10 Best Theme Restaurants in Bangalore For a Memorable Dining Experience!

theme restaurants in Bangalore

Dining in Bangalore can be just what you want it to be. There’s nothing that you can’t find here in the city. And, it goes without saying and we’re pretty sure that you must’ve tried out all the options available out there. Having that quick plate of Idli Chutney with oodles of butter for extra goodness. Filter Kaapi at MTR. Packing up a delicious Milkshake from Keventers for your commute. Sipping on some champagne accompanied with impeccable courses at a fancy restaurant. The list is endless. While you may have tried out all these, we’re giving you a list of theme restaurants in Bangalore for your adventurous side.

Stopping over at your favorite fast food joint to sipping a hot cuppa chai at your favorite Thadi. Spending Friday nights at your go-to watering hole. A good restaurant with an ambiance that appeals to your taste of uniqueness and adventure. If you’re tired of the same old places and looking at taking on something new and unique, you won’t be disappointed here. There are plenty theme restaurants in Bangalore that deserve a visit. These restaurants will let you explore a completely new side to Bangalore with fusion food, wild atmosphere that will never let you down. And better yet, if you’re planning on visiting the city, make sure you hop into one of these exclusive theme based restaurants in Bangalore.

Best Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

1. Ruh

About the Restaurant

Ruh, located in Bellandur boasts of an ambiance that will transport to one of the stories from Arabian Nights. With a neat ambiance, this Middle-Eastern paradise will definitely leave you spell-bound. This Ruh theme restaurant is a perfect option for people who are looking at pampering their palette with Middle-Eastern food. The Mediterranean and Mughlai, Moroccan cuisines will definitely leave you a satisfied soul. To amplify all this even further, they have live Sufi nights on Thursdays. P.S – Try their flavored hookah when you’re there.

arabian nights theme restaurants in Bangalore - Ruh

What To Try – Lavash Chips, Persian Fenugreek Fish, Mutton Roganjosh, Murgh Makhani, Mutton Biryani.

2. Silver Metro

About the Restaurant

If you thought trains were a passé, this metro themed restaurant is here to prove otherwise. Giving you the feels of a Metro station, this restaurant is equipped with a seating arrangement in the station premises and inside the train. The multi-cuisine theme restaurant in Bangalore offers authentic food with efficient service.

metro theme restaurants in Bangalore - Silver Metro

What To Try – Veg Momos, Chaat, Chicken Momo, Mutton Biryani, Dahi puri and Chicken Curry.

3. Olive Beach

About the Restaurant

Enjoy an unparalleled fine dining experience at this theme restaurant in Bangalore. The ambiance that is plush and will transport you to those romantic cafés in Europe. Santorini based seating and dimly lit ambiance in the night makes this supremely cozy and romantic. This charming restaurant is just apt for people who are looking at exploring a whole new world of dining. This restaurant will give you a true taste of romance and leave you head over heels in love with good food. Unwind at the Olive Beach with your loved one or with your friends over a gourmet meal and a couple of glasses of wine. Every bite here will tell you, Bon Appétit!

beach theme restaurants in Bangalore - Olive Beach

What to Try- Calamari, Mocktails, Ravioli, Risotto, Pepperoni Pizza, Beef Carpaccio, Sea Food.

4. Black Pearl

About the Restaurant

If you’re a fan of Jack Sparrow then this Pirate theme restaurant in Bangalore is one place you should not miss. This super cool restaurant to has everything Pirate, from rib caged chairs to ropes, skeletons, boats and all that jazz. This pirate themed restaurant in Bangalore is popular for its wide spread of seafood dishes.

pirate theme restaurants in Bangalore- Black Pearl

What To Try – Corn Fry, Sangria, Chocolate Biscuit, Chicken Curry, Mutton Biryani.

