Explore New Places With These Road Trips from Mumbai!

Road Trips from Mumbai,

The Road trips from Mumbai are ideal escapes from the bustling existence of the metropolitan city. So would you say you are prepared to take to the road on your thundering mean machine?

road trips from mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams, regularly winds up being the focal point of misery. Rottenness, pollution, city bustle, and the surge hour movement add to the misfortunes of the everyday road workers. That is the reason Mumbaikars are continually searching for a break. And Road trips from Mumbai to unexplored places would be a great idea. What’s more, what superior to anything a short road trip from Mumbai – from a courageous outing to a heavenly journey. The territory, fortunately for these voyagers, doesn’t baffle either.

Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Road Trips from Mumbai is Here!

Life is that of a customary office-goer, white-collar class, high desires. Situated in Delhi however infatuated with Mumbai. This adoration took me back to the city of dreams over and over. What I received in kind was a great deal of movement and numerous chances to investigate what’s in and around Mumbai. I made it a point to take no less than one road trip. Each time I went by Mumbai and throughout the years, I’ve figured out how to accumulate a ton of encounters through my investigations. These places to visit near Mumbai will totally amuse you.

The Western Ghats make for a beautiful drive for the most part, and not an extremely intense one. With such a large number of spots to visit close Mumbai, best of all, there are plentiful road trip choices regardless of how the climate is. And riders who would like to camp near Mumbai, there is a list of awesome places. And for one-day Trips in Mumbai, there’s a huge list of places. Here is my rundown of the best road trips from Mumbai, where not only the goal but rather the adventure has the genuine effect.

Mumbai to Lonavala

Regardless of whether you’re a Mumbaikar or going to the city for some time, your stay here would be deficient without a road trip to Lonavala.  Get set for a fast escape on the off chance that you don’t have a considerable measure of time staring you in the face through the Mumbai-Pune turnpike to Lonavala. In case you’re on a bike, you’ll need to take the old Mumbai-Pune interstate course. If you are going to Lonavala on a weekday then a ride on Hot Air Balloon is a must try. And those who are looking for an amazing stay, stay at Heritage Machan will be the best choice. Tiger Point is the place you should stop for a series of corn pakodas and chai on your approach to Lonavala. The stunning perspectives of the Sahyadris are only a reward!

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to lonavala

Attractions: Trekking, outdoors, waterfall rappelling, and cultivate visits; visit Korigad Fort, Tiger’s Leap, Lohgad, Karla and Bhaja hollows, Lonavala wax historical centre, and Duke’s nose.

Visit after the rainfall; enjoy the magnificence of the Western Ghats is at its prime. Located Nearby: 15 km trek from Lonavala drives you to the wonderful Rajmachi fortification.

Mumbai to Goa

Bollywood has done what’s necessary to laud the road trip from Mumbai to Goa. Beginning on the Mumbai-Pune interstate, the 12-hour road trip takes you on a wonderful journey. Through coconut palms, paddy fields and the twisting roads along the Western Ghats. These will be enough to satisfy the voyager in you. There are interminable extends neglecting the ocean. It gives plentiful photograph openings in transit from Mumbai to Goa. Satara, Kolhapur and Sankeshwar are a few spots where you can stop for sustenance and unwinding while on your way. While the NH4 course is a clearer one, the NH17 course is for the courageous with its rough roads, unforeseen turns and not very numerous traffic lights.
Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to goa
Attractions: Watersports, shorelines, Yacht Sailing, nightlife, voyage and shoreline parties, Aguada Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Shantadurga sanctuary, and Church of St Francis of Assisi. Though the place gets’s swarmed throughout the entire year, however, the best time to visit Goa is amongst October and February.

Additionally Located Nearby: Those who incline toward regular encounters can investigate the Dudhsagar falls, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, and Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary situated in Goa.

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Mumbai to Igatpuri

Terrific Mountain sees rich green vistas, beguiling waterfalls, particularly amid the rainstorm. These are a portion of the things you will run over on your drive to Igatpuri. The raindrops falling on your window will just make the drive all the more energizing. Igatpuri is a simple day trip from Mumbai.  You’ll have enough time to investigate the real attractions here on the off chance that you are on a road trip and need to backpedal that day. Vipassana International Academy, or Dhammagiri, is the most famous one and will add to your reviving knowledge. The setting of the Sahyadri goes shrouded in fog loans a magical appeal to the Vipassana focus. A voyage through the middle with one of the volunteer’s guarantees to be a granting knowledge for nature sweethearts and explorers.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to igatpuri

Attractions: Dhamma Giri Meditation Center, Ghatandevi Temple, Bhandardara, Nashik. Try the fun treks, outdoors campaigns, zip lining, rappelling, and other experiential exercises.

Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar

This road trek to the most astounding slope station in the Western Ghats is a standout amongst the most picturesque and comes to the Mumbai-Pune freeway. As you close Mahabaleshwar, you’ll drive past lovely strawberry fields. These fields are in full blossom amid the primary portion of the year, particularly from February to April. On the off chance that you happen to take this road trip amid the storm, you’ll see numerous of all shapes and sizes streams in transit. It’s implied that once you achieve Mahabaleshwar, it invites you to delightful, brilliant waterfalls which wake up post-July.

You can likewise investigate the Kaas Plateau of Flowers. Also UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is only a short head out from Mahabaleshwar.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to mahabaleshwarAttractions: Wilson Sunrise Point, Needle Hole Point, sculling in Venna Lake, markets of strawberries and mulberries, and Three Monkey Point

Those wanting to rent an out hotel room, try to book a room confronting the Venna Lake for an all-encompassing panoramic view of the green cover. Additionally Located Nearby: Located just 18 km from this place is Panchgani where you can even have a go at paragliding.

Mumbai to Alibaug

A similarly shorter road trip, the ride to this shoreline goal by means of the Mumbai-Goa interstate guarantees to be a thrilling one. This trek is much suggested in case you’re arranging an occasion with your puppy as he/she will love to loosen up at the shoreline as much as you will.

A road trip with your cute fuzzy part on board will be unforgettable. It gives you huge amounts of phenomenal photograph opportunities so keep your camera handy all through. Remember to catch the lovely views of Kolaba Fort on your approach to Alibaug also.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to Alibaug

Attractions: Alibaug Beach, Kulaba Fort, Siddheshwar Temple, Fairs in close-by towns of Awas and Varsoli. Best time to visit Alibaug is November to June

Nearby: For the individuals who might love flying creature watching, there is a backup way to go by means of Sion-Panvel Expressway and Karnala Bird Sanctuary (98 km trip). Karnala likewise houses a staggering fortress that you can either visit or have a perspective of in-transit Alibaug.

Mumbai to Kashid

The shoreline at Kashid is isolates, peaceful and an absolute necessity visit for nature sweethearts. The long, winding road which prompts Kashid is along the coastline and makes for a fabulous drive. It gives you the much-needed refresher you have to escape from the hustle clamour of city life. Camping in Kashid would be the best option for that. On your way back, you can likewise investigate Murud shoreline and fortification, which is 40 kilometres ahead. Since these are beachfront territories, you’ll locate a decent assortment of fish at the nourishment joints on your way.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to Kashid

Attractions: Surfing, para-cruising, and outdoors at Kashid; visit Janjira Fort in Murud

It is better to get your own nourishment as it is difficult to get sustenance past Alibaug, particularly veggie lover sustenance.

Located Nearby: Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is at a distance of 12 km from Kashid shoreline. Additionally, there is a delightful dam in Phansad.

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Mumbai to Malshej Ghat

Drive down to Malshej Ghat amid the rainstorm to understanding yet another verdant and pleasant drive. You will likewise detect a considerable measure of waterfalls. All alone so plentiful photograph openings itself will anticipate you. Here’s a little plan to influence the road to trip all the more beneficial. Get down at a little separation from a waterfall you see and stroll down at the edge of the slope to take in the natural air! We guarantee this experience will be one to recollect for quite a while to come. Also, this is just a large portion of the enjoyment as you will be invited by splendid orange flamingos once you achieve Malshej Ghat.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to malshej ghat

Attractions: Striking waterfalls, lavish green slopes, entrancing rock arrangements, nature and fledgeling observing

The goal pulls in a considerable measure of transient flying creatures amid July to September. Consequently, we prescribe the vacationers to visit the goal amid these months.

Likewise Located Nearby: Located 40 km from the Malshej Ghat is the Shivneri Fort, the origination of the colossal Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Mumbai to Tarkali

A road trip from Mumbai to Kashid by means of Panvel drives you to and through the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. A drive through the delicate timberlands is just the cherry on the pie. 104 sustenance joints the long winding road takes after the coastline. Kashid Beach is a white sandy confined shoreline with the most peaceful environment. It is only the place you go to when you need to escape from the surge of the city life and simply unwind.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to Tarkali

Attractions: Stargazing, scuba plunging, swimming, boating, dolphin-spotting, and sailing.

The street trip is great throughout the entire year. Be that as it may, for a superior ordeal of the goal, the greatest months to visit are October – March.

Located Nearby: A little bypass will take you to Ratnagiri. Another shoreline occasion alternative for a street trip from Mumbai.

Mumbai to Saputara

Saputara is a curious slope station tucked in the woods locales of the Dangs of Sahyadris. A 4-hour road trip from Mumbai to Satpura takes you through NH3 as a frosty climate goes with you. Saputara is also one of the mail hills near Ahmedabad. The peaceful Saputara Lake situated in the core of the valley is a perfect outing spot. Other significant attractions incorporate the Pandava Caves, Echo point situated in Matheran close Satpura and the Sunset Point. Being a slope station, it likewise exhibits open doors for trekking and slope climbing. You can likewise look at the Kilad woