The Insane List Of The Top Things To Do In Bangalore!

best things to do in Bangalore

Bangalore is a mighty big place for anybody. The city is charming and addictive and for a good reason. Inviting cafés, gorgeous gardens, brilliant infrastructure and some of the classiest and fabled restaurant scenes makes it just perfect for the fast-paced life that you have always dreamed of living. With a crowd from all over the world, this city cannot get any more diverse. Trying to understand that things to do in Bangalore can get a tad bit overwhelming at times.

You may find yourself elbow to elbow with hoards of working professionals, sipping coffee over at Starbucks or having a hot cuppa chai at the next ‘sutta’ point, making you wonder how the most progressive city in India has proved to be so.

With so many places to see and so much to do, it can be hard to figure out and narrow down to the essentials while experiencing a healthy balance of the best of Bangalore. Which is why we have selected the crème de la crème of this city – some experiences and places are well known, others are off the beaten path – to help you plan your Friday, longer weekend, next few visits.

This guide will be a thorough help to give the best things to do in Bangalore with authentic, memorable, heart-warming, mind-boggling and food coma-inducing experiences! 

Let’s Start With Food, Please!

1. 10 Romantic Restaurants in Bangalore that You Must Visit!

When it comes to romance, we don’t believe in holding back and we also know that the best way to do that is through food. After all, what’s life without some good food? To help you have that perfect date with your loved one, we have curated some of our most preferred, swoon-worth, and utterly romantic restaurants in Bangalore for you and your love.

romantic restaurants in Bangalore

2. The Best of Fine Dining in Bangalore

We know just how important it is for you to satisfy priorities and plan a class-apart fine dining experience for yourself, family and friends. While this can be a daunting task, here are some our most recommended hand-picked, must-try Fine-Dine experiences in Bangalore.

best things to do in Bangalore fine dining

3. Best Breakfast Joints in Bangalore

Why not begin your day on a lavish note! Think golden masala dosas, crispy vada, fluffy idlis, honey dipped waffles, sugary pancakes, delicious omelets and the list goes on. Bangalore permeates a distinct charm and offers appetizing treats when it comes to breakfast and that is precisely why we’re giving you a list of Bangalore’s favorite breakfast joints.

best things to do in Bangalore breakfast joints in Bangalore

4. Must Visit Cafés in Bangalore

Bangalore is swarming with cafés and their refreshing themes. These Coffee shops have brought people together with a magical ability – whether it’s hanging out with friends after college/work or insightful conversations with complete strangers. Here’s a list of 19 must visit cafés in Bangalore.

best things to do in Bangalore - Cafés in Bangalore

5. Best and Most Trendiest Pubs in Town

A guide to the best things to do in Bangalore is incomplete without mentioning the city’s popular nightlife. In a city that has as many pubs as the chai Thadi’s in every nook and corner – well, not really, but you know what we mean – where do you head to for a great time? Here’s our pick of some of the best pubs in town.

best things to do in Bangalore best pubs

6. Most Popular Street Food Joints in Bangalore That You MUST Try!

An Epicure’s paradise, Bangalore is just perfect for everything that you would like to try, from midnight eateries to cuisines from all over the country for that delicious quick bite, this city has it all. To help you discover the best street food joints in Bangalore, we have compiled a list of our five most favorite places that you must visit in the city.

best things to do in Bangalore Street food in Bangalore

Activities in and Around Bangalore

7. Top Romantic Things To Do In Bangalore!

While Bangalore is abundantly blessed with restaurants, malls, theaters, gardens and an endless plethora of places to visit on weekdays and weekends can get tough. That’s why we’re here to help you out. Heart-melting, mushy, soul-stirring and absolutely dreamy – we give you the top 10 most romantic things to do in Bangalore!

Best things to do in Bangalore - Romantic Things to do in Bangalore

8. Things To Definitely Try in Bangalore!

Whether you are looking for that quality time to spend with your family or a weekend getaway with your friends, there’s something to do in Bangalore that fits every kind of budget. Being bored in Bangalore is not an option as this beautiful city offers enough and more malls, parks, resorts, pubs, restaurants, and more for you. Which is exactly why we give you this ultimate list of things you can try out when you’re in Bangalore.

best things to do in Bangalore

9. Super Fun Things To Do in Bangalore Over The Weekend!

The gorgeous Bangalore has more ways than one to help you spend your day. This city has an eccentric list of fun things to do that’s not a visit to the mall or the nearby coffee shop. From thrilling activities for adventure enthusiasts to gastronomical treat to food lovers and a hub for wellness lovers, Bangalore is the place for it all. Check out our list of super fun thigs you can do in Bangalore over the weekend.

best things to do in Bangalore

10. Explore the Unexplored with these Offbeat Things to Do in Bangalore

Been in Bangalore for some time now? Can’t seem to try and do anything besides hitting the pub over the weekends? If your answer to that is a yes then you, my friend, need an experience that surpasses everything that you have ever done in this city. And to help you do just that, we have compiled some of the wildest and most offbeat things to do in Bangalore. If you miss doing this, you’re just missing out on the best things to do in Bangalore.

best things to do in Bangalore - wild and offbeat things to do in Bangalore

11. Things You Can Do in Bangalore for less than 1500 bucks!

You don’t require burn hole in your pocket to have a great time. It will be amazing to know that there are things to do in Bangalore for less than 1500 bucks and it sure will give you goosebumps. Sounds unbelievable? Well, what can we say, it’s true and it’s all right here at your fingertips. So, look through and decide which of these you think are the best things to do in Bangalore.

best things to do in Bangalore - things to do under 1500 bucks

Adventure Activities in Bangalore

12. Best Adventure Sports in Bangalore To Replenish Your Adrenaline Craving Soul

Adventure sports are thrilling, exciting and mind-blowing while you are still young. You may be surprised to know that there are scores of adventure sports in Bangalore to satisfy your adrenaline craving soul – if you are an adventure junkie or would like to try something new, there’s something adventurous here for everyone and we are here to help you figure out exactly that.

best things to do in Bangalore - adventure sports in Bangalore

13. Trekking and Camping in Bangalore

Bangalore’s got some of the best restaurants, adventure sports and spas around. And let’s not forget, we’ve got the best of pubs as well. Regardless, you will, at some point want to take a break and get away from the hustle of the city – and what better than to go hiking, trekking or camping around Bangalore? Get a glimpse of some of the most gorgeous and bucolic surroundings with some of our favorite treks around Bangalore.

best things to do in Bangalore - treks around Bangalore

Tours and Getaways

14. The Best Of Weekend Getaways from Bangalore!

The mundane routine and hustle of your life may weigh you down. This is why you need a break from the bustle, you need time to breathe, you need time to unwind and feel alive. With an innumerable number of destinations, Bangalore provides a lot of options for quick getaways in and around the city which can offer a fun filled holiday with friends and family or team outing.

best things to do in Bangalore - weekend getaways

15. The Best Waterfalls Near Bangalore That You Must Visit During The Summer

When was the last time you took some time out to just head out and explore the vast beauty of nature? Maybe you need to skip the regular staycation this time and go hike a couple of miles or just pull off the road and check out the numerous waterfalls around Bangalore. Check out our list of the top 6 most gorgeous waterfalls near Bangalore. The cascading serenity of waterfalls makes this one of our most recommended read when it comes to the best things to do in Bangalore.

best things to do in Bangalore - waterfalls visit

We hope you liked this curated guide that we have created just for you. Keep watching this space for more such lists on the crazy, offbeat and some insanely awesome things to do in Bangalore

In the meanwhile, you may check out other activities and experiences in Bangalore, here.


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