Summer Camp For Kids In Mumbai

Summer Camp For Kids In Mumbai

Summer is undoubtedly the best season in the world ever. Mornings so bright they make you excited to get up. It’s that time of the year when tiny tots love going out in the open and have fun till the sweltering heat subsides. Have you planned any summer camp for kids in Mumbai? Do you need some help?

One place that is lively and buzzing with activity no matter what the season is then it ought to be Mumbai. It’s a destination for all seasons.

It’s always easier to try something new in summer in Mumbai, you don’t believe? With the onset of summer, check out the best summer camp for kids in Mumbai.

1. Water Theme Parks

Water theme parks are a great respite for kids who crave for a gala time with unlimited thrills under the scorching sun. Water theme parks comes first above all other outings during summer, simply because it offers everything a kid asks for!

So, here we go with the best treats this summer and lock your dates with the below exciting choices.

Do you know that Essel World Amusement Park is rated as one of the best theme parks in Asia and the largest in the country? It features a mind-boggling selection of slides and water rides enough to give the kids goosebumps with screams and thrills of a lifetime.

If you need more space with more exciting rides, then hop into Wet N Joy, one of India’s biggest water park with 13 different water activities to keep your kids busy all day. Water parks can be the ultimate experience for summer camp for kids in Mumbai.

Are water park rides giving you a déjà vu? Then, break the monotony and try out the Imagica Theme Park, a complete theme park with a plethora of easy rides for tiny tots.

Kids will love this for sure, spend a day in a farm house located in the middle of a village which houses some fun filled water activities like rides, rain dance and boating. The SP Farmhouse is more of combination of theme park and relaxing getaway while Pooja Farm House boasts of diverse flora, fauna and amazing indoor, outdoor games and hence are tailor-made for kids and families.

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2. Resorts

Most of us prefer privacy where ever we go, some experiences are designed to suit your preferences like the ever popular resort stays.

One of the most preferred option for summer camp for kids in Mumbai are Resorts. Resorts have always been the favorites in the summer months and has struck the chord with people when it comes to outings with families and kids. Cool breeze, the views of the sunset, swimming pools, water rides and a rain dance floor to make the moves, makes for a perfect time for kids.

Mumbai has some great resort stays for kids like Sun Beach Resort in the suburban which is dotted with a number of coconut trees and greenery. The city is crowded with incredible resorts that is ideal for kids to spend their summer time. Some of the popular ones include Silent Hill Resort, Pinewood Resort, Pali Beach Resort, Monteria Resort and Krishna Resorts.

For kids who love to spend quality time with nature, the Wildcamp Resort is a must-go.

3. Learning Sessions for Kids

During Summers we prefer kids staying indoors but wish they do something worth the time.

Some kids who have a keen interest in extra curricular activities need great mentoring to pursue the same. In Mumbai, quiet a few professionals conduct workshops and courses which can help kids hone their skills during this time of the year.

Try these viable learning session options this summer:

Enroll your kids in Pottery Making Session that will bring out the creative side to fruition. The pottery sessions will teach kids to create beautiful and attractive artifacts from clay.

How about a Hand Sculpting Session that helps kids to sculpt their imagination. They will be trained on the finer aspects of sculpting in these classes.

Exams precede the summer season and few tiny tots simply can’t get over and it continues to linger on. Can we convert that into something fun and exciting? Yes, why not? Try out the Calligraphy Sessions for kids who are obsessed with writing and will learn and love every bit of it.

The above activities demand dedication from kids, maybe the Rolling Skating Coaching Session is a great exercise for kids as it aids in toning the muscles and check the calories. These activities are a worthy alternative for summer camp for kids in Mumbai.

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4. Adventure Activities

Kids seeking adventure in Mumbai, this one is for you with experiences loaded with adventure, excitement and fun.

Day Pass to Della Adventure is a great way for kids to try out a wide range of adventure activities and games to feel the excitement and show their physical strength. It has everything that kids would love to play around from Swoop Swing to aerial sports like Longest Flying Fox.

To make it more colorful and strategic the Paintball (50 shots) is fun for kids. (if you are an ardent fan of this then try out Paintball – 100 Balls)

Aerial adventures are an altogether over the ground experiences, only for daring kids. Try the Zipline in Powai where one is suspended in the air and zooms through the air.

Paramotoring With the Family is by far the best aerial adventure activity that is only for kids who can hold their nerve!

While we have choices galore in and around Mumbai the above ones are the most preferred summer camp for kids in Mumbai. So, beat the heat this summer with some cool experiences.


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