Best And The Most Romantic Restaurants in Chennai!

Romantic Restaurants in Chennai

The concept of dating is now famous worldwide, even in the countries where it was once tabooed. But, the idea of dating differs from person to person. For some, dating is more like having fun and meeting new people. For others, it is like a serious relationship. People have different ways of taking your partner out on a perfect date, some choose one day outings in Chennai, while some loves the night life of the city.  If the couples love to eat, that’s when these romantic restaurants in Chennai come to your help.

“Romantic Restaurants in Chennai

Today, many people are inventing their own ideas of having a perfect date. Trekking, Long drive to romantic places,  hill stations, beaches, getting cozy in a room with a dim light seems to go into oblivion. The new ideas are now blooming and taking place among the new generation. But, one thing of an ideal date remains the same for every generation, and that is a perfect candle light dinner or lunch. Love for food is that one thing that is common, and so the idea of perfect dinner or lunch still fascinates us.

If you are someone who is residing in Chennai, then we will help you out with the best restaurants for the perfect dinner date. After reading and reviewing many romantic restaurants in Chennai, we are presenting a few that is the best of all. Not only did we keep the food in the view. We also thought of all other factors that help in creating a perfect ambiance for your perfect date. So, go on to read and explore the best of the romantic restaurants in Chennai.

The Raintree

The Raintree Anna Salai in Tamil Nadu, is the first restaurant that goes on the list.  If you or your partner is a die hard lover of the South Indian delicacies, then this restaurant will be an ideal choice. They offer a variety of South Indian dishes from different parts of South India. They list includes Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. To add to a perfect touch of romance in the ambiance, they play Carnatic music in the background.

The aroma of the authentic regional South Indian food will satisfy your desire for food. The reason behind their delicious food is the use of the fresh farm products. For the vegetarians, they have a vegetarian thali on their menu. So, when the delicious food is accompanied with the amazing ambiance, it calls for the perfect dinner date. So, the candle light dinner experience here will be dazzling. Go and try out one of the best romantic restaurants in Chennai.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - raintreeCuisine-South Indian
Location– 636, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Royal Indiana

If you are  extraordinary couples and love everything that is extra, then you must go on a royal date at Royal Indiana in Tamil Nadu. This dine in restaurant is famous for their South Indian dishes. At the same time, they are also famous for serving the best food taken from all the princely states of the country. The list of cuisine they serve includes North Indian, Chinese dishes, and continental.

Royal Indiana has also kept the essence of the word Royal in every means. The interiors are worth taking a glance at. The royal ambiance of the restaurant makes it one of the romantic restaurants in Chennai. It consists of the huge teak wood doorway that is 150 years old. Adding on to this, the restaurant has 90-year-old teak wood pillars. The pillars stand on the chiseled base made of stone. The Tanjore painting that are decades old creates an additional aroma. There are sculptures that are from the ancient time. All these just help you take back to the time of the royal people. Apart from the art and ambiance created, the open kitchen is also a center of attraction. You can take a look at your dinner getting ready.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - royal indianaCuisine– South Indian and North Indian
Location– The Accord Metropolitan Hotel, 35, GN Chetty Road, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Southern Aromas

Living in Chennai and not craving for South Indian food is impossible. Though you eat South Indian food on a daily basis, the crave remains there. So, if you and your partner are a true lovers of South Indian delicacies, you must go on a date at Southern Aromas.

The restaurant is famous for serving the best flavored South Indian dishes. But, it gained fame for serving the authentic and finger licking vegetarian meals. If you are a true South Indian, then the decor of this restaurant is going to become your favorite. Take your partner on a dinner date at one of the best romantic restaurants in Chennai. Relish the most amazing vegetarian South Indian food with the amazing service. A welcome drink will refresh you, and while you are enjoying a romantic talk with your partner. The aroma of South Indian flavors may distract which is not bad. So, go try out this one of romantic restaurants in Chennai.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - southern aromasCuisine– South Indian
Location– The Residency Towers, 115, Pondy Bazaar, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Salt Co. 531

Salt Co. 531 is a restaurant in the hotel Radisson Blu. The entire hotel and the restaurant boost the idea of elegance, luxury, and style. If your idea of a perfect date is to get soaked in luxury, then this restaurant will be the best one for you. They serve the variety of foods. The list covers the delicacies of Mexican, Asian, Italian, and Continental.