5. Tea Trails

About the Restaurant

Tea Trails is one of those tea theme restaurants in Bangalore. The tranquil bistro has a very refreshing ambiance set up. From photographs of tea ceremonies and events from across the globe. The décor is super cozy with comfortable sofa seating along with Arabian tea pot figurines on the wall. The fancy ambiance of Tea Trails may make it difficult for you to believe that these guys are as Indian as can get and their menu is proof. If you’re up for a desi treat, opt for a classic Masala Chai and paneer pakoras. If you want to go English, order a good cup of Lavender Tea accompanied by finger cheese cucumber sandwiches. Regardless of what you choose, Tea Trails makes for a perfect theme based restaurant in Bangalore.

theme restaurants in Bangalore- Tea Trails

What To Try – Moroccan Mint, Orange Spice Tea and Red Zen for tea lovers. For the food lovers, Gulkand Bun Maska, Onion Pakora and Three Cheese Risotto.

6. Gufa

About the Restaurant

Ever thought of entering a cave? Ever thought of dining there? This cave themed restaurant in Bangalore lets you have a good cave dining experience. This gourmet adventure gives you a diverse spread of Mughlai, Pakistani, Afghani and Indian cuisine. To take the ambiance up a notch, there is a subtle sound of water playing in the background. The staff there are also dressed up as hunters serving you the delicious food. This is one of those theme restaurants in Bangalore that will definitely cave you in.

cave theme restaurants in Bangalore- Gufa

What To Try – Rabri, Paneer Tikka, Sea Food Platter, Mocktails, Chicken Curry, Masala Papad, Sweet Corn Soup.

7. Rural Blues

About the Restaurant

Has Santorini forever been a part of your bucket list? Then you must visit Rural Blues. This Santorini inspired restaurant in Bellandur is perfect on the ambiance with cozy interiors. The rooftop seating arrangement will transport you to Greece instantly. All that is missing here is the pristine blue waters. Apart from the gorgeous theme, this place is also popular for its delicious food.

santorini theme restaurants in Bangalore- Rural Blues

What To Try – Jumbo Prawns, Creme Brulee, Kashmiri Pulao, Gooey Brownie, Clear Soup, Buffalo Wings, and Nachos.

8. Jalsa

About the Restaurant

Have you wondered what it would feel like to dine as a royal? Jalsa is here to prove to help you feel just that. This Royal theme restaurant in Bangalore will leave you feeling like every bit of a Maharaja/Maharani that you are. The ambiance is steeped in royalty. Mirrored doors, crystal chandeliers, a private ‘Baithak’ and the dimly-lit room and old Hindi music make this look like a dining room in a palace.

royal theme restaurants in Bangalore- Jalsa

What To Try – Murgh Patiala, Laccha Paratha, Chicken Kebab, Soya Chaap, Butter Chicken, Lassi and Dal Tadka.

9. Kebun

About the Restaurant

If you want to be one with nature while having as you have your meal, then head to Kebun. This is one of those theme restaurants in Bangalore that brings you closer to nature. This kebun restaurant in Bangalore is set up like a resort. Kebun is a boon for those who are looking at doing something unusual. Dine under a gazebo or on a deck by the pond, or in a glass dome. The restaurant is rich in lush greenery that surrounds the restaurant and cobble stoned pathways.

jalsa theme restaurants in Bangalore- Kebun

What To Try – Shanghai Egg Fried Rice, Crisy Fried Vegetables.

10. Float

About the Restaurant

This Cuban theme restaurant in Bangalore is a must visit for food lovers and all for a good reason. Float brings in a unique twist and offers you delicious Indian and eclectic Japanese food. The trendy décor here makes this a favourite among all love birds in the city. And rightfully so, their romantic ambiance of open air rooftop seating and Hookah. An uncanny combination but works for the best. Perfect for a date night, this restaurant ups the romance quotient up a notch with it’s impeccable open air ambiance. A must try for all those who are looking at a good theme based dining experience in Marathahalli.

floating theme restaurants in Bangalore- Float

What to Try – Cheesy Fries, Mocktails, Onion Rings, Exotic Veg Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Stuffed Mushroom, and Tiramisu.

These are our favorite picks from theme restaurants in Bangalore. What are yours? Comment below and let us know what you love about your favorite theme based restaurants in Bangalore.

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