The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In Delhi

Things to do in Delhi

Most people believe things to do in Delhi are usually mainstream like sightseeing historic monuments like the Qutub Minar and Red Fort or mainstream street food in the Paranthewali Gali in Chandni Chowk.

These things are too popular, tend to fill social media blogging sites and also overshadow most of the other amazing things to do in Delhi. We have curated a completely new list of places which Delhi as a metropolitan has to offer for all kinds of mood swings you throw at it.

Alter your bucket list plans with the list of mind-catching places and amazing things to do in Delhi.

For Adventure Enthusiasts

1. Hot Air Balloon Safari, Sohna

Hot Air Balloon: Things to do in Delhi

It is no more a New Zealand dream to go and explore beauty from great heights while you stand in a hot air balloon and enjoy the mountain sunrise. This is now offered on the outskirts of the metropolitan. You can easily book it with brands like Tiger Balloon Safari and they organize personalized balloon rides all over India.

Price: ₹10,000 per person approx.

2. Fly High In A Cessna Plane

 Cessna Plane: Things to do in Delhi

The Cessna Citation X boasts to be the second fastest business jet in the world and one must keep this experience on their checklist of things to do in Delhi. You can book this flight to show you around Delhi. An amazing experience inculcating speed and thrill with your romantic partner or family. This is an opportunity to sit beside the pilot and feel the real fun of taking off in a Cessna plane. Enjoy the real thrill of gliding past the birds and feeling of weightlessness as you move up and down in the vast open sky.

Right from the take-off run to the journey up into the sky and landing; you’ll be thrilled like a child. Interact with the pilot, see the different meters and needles in the cockpit going up n’ down and feel the thrust of the wind. The experience includes a drink and a meal on the plane.

Price: ₹6500 per person approx.

3. Segway Your Way Through The Monuments In Rajpath

 Segway: Things to do in Delhi

The Segway offers a thrilling experience through the Nation’s capital and exposes all of the great sights the city has to offer. There will be an abundance of photo opportunities, historic buildings, monuments and memorials. The places you will visit on your ride include Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament, various scenic beauty spots surrounding the Ministry buildings on Rajpath, Amar Jawan Jyoti and India Gate. It is a must do for all first timers on the Segway.

Price: ₹2500 per person approx.

4. Skydiving In The Metropolitan With VCRAFT

Sky Diving: Things to do in Delhi

Sky Diving is the king of all adventure sports. If you have the urge to feel an adrenaline rush and if you are bored with the ordinary stuff like trekking and rafting, this might be a great opportunity for you. This tandem skydiving jump from 7000 – 10000 feet will be etched in your memory forever. VCRAFT is the safest brand for skydiving in India. This is one of the most amazing things to do in Delhi which takes place near Aligarh.

Price: ₹35,000 per person approx.

5. Bunjee Jumping From Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping: Things to do in Delhi

Rishikesh is not very far from Delhi and it is an amazing weekend getaway spot. Besides, it also has the highest Bungee Jumping facility in India which is at 250 feet. You can experience the thrill of a freely hanging body which is suspended on a cable. The hanging movement is set to give you enough thrill for a lifetime but also get you dizzy. You can test your stomach at this spooky activity as you fall head down and hang freely from a suspended cable.

Price: ₹6,000 per person approx.

It is more pleasurable to do it in late summer or the starting of winter as the temperature is moderate.

6. Scuba Diving In Noida

 Scuba Diving: Things to do in Delhi

Though the metropolitan does not have many water bodies surrounding it like coastal cities. It still manages to spoil its inhabitants for choice. If you are an adventure junkie and want to try your hand at scuba diving, this is just the right experience for you. Enjoy scuba diving in a pool, in the heart of Noida. While this is not a scuba certification course, you will be taught a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. Best time to do it is in the late afternoon.

Price: ₹6000 per person approx.

7. Horse Riding

Horse Riding: Things to do in Delhi

Be ready to kick the saddle and go horse riding. The Adagio Riding Stables are located in a pristine environment, nestled in the Aravalli Hills. This experience includes getting acquainted with a pony/horse, learning about their grooming, how to care for them and also preparing one’s pony/horse for your ride. Come over for this incredible stable tour and horse riding session and leave with some interesting stories to tell.

Price: ₹1600 per person approx.


For Foodies And Nightlife Lovers

Delhi is extremely popular for the finger licking and mouthwatering food that it has to offer. There are various restaurants and nightclubs in the city each with its own aura and specialty. We have curated a list of the ones which are extremely special with great ambiances below. They are all perfect things to do in Delhi for dinner dates or hang-out places with friends.

8. Hot Mess, Connaught Place

 Hot Mess: Things to do in Delhi

This is India’s first aphrodisiac restaurant which has its ambiance and food altered to generate sexual desire and increase intimacy between partners. It is controversial because the impact of food on desire is controversial according to some scientists. You should go and try this out with your romantic partner. The place that will turn your senses on and stimulate your taste buds, oh yeah! Enjoy the grandeur of 40 feet long bar with the goodness of lip-smacking gourmet delicacies with a unique blend of “naughty and nice” to pep up your mood and lift up your senses instantly.

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“Keep the love going”. Passionate love and finger lickin’ food are the two most desirable things & they offer you the best of both worlds. All food is worth trying, you are literally spoilt for choice here.

Price: ₹5000 for two people approx.


9. Parikrama

Parikrama: Things to do in Delhi

This is the only revolving restaurant in Delhi and it offers fantastic views of Connaught Place. The night is the best time to visit this restaurant to enjoy amazing nightlights and fantastic food. You can see the city hustle-bustle as you sip your wine from this revolving restaurant. You can also visit in the evenings to get a view of the sunset. The variety of food is also lip-smacking and it is set to be your new favorite place.

Price: ₹5000 for two people approx.

10. Playboy Café

 Playboy Cafe: Things to do in Delhi

If you grew up reading Playboy magazines and were always attracted to sexy women wearing bunny ears, then this is the place for you. It serves your fetish of being served by a waitress who looks like she is straight out of the Playboy magazine. Inspired by American pop culture, it has amazing music and is a fun party place to visit with your friends. The ambiance is also inspired by Bunny ears and the alcoholic drinks are widely varied.

It is a place visiting to satisfy American fandom and experience the Playboy feeling. Must try Italian food and alcoholic beverages.

Price: ₹3000 for two people approx.


11. Pandey’s Paan

Fire Paan: Things to do in Delhi

Paan is an Indian specialty and Pandey’s paan adds a new touch to it. Eating fire flaming paan and having a huge chunk of ice covered in chocolate is their specialty. It is not just like consuming a flavor of India, but it is also a thrilling experience to eat something on flames. This fantasy shop in located in Connaught place and it worth visiting. This is a normal street shop but it offers the heart of the city’s population. If you are looking for the unique and interesting thigs to do in Delhi, you must try this experience. Must try fire paan and ice chocolate paan.

Price: ₹200 for two people approx.

12. Ice Lounge In Saket

 Ice Lounge: Things to do in Delhi

This place further spoils you for choice. You can party on the dance floor, consume food and beverages in cutlery made of ice, eat in super freezing, negative temperatures and enjoy the entire ambiance made of ice. Even the chairs, tables, bar stools, bar and the dance floor are made of ice. This lounge is transcendental as it takes you from the warm climate of Delhi to freezing temperatures. This is not just a delicious but also a one-time experience. This is the perfect place for dates and also a nice party place with friends. But when you visit, be sure to carry your jackets and boots. This is a relatively high-end restaurant which has a lot to offer.

This is the perfect place for dates and also a nice party place with friends. But when you visit, be sure to carry your jackets and boots. This is a relatively high-end restaurant which has a lot to offer. Must try- alcoholic beverages and mocktails

Price: ₹3,000 for two people approx.

13. Street Food Walk In Chandni Chowk

Chandani Chowk: Things to do in Delhi

Discover the famed Chandni Chowk or the Moonlight Square of Old Delhi with this Heritage & Food Walk. Let the fable of Chandni Chowk unfold in front of your eyes as a guided walk takes you through this majestic street constructed by Shahjahan’s (the ruler of Old Delhi) favorite daughter Jahanara Begum. Learn the beautiful stories of Chandni Chowk and see them become real in front of your eyes.

Also, try some mouth-watering most famous delicacies of Chandni Chowk Old Delhi like jalebis at a 140-year-old jalebi shop, mouth watering paranthas at the famous parantha wali gali with the best summer accompaniment the lassi and the most authentic Chai/tea of Old Delhi, all this and much more. So whether you are a student, a tourist, an explorer or just a local wanting to know more about your city don’t miss this opportunity to explore Chandni Chowk like never before.

On this tour, also get to know the stories of how 5 different religious symbols exist happily within a few meters of each other on the street, how a 4 and a half feet tall dancing girl became the first Catholic ruler of the 19th Century, how a 120 room Haveli (Mansion) still stands today as an imposing structure, how a merchant bought a mosque from the British government and subsequently gave it back in exchange of four villages and also how the famous Paranthe Wali gali came into existence.

Get much more such fabulous stories as our walk transports you to the famous bygone eras of the Mughal and the British.

Price: ₹900 per person approx.


For Romantic Dates

14. Fio Candlelight

 Fio: Things to do in Delhi

Good Italian and North Indian food choices, prompt service and an undoubtedly good, refreshing and romantic open garden ambiance! Your experience venue – Fio – is a top rated restaurant, located in the beautiful Garden of 5 senses! As you drive to this place, the last leg of your journey – approaching the restaurant is through the green belt – either from Qutab golf course side coming from central Delhi side or from the Mehrauli Ecological park area & Qutub Minar area, coming from the Gurgaon side.