The restaurant is quite popular among foodies. They walk an extra mile; add an extra flavor to satisfy the extra desire of your taste bud. For the name of the restaurant, Salt Co. 531, they have 15 epicurean sea salts. You also get the advantage of going into the kitchen. You can ask chefs for your personalized seasoning of the food. The friendly ambiance makes it one of the best romantic restaurants in Chennai.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - salyCuisine– Continental, Mexican, Asian, and Italian
Location– Radisson Blu, 531, St. Thomas Mount, GST Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


The next restaurant in the list is a little different from all listed above. If you like an entirely different idea of having an amazing dinner date at the weird time, Turyaa is the place for you. The restaurant operates even at late night. The restaurant’s walls have all bright colors. If you want to impress your love with something extra and by chance you know how to play Piano, then you are at the right place. The restaurant has a piano which you can play to impress your date. This is certainly one of the most romantic restaurants in Chennai.

The food here is great too, but the place is famous specifically for its buffet which is lavish in every means. You can choose your favorite meal among a lot of options. You can enjoy all sorts of food and cuisine at a nominal price. The ambiance of the restaurant is soothing so that you can enjoy a perfect date and delicious meal.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - TuryaCuisine– North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Mexican, Sri Lankan, and Continental
Location– 144/7, OMR, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Kandanchavadi, perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Basil with a twist

If you are a person who likes the idea of romance, and perfect ambiance, then Basil with a twist is a place for you. The restaurant follows the theme of Italy. You will find everything related to the Italian flavor. The restaurant serves the perfect European dishes, specifically the dishes from Italy. This is the perfect place to enjoy the romantic date making it stand among the best romantic restaurants in Chennai. They also help you with the perfect candlelight dinner.

The Italian ambiance merged with the authentic European dishes is all you will get at Basil with A Twist.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - basilCuisine – European, Italian, Continental, and Mediterranean
Location – 58-A, Habibullah Road, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Sunset Grill

By the name itself, many of you have already envisioned the view of the restaurant. The Sunset Grill is a restaurant that comes under the property of Westin Group of Hotels. The restaurant is famous for its eye-chanting view and amazing food. You can have a perfect-picture dinner date here. Imagine the beauty of the sight, an open-air restaurant, and a candle-light dinner. They give all that can help you enjoy the best dinner date with your partner. It is also famous for having a rooftop view where you can get the amazing sunset view. With everything romantic, you are going to have the best date. Added with this, they serve an amazing variety of Arabic dishes. A restaurant with everything unique and perfect! No wonder why it is counted among one of the romantic restaurants in Chennai.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - Cuisine – the Middle East and Continental
Location – The Westin Chennai Velachery, 154, Velachery Main Road, Velachery, Chennai

Crimson Chakra

A candle-light dinner date is always considered as the perfect date. If you too are someone who is highly impressed with this idea, then you must go to the Crimson Chakra. The restaurant is famous for dedicating an entire room for couples looking for a perfect, no-disturbance candle-light dinner.

Apart from having an entire room dedicated to the lovebirds. They have a perfect ambiance for candlelight dinner. They even have a rooftop space for those who love taking their pet dogs on a meal. The interior of the restaurant is painted in all bright color which is a delightful sight. They offer a great variety of South Indian, Continental, and North Indian food.

So, next time, when you want a place only for yourself and partner, make sure to hit this restaurant in the first place. What else would you expect in one of the romantic restaurants in Chennai?

romantic restaurants in Chennai - crimson chakraCuisine – South and North Indian, Continental
Location – 13, 1st Crescent Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Anything with the rooftop view makes it romantic. Kefi is a restaurant with that amazing rooftop view, a perfect one for the lovebirds. The poolside view of the restaurant makes it one of the romantic restaurants in Chennai for couples. The entire restaurant follows the Moorish influence. The restaurant is all love and romance with great varieties of cuisine available. Yes, the restaurant is pricey than others but is worth it.

They serve the authentic flavored Italian, Malaysian, Spanish, and Moroccan dishes. Make sure to give them a try.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - kefiCuisine – Italian, Malaysian, Spanish, and Moroccan
Location – Taj Club House Hotel, 2, Club House Road, Anna Salai, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Azzuri Bay

If you and your partner are fond of smooth date, then Azzuri Bay should be your choice. The restaurant is basically an old Bungalow. It is beautifully transformed into a one of the romantic restaurant in Chennai. The restaurant has many corner spaces. You get the chance of getting cozy with your partner and enjoying the perfect ambiance.

