19 Romantic Places in Pune that Every Couple Should Visit!

Romance is something that none can get rid of from their life. Couples bubbling with love and happiness are the best thing that one can think of. Most couples want to find a sojourn that they would cherish the memories of. To help them this article talks about the Romantic Places in Pune. The city is peaceful and a happy place situated in the state of Maharashtra. The place has several of the best colleges that India has and it is growing every year. Pune has a rich history of Shivaji and the Peshwas and is famous for its soothing climate. The life of Pune can presents an admixture of the old and new and the cultural history is quite tempting.


The hustle bustle of the traffic is also contrasted with the love that the city has. Romantic outings are a lookout for anyone that is in love. Pune will offer you the modern feel with the hint of nostalgia. Locals and tourists can visit these romantic places alike. There are several places scattered around the reach of Pune that one can visit. The couples can take a few hours or even a day for themselves to enjoy the Romantic Places in Pune. If a couple is visiting Pune for the first time, they must visit some of the places as they are great. So now we would like to begin with the awesome list.

Romantic Places in Pune

Empress Gardens

A cult favorite of the local this place stands in the natural beauty of the place. The place has spread in the 39-acre park and the couple will be good to roam around. One can experience unending varieties of vegetation in this place. This place is under the supervision and care of the Agri-Horticulture society. It still is in a beautiful state. The couple can spend a beautiful time near the greenery. This is the reason for it famous as one of the best Romantic Places in Pune.

romantic places in Pune - empress gardensThey also have a small snack bar in the place for hunger pangs. The place also holds annual festivals circulating their flowers and trees. The Botanical beauty is open every day of the week and the timing is from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. A picnic plan in the park is the best way a couple can spend their day. The park is a good calm place to be in the blazing summer heat. The pocket pinch of the park is Rs. 5 per head and parking space is also available.

Bund Garden

This place is quite lovely for anyone to visit and is a must in the list of Romantic Places in Pune. The garden or park stands close to the railway station of Pune and becomes an available place. The other name for Bund Garden is the Mahatma Gandhi Udyan. The scenery is great and the place is great for any couple to have a nice time. The greenery can look and feels the best during the winter months. People who love birds can also experience them during the winters.

romantic places in Pune - bund gardensCouples can also experience horse riding on the beautiful premises. While being in Nature’s lap, the couple can get lost in each other. The great thing about the place is that entry is free and one can visit the place on any day during a week. The place is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.

Osho Garden:

Osho had a great philosophy of life and that is why people have a fascination for that life. This garden is a beautiful place that one can be in and especially for people in love. This is one of the Romantic Places in Pune and is designed to look like a Japanese Garden. The park is in the Koregaon Park area and couples can visit it quite. The environment is peaceful and tranquil to let the couples enjoy their alone time. There are many bridges and several areas have beautiful bamboo trees. The park would be refreshing for any couple that wants to lose themselves in each other.

romantic places in Pune - osho gardensThe place is open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM and again from 4:00 PM to 7 PM on a daily basis. The place is very easy to find and a couple can sit for a long time. If one likes Osho they can also visit the ashram which is nearby.

PU LA Deshpande Udyan

Famous for its beauty and tranquility, this place has made into the list of Romantic Places in Pune. Its establishment has the influence from original the Okayama Garden in Japan. This garden has been beautifully made and has varieties of exotic trees and flowers. The park is also known as the Pune Okayanama friendship Park. Fountains and other water bodies flow and stand through the park. The environment and ambiance of the park are perfect for a couple to open up their hearts. This is one of the parks that get in the list of must visit to any tourist that has come to Pune.

romantic places in Pune - Pu la gardensThe green environment of the park with the touch of Japan makes it a must visit. The park is open every day from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and then again from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The pocket pinch of the park is Rs 5 per head which is quite affordable. The place stands on the Sinhagad road which is easily accessible to everyone.

Sinhagad Fort

As said before history is an integral part of Pune and this place is a must visit. It is in the list of Romantic Places in Pune for the couple who would like to emerge themselves into the beauty of history. The fort has existed in the place for 2000 years which is great. The fort was also a part of the Battle of Sinhagad. The place takes about 1 hour from the main city and is a great place for a small outing. Couples who like to trek can also enjoy the trekking that the place has to offer. The place is a must visit couples who want to be with each other for a longer time.

romantic places in Pune - sinhagadh fortThey must notice that smoking and drinking are not allowed in the place. They can also visit places like the Panshet Dam, Ghadge Botanical Garden, and other places. The destination can also transform into a simple weekend trip for couples who have the time.