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As you park and walk into the Garden of 5 senses, it has a calming effect on you. And as you walk on the pebbled pathway, to your nicely lit garden restaurant, the romantic feelings kick in. At the venue, let the staff/manager know you have arrived, and they will walk you to your specially reserved and romantically done up the table with flower petals, candle and a rose for the lady. Welcome drinks, a 3-course dinner and great conversations follow next. Must try foods- Italian pizza and pasta. Desserts are also very nice.

Price: ₹4000 for two people approx.


For Fun Freaks

15. Ski India in DLF, Mall of India

 Ski India in DLF: Things to do in Delhi

India offers very few skiing opportunities; DLF Mall of India is the largest mall in all of India. Ski India also has a snow park, ice skating rink, snow luge, snowfall activities, snow caves to explore and a lot more. You can visit with your children or go with your friends. The area over which it is built is also very large and it is a guaranteed the fun things to do in Delhi.

Price: ₹1500 per person approx.

16. CodeBreaker 360, Kamla Nagar

Murder Mystery: Things to do in Delhi

Yes, you read it right. Mystery Rooms are a real deal, you are locked in a room with your group of friend and are given 60 minutes to get yourself out of that locked space. Use logic, solve puzzles, find hints and work together as a team. This will be one of the most unique experiences that’ll make you realize the real value of your freedom. You can choose your difficulty level- from easy to very hard. So get ready. And Get locked.

Price: ₹800 per person approx. (Prices may differ on weekends and weekdays. It is better to visit on weekdays)

17. Smaaash, CyberHub

 Smaaash: Things to do in Delhi

This is a gaming area which offers bowling, go-karting, paintball, trampolines, and other fun activities. They also have a pool table and oculus interactive games which deal with virtual reality. It is a modern, state of the art gaming center. It also has a sports bar where there are live sports screenings and parties can be held. They have a Nitro Ferrari car race which gives the sensation of driving a real Ferrari and box-cricket modules. It is a day well spent with these fun things to do in Delhi.

Price: ₹3,000 per person approx. (Prices also depend on the number of activities done. Weekday and weekend prices are different and it is less crowded on weekdays)

18. ISKATE, Ambience Mall- Gurgaon

 Iskate: Things to do in Delhi

This is the first ice skating rink in Gurgaon and it has DJ lights and a party zone. Parties can be organized on this rink. They also have a gourmet ice cream parlor and bar called ISBAR. This is a fun hangout place with friends and it is a nice de-stress spot. They also host championships and teach students ice skating. The facilities can be pre-booked from their website. This is also a nice party spot.

Price: ₹1,100 per person approx. (The best time to go is on weekdays as it is less crowded and the prices are relatively cheaper)


For Destress

19. Blue Terra Spa

Relaxing Spa: Things to do in Delhi

If you have had a long day of traveling and you are tired of the metropolitan life after the crowded streets and intensifying lights, you can destress by revitalizing your senses at Blue Terra Spa in Gurgaon. Blue Terra Spa provides a soothing ambiance along with various treatments to help you relax your mind and body.

This experience will include a massage session followed by a refreshing steam bath and shower. Throughout the session, you will be under the expert hands of the professionals who will make sure that your experience is nothing short of blissful. You are surely going to rejuvenate your senses and will be thoroughly satisfied by the impeccable services of the professionals at Blue Terra Spa.

Price: ₹4125 per person approx.

20. Herb Garden Workshop

Herb Workshop: Things to do in Delhi

Or you can go for a Herb Garden workshop where they teach you gardening and growing herbs. Get fresh herbs straight from your garden to your kitchen because every dish is healthy and tastes better with fresh herbs! Many common ailments can be safely treated at home, using wild or cultivated herbs. We can also boost our immune systems and fight infection by including herbs in our diet and there’s no better way to get fresh herbs than to grow them yourself in a herb garden.

From classic herb favorites such as basil, rosemary, mint, and thyme to lesser-known herb varieties, this workshop with Nurturing Garden will give you tips on growing, tending and harvesting herbs. It will teach you how to make your own safe and effective herbal remedies and how to incorporate beneficial herbs into your everyday cooking.

Price: ₹1000 per person approx.



