand in Kathak believed to a tough form of the traditional Indian dance. “AAMAD- Performing Arts & Wellness” is one of the best places in Mumbai if you love dancing. In fact, learning Kathak is one of the best things to do in Mumbai and is definitely worth spending time in.

You 60 minutes stay at the dance centre hosted Ishita Sharma, who is the founder of this centre and also a trained Kathak artist. Learning dance in this institution is applicable for all taught in groups about “taal” (rhythmic cycles) and “laya” (tempo).

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The Psychology Of Colours In Your Life At Colour Therapy Cards

Visit the Zimple Shah Tarot and know more about how using the right colours can help you sort out your life to a great extent. The reason why this experience is one of the best things to do in Mumbai is that you can get your life analyzed and can get answers to why your life has turned the way it has. We will give you a single session in this centre, but trust me, it is absolutely worth your time.

Learn How To Keep Your Motorcycle Roadworthy At Wrenching 101

Getting out with a bunch of your friends on long road trips on tourer motorcycles is trending these days and is a great fun to do. But here at Wrenching 101, motorcyclist taught the basics of how to maintain their bikes on road tours in case an unforeseen breakdown happens.

The quick tips and tricks of the trade along the fact that you will get to know your motorcycle better make Wrenching 101 one of the most popular among the things to do in Mumbai.

The package includes a three-hour class under the supervision of an experienced instructor. All the necessary types of equipment provided by us during the travel.

The Awesome Mumbai Nightlife

Enjoying the Mumbai nightlife is one of the top things to do in Mumbai. The nights in the city aren’t actually nights as the city stays awake long after every other place in India is asleep. So whenever you are out for some fun in Mumbai, you will get a lot of thrill.

At night, you can take a luxurious horse carriage ride apart from indulging into some lip-smacking at the most popular restaurants and bars in Mumbai. Moreover, the cost of this package even includes one hour of full body massage and an experienced guide to take you through. We will provide you with starters, dinner and up to six cold drinks.

The Slum Tour In Dharavi

The slum in Dharavi is the second largest slum are in Asia and also the third largest in the world and spreads over 2.1 square kilometers and has a density of around 277,136 people/sq.km. But the reason that makes visiting the Dharavi slum one of the top things to do in Mumbai is that it was in existence since the British Raj back in 1882. It is the densest populated area in the world. Many tourists visit this slum area to witness the existence, history and economy of the slum.

Moreover, all along the way, we will help you by sending a local guide taking you through the slum streets. The 5-hour package includes local train tickets as well as breakfast refreshments, tea, snacks and a bottle of water.

Della Adventures at Kunegaon

The time you spend at Della Adventures is absolutely thrilling. Located at Lonavala, the adventurous setting of this part rates it as one of the best things to do in Mumbai. The park has activities like a buggy ride, motocross dirt motorcycle riding, flying fox, paintball shooting, etc.

The total package includes 10 hours of stay in the Della Adventure Park, access to all of the available thrilling activities, game zones and all of the required safety gears and pieces of equipment. However, you need to make sure that you are in your comfortable clothes and carrying water bottles. Also, you need to make sure that you are carrying your valid ID proof.

The Heritage Of Elephanta Caves

Mumbai isn’t all about the metropolitan features and amusement parks, there is another side it. You can also take the Bollywood ferry to the Elephanta Caves, which is one of the best things to do in Mumbai. On this tour, you will get to taste to culture and heritage of the city, which is quite different than the glamorous front that this city is famous for.

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This nine-hour trip will take you to the Elephanta Caves, Gateway of India and finally the Bollywood Museum, where you can see posters and photographs of favourite Bollywood actors and actresses. Lunch is also included in this package.

A Sneak Into Mumbai Spirituality

Just like the Elephanta Caves, you can take a tour to the wilderness and calmness of North Mumbai where you visit the Sanjay Gandhi National Park first and then move towards Kanheri caves. But what makes this experience a top thing to do in Mumbai is that the three-hour trip gets ended at the Gorai Beach, where you can get drenched into the calmness and peace of the wet sand under your feet.

Walking Down The Busy Bazaars Of Mumbai

Sometimes fussy and crowded places can be annoying. But what is good about the Crawford Market is that it is more than just a bazaar. This crowded setting of the market is a very critical part of the society and hence, visiting it makes for a very popular thing to do in Mumbai. The streets in the vicinity of this market are always bustling with life.

Besides the Crawford market, there are some other places of importance in this area, which are Mumbadevi temple, Khau Gali, Flower gali and Bombay Panjrapole.

Some More Things To Do In Mumbai And Neighborhood

Mumbai surrounded by highlands of the Western Ghats. Hence, if you are on a trip to Mumbai, don’t forget to take your time and spend some quality time at the most romantic hill stations near Mumbai. There are some excellent places, which are best-known for its lush green hills and trekking.

The Greenery Of The Undulating Landscape Of Lonavala

The highlands of Lonavala located close to Pune, some 82 kilometers from Mumbai. The city is at an altitude of over 800 meters above sea level and is one of the most romantic hill stations near Mumbai if you are with your date or partner. The best time to visit this place is from October to May. Camping, trekking, etc., are some of the popular things to do in Lonavala.

The Wonde Of Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is one of the popular places for the most popular hill stations near Mumbai. The scenery and greenery of the hill station will just leave you spellbound. October to June is the best time to visit this place. But if you are here, don’t forget to visit the Elephant’s head point, Arthur’s seat and the Chinaman’s falls.

Aer Bar

Situated at Worli, the Aer bar goes on to show why the Mumbai nightlife is so highly-rated. This bar considered to be a luxurious place and an epitome of elegance. It runs happy hours between 5-8 P.M. every evening. But don’t forget to try some delicious food here, the most recommended being Chicken Satay and Masala Pizza.

Mumbai Is Never Short Of Entertainment

Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in India and known for its rich and entertaining settings. It is also known as the city of dreams and is home to the biggest film industry in the country.

Some of the most popular things to do in Mumbai include a romantic candlelight dinner or enjoying the most delicious Mumbai street food. When you are visiting this place as a tourist or for any short trip, don’t forget to take some time and enjoy everything that Mumbai has to offer.


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