Mulshi Dam:

This is another accessible place that is an hour away from the main city. The place is breathtakingly beautiful especially during the monsoon months. The place is an easy inclusion in the list of Romantic Places in Pune as it is a must visit for everyone visiting Pune. The best time to be in the place is in the months of June and July. The place stands between the forests of Sahyadri hills. This makes the place scenic and enticing. Couples can easily spend their day touring the place and visit the Mulshi Lake. There are tonnes of other places nearby that a couple can easily discover. One can relax in the Zazen Spa or see the beauty of water bodies in Kundavade Kere.

romantic places in Pune - mulshi dam

Parvati Hill

Couples always want to be at the top of the world. In Pune, they can at least be at the top of the city if they visit the Parvati Hill. This place is a hillock and a temple also stands on the establishment. From the top of the hill, a great view of the city can be seen. Other than being a scenic site this is a historical site as well. It is also the second highest point of Pune. This is easily gives you a Bollywood feel, is a good choice in the list of Romantic Places in Pune. The couple can lead themselves through the 103 steps that take one at the top of the hill. They can pray at the temple and then enjoy the panoramic view of the city. The winds and the love of your partner can merge and can get high any day between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

romantic places in Pune - parvati hill

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

God too has a part to play in the romance. This is the reason for this temple in the Romantic Places in Pune. Along with the religious importance, the place also houses historical and architectural importance. The temple is a rock cut cave temple and came into establishment during the 8th century AD. The temple has the influence of Lord Shiva and the temple was never completed fully. A garden surrounds the temple where couples can easily sit and talk for a while. A temple is romantic because of the calmness that it bestows to the human soul.

romantic places in Pune - pataleshwar cave temple

The architecture and the huge pillars are eye-catching. A couple that has a knack for history will definitely like it. If religion and faith sprouts between the couple, then they should visit this historical temple at least once.

Pawna Lake

The place is famous for their camping accommodation. But, couples can also enjoy an afternoon outing at the place. The lake is pristine and looks quite stunning. The place is also near Lonavla which can be an easy decision to turn it into a weekend trip. It is a must visit in the Romantic Places in Pune and it would be better if the couple can take out a days time. They can easily spend a night in the camping site and enjoy the experience. Couples can spend the starry night on each other’s arm by the lake and its romantic winds. It is a romantic getaway for couples who love nature.

romantic places in Pune - pawna lakeIf you are comfortable with the calmness that nature offers, you must go there. Pre-booking a cab is a must do a thing when one is planning to visit the Pawna Lake.

Ghoradeshwar Hills

This is also a hilly escape for people who love to enjoy the bliss of nature. It stands by the Pune Mumbai Highway and people who have visited it in the past has loved it. A couple can either trek to the top or they can take the steps. Trekking is a recommendation as it is more adventurous and gives the couple more time. The top has temples and ample amount of sitting space is available. Couples can enjoy alone time in this spot among the Romantic Places in Pune. If a couple takes a car or a bike then they can park it for nominal charges. Several surrounding hills are there and the view from the top is mesmerizing. This is a local favorite of couples who want to spend dedicated time to each other.

romantic places in Pune - ghoradeshwar hill


The bridge is a fun place to go if couples have a short amount of time in their hands. Youngsters consider is a popular choice among the Romantic Places in Pune. One can easily ask about it from any local person to finds its location. The bridge is near the Mutha River and runs parallel to it. Couples can spend an ample amount of time in the soothing environment. The bridge is a jogging attraction in the early morning, but towards afternoon a lot of couples visit there. Couples can also enjoy the small street treats from the stalls that are also there. It is nostalgic for any couple who have had romantic meetings in the past. The place will remind them of their initial days.

romantic places in Pune - Z-bridge

MG Road or Main Street

If the couple is having their first date then MG road is the best place to roam. They can go to the restaurants and shopping destinations that line the street. There are several good stores that line the street. This nostalgia makes it one among the Romantic Places in Pune. It is a shopping hub of Pune and one can feel the bustling life of the area. Along with the big international chain stores, the small shop also lines the lane. A couple can easily spend a quality time hopping from store to store. They will have ample amount of conversations while walking through the lane. The food joints are also great and the lane has some of the best-known restaurants in Pune.

romantic places in Pune - mg road

Shisha Jazz Cafe

After roaming around the city a couple would need to fill their tummy. This is the reason for good restaurants and cafes being a must have a part for a list of Romantic Places in Pune. This cafe is particularly known for their music and their mouthwatering food. A couple can enjoy alcohol at this place. This is definitely a restaurant for people who have a good budget as the pocket pinch is about Rs. 2000 for a couple. The place serves North Indian, Continental, Lebanese and Persian Cuisine. The ambiance is great and a couple can easily enjoy a candlelight dinner. The place also has sheesha for people who have interest in it. This is the best place for couples who are meeting for the first time.

romantic places in Pune - shisha


This is another must visit restaurant attraction of Pune and everyone seems to rave about it. The ambiance of the restaurant is great and is a good destination for a first date. The theme of the restaurant is Italian and the restaurant has healthy options for couples. The average cost for two at the restaurant is Rs 1500. This is in Koregaon Park which is a recommendation in Romantic Places in Pune. The place is a heaven for vegetarian couples. The ambiance has the presence of nature and a peacock at the premises. One can easily spend their anniversary at the place and enjoy the authentic Italian food that they offer.

romantic places in Pune - dario's


Another restaurant situated in Koregaon Park and this one has love in its name. The restaurant is recommended over and over again for the North Indian food that they serve. The outdoor seating option that they have is priceless and a couple must sit there. The pocket pinch of the place is about Rs. 1300 for a couple. Couples can also for cuisines like Chinese or Continental if they want a change in their taste. Bar and a smoking area are also available at the restaurant. The beauty of the restaurant helps in securing a place in the list of Romantic Places in Pune. The place has great food and is perfect for a quick afternoon lunch. The must-have from this place are Kebabs.

romantic places in Pune - prem's

Evviva Sky Lounge- Crowne Plaza Pune City Centre

If a person is planning to propose their significant other, then this is a must visit place. The place has an ambiance that is a breathtakingly beautiful. The only disclaimer about this restaurant is its budget which is about Rs. 2500 for a couple. The cuisine served by the restaurant is North Indian and they have a diverse bar menu. People with the high budget should include this in their must-visit of Romantic Places in Pune. The feeling of lounge makes it a comfortable place to be in for a date.

romantic places in Pune - evvivaOne can enjoy the DJ and the cocktails handmade by the bartender in front of them. This restaurant is a must visit place if a couple wants to have a taste of the nightlife of Pune along with tasty food.

The Irish Village

This bar is present in Baner and the look of it is of an Old Irish Bar. The woody setting of everything is nice for a couple to have a comfortable time at the bar. The bar has a variety of drinks at your disposal and the budget will be around Rs. 1500 for two. This is a good destination for a couple as they can have a soothing conversation in the comfortable place. Live music and entertainment are also available at the bar. One can save money if they go in their Irish hours where deals on alcohol are given. This falls in the list of Romantic Places in Pune for people who love to taste the alcohol. One should always taste the cocktails and craft beers that they provide.

romantic places in Pune - the Irish village

1000 Oaks

A couple who has a taste for nostalgia and good Indian food, this is a heaven for them. The place has been open for a long time and is a cult favorite among people. They serve North Indian and Mughlai food which sound tasty. The outdoor setting has a great feel to it and will be great for a lunch date. One can order the authentic North Indian foods that the restaurant specializes in. The restaurant is also known for its bar menu and delectable food is great. The pocket pinch of the restaurant is Rs. 1300 for two which isn’t bad. A couple can always visit the legendary restaurant to have a feel of old Pune.

romantic places in Pune - 1000 oaks

Cafe Goodluck

This is a budget-friendly option for the couples and is situated in Deccan Gymkhana. The cafe was first opened in 1935 and it is standing strong till date. The joint has awesome North Indian food that couples would love. An early dinner or a chat over a hot cup of coffee is a must have for any couple. The ambiance is a little rustic but it adds to the feel of nostalgia. A couple should surely try the caramel pudding and Irani chai. As this restaurant opens at 7 AM, it is also a perfect place to have breakfast. One can also go on to explore the whole city.

romantic places in Pune - cafe goodluck

This blog on the Romantic Places in Pune is quite special to the variety that has been provided in it. The places are a must visit for locals as well as tourists. Following the recommendations will definitely help couples in deciding a place that they want to spend their next date in. One can also mix and match places on the list to make a complete experience.

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