The restaurant keeps on playing a soft and really good music in the background. The restaurant is located on the rooftop and has an amazing view of the river. The food they serve is good equally just like their ambiance. They serve an amazing variety of South Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, and Thai food.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - azzuri bayCuisine – South Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, and Thai food
Location – 13, 1st Crescent Road, Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Kipling Café

Are you a true admirer of the beach view and candlelight dinner? Then you shouldn’t bear the loss of not visiting this amazing café. Kipling Café organizes some of the best valentines and candlelight dinners. The décor of the restaurant is lovely, and they have all greenery and in their outside section. At night, the café is lit up with candles creating a pleasant and romantic aroma for the lovebirds. You won’t find any romantic restaurants in Chennai like this.

The food they serve is delicious, and you can get assorted Italian and Continental dishes. So, when you are tired of going to lavish places with no flavor of romance at all, try out the Kipling café for a better change.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - kipling cafeCuisine –Continental, Italian, café, and Thai
Location – 16, L Jey Avenue, East Coast Road (ECR), Akkarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


The name itself is enough to give hints about his ambiance and theme. Aqua is more like a lounge than a restaurant, and this is what makes it famous among lovebirds. The entire restaurant has adopted the theme of the aquatic world. The ambiance is very calming and soothing, and you can relax and have a long chat with your partner.

You can also get cabanas with low beds. From there you can enjoy the perfect-picture view of the park located nearby. The food options are little different from the regular romantic restaurants in Chennai. The list of cuisine includes Mexican, Lebanese, Moroccan, and Mediterranean.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - Aqua

Cuisine – Seafood
Location – Fortune Select Grand, Near Mahindra World City, Singaperumalkoil, Chengalpattu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The Wild Garden at Amethyst

Another different themed restaurant on the list! The Cafe Amethyst is more like a lush green garden. This restaurant serves two things at the same time. One is the amazing food, and another is the nature-oriented ambiance. So, the next time you are planning to go on a date to any park, make to visit this restaurant. You will have the same sort of fun you will have in any park or more than that.

The ambiance of the restaurant makes it one of the romantic restaurants in Chennai and calls for the perfect date. They serve the food little slow so that you can take advantage of the time. Relax amidst the beauty of nature and with your loved one. There are few boutiques too so you also can roam around there after placing your order.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - WILL garden amethystCuisine – Italian, Continental, and cafe meals
Location – Whites Road, Next To Corporation Bank, Royapettah, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The Crown

The Crown is a restaurant that is all about good music and delicious food. You also get a table by poolside to create a perfect ambiance for your romantic dinner. As the name suggests, the restaurant is on the top of the hotel The Residency. The restaurant has the live Blues music theme, and you can calm your mind here. With the soothing music playing in the background, you can enjoy the continental food. The amazing flavored food is what you will have here along with the good time to spend with your partner. The crown, no doubt, makes it one of the romantic restaurants in Chennai.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - The CrownCuisine – Continental and North Indian
Location – The Residency Towers, 115, Pondy Bazaar, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Bay View

Bay View is one of the famous spots among lovebirds in Chennai. It overlooks the Covelong Beach and set a great romantic view for the lovers. You can isolate yourself from the crowd and can enjoy the meal at the private patios they have. The restaurant is a safe haven for the romantic couples looking for an ideal spot.

If you are planning to go on dinner date make sure that you are reaching before the sunset. You will witness one of the most romantic sunset views. The seafood is the specialty of the restaurant; make sure to give it a try. Do not miss out one of the best romantic restaurants in Chennai.

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romantic restaurants in Chennai - Bay ViewCuisine – Seafood and South Indian
Location – Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove, Covelong Beach, Off East Coast Road, Kovalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Up North

Restaurant with rooftop view is always the best choice to have a perfect romantic date. Here goes another rooftop restaurant on the list, up North. The restaurant is standing on the top of the Raintree Hotel, and there is romance in every bit of the restaurant. Presenting the best South Indian meals, the restaurant is a place you must give a try. The perfect view of city and romance in the ambiance, it turns out to be one of the romantic restaurants in Chennai! The restaurant will be your ideal choice for having a romantic date.

romantic restaurants in Chennai - up northCuisine– North Indian
Location – The Raintree, 636, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Here are the two best candle light dinner experiences, one at Zaica and the other at Clarion Hotel.

ImageAt Zaica, you get a great time with its delectable dinner buffet, which is sure to make your experience memorable.  Enjoy delicious food on a decorated table with flowers and later a half kg cake to add more sweetness to the experience.  Treat yourself and your loved one with a  perfect balance of ambience and flavour that is sure to win your heart.



A Dinner buffet with Cake is the special one on your special date at Clarion Hotel. This hotel provides luxurious stay with a range of modern facilities and personalized services.

So, these are some of the best romantic restaurants in Chennai you can visit for having a perfect date with your partner. Choose your type and create the best date ever.


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