21. Private Dinner With Special Movie Screening

 Romantic Date: Things to do in Delhi

Time to go romantic, go mysterious and maybe throw in a surprise. Ask your partner out for a movie and then surprise them with a cozy private movie screening, along with a candle light dinner! The whole experience is curated – movie of your choice, 3-course dinner, decorations and private butler. The movie is screened on a projector in a comfy, not too large – not too small, restaurant. You get to choose your partner’s favorite movie or one of those popular ones. Titanic, 50 first dates, Jab we met, Dil

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Titanic, 50 first dates, Jab we met, Dil Chahta hai and much more. Your dinner would be a sumptuous 3-course dinner with Punjabi / north Indian flavors. Your starters, mains, and desserts are served with a personalized service of a private butler. Also, post meal, enjoy sipping a coffee or tea together. This experience is also great for gifting your friends, and family. Imagine you sending your parents for this date – and them going back into time to remember their special moments!

Price: ₹10,000 per couple approx.

22. Ride To Togetherness On A Ducati

Romantic Ducati Ride: Things to do in Delhi

Have your stylish Ducati Scrambler 803 arrive at your doorsteps and enjoy a long ride with your loved one while your lunch reservation awaits you at J W Marriott. A celebration lunch with a customized cake will be followed by a photo shoot. Ride on best things to do in Delhi with your partner with a great memory to cherish. Later in the evening, your laminated photo will be delivered to you at your place at the time of bike pick-up. You could get the same for a Harley Davidson.

Price: ₹13,300 for two people approx.

23. Surprise Trip To Agra In A Chrysler Limousine

 Limousine ride: Things to do in Delhi


Explore the beautiful city of Agra in a Chrysler Limousine. The visit to Agra will be a one-day trip, which will return on the same day. You will explore myriads of beautiful places in Agra during your trip to the Taj Mahal, etc. Imagine a romantic trip to one of the seven wonders of the world in a wonderful, luxurious car. Above all, The Limousine trip includes 24 hours of the luxurious ride, a uniformed and professional chauffeur, bar console with flute glass and mini fridge, complimentary fruit champagne, diet coke and chips. You will be picked up from the location of your choice.

Price:82,500 (Trip involves travel from Delhi to Agra and back, it is valid for up to 8 people)

24. Underwater Photography

 Underwater Photography: Things to do in Delhi

Getting pictures is one of the favorite pastimes of most couples. Getting clicked in the most unusual ways is interesting for couples. Meanwhile, With new technology, underwater photography is like a gift to humanity. It’s a whole different world underneath that ocean with the bustling life underwater and a perfect disguise if peace above. At Retina Charmers you get the chance to witness this magical place right in the heart of the city.

Witness the professional underwater photography and the nuances that go with it. Get a chance to get a photograph underwater, an exhilarating experience in itself. Get a chance to get a photograph underwater, an exhilarating experience in itself. This is truly an out-of-the-world things to do in Delhi. Moreover, Create memories for a lifetime and capture them with high-resolution photography, with your special someone. Make this photography session a magical one.

Price: ₹90,000 per couple approx. Average time required- 6 hours


Things To Do With Family

Here are a list of activities and things to do in Delhi with your family or teach your child. At the same time, you can also do some of these on your own to keep the child in you alive.

25. Kathputli Colony Walk

Kathputli Show: Things to do in Delhi

Take a walk of Kathputli colony to appreciate the traditional art forms like folk art, puppet and fire show, and musical performances. These authentic things to do in Delhi will be in your memory for a long time. This 3-hour tour lets you explore a whole new world of art. Moreover, you get to experience India, up close. Experience the foot tapping drumbeats, colorful clothes, awe-inspiring folk dance performances, and daredevil fire show. At the same time, the tour also lets you peep into the life and abode of the artists, learn a few dance steps and take some inspiration back home.

Price: ₹6000 for two people approx.

26. An Amazing Limo Experience

Limousine Ride: Things to do in Delhi

Have a special occasion or great gift to give?

You can make your family’s dream come true by giving them one of a kind experience of a chauffeur driven Limousine ride with a complimentary fruit champagne, diet coke and chips. It is one of the amazing things to do in Delhi. Enjoy a great movie on 10 inch LCD

Price: ₹16,500 per family approx.

27. Smoke Painting

Smoke Painting: Things to do in Delhi

Believe it or not but you can create incredibly magical paintings with smokes. The charcoal particles from the flame stick to the canvas making creating smoky extremely realistic yet creative art. Get familiar with the techniques of the experience and impress your friends and family with your unique skills on Smoke painting. Grab these magical things to do in Delhi at least once.

Price: ₹1500 per person approx.


Easy ways to travel or find roads in Delhi

Using the Delhi metro is an easy and cheap way to travel and it connects the entire city very well. Moreover, the Metro also has a separate ladies compartment which is safe. You can use the Delhi metro app to find ways and places, google maps is also very helpful to find these things to do in Delhi. The roads tend to be crowded, hence metros are a faster mode of travel, however, there is easy access to auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. Get hopping on the metro and you are sure to reach your destination soon!


I’m sure I have convinced you to alter your bucket lists with the things to do in Delhi as there is so much more that the National Capital has to offer than you will ever imagine. Start doing these then and striking them off your bucket list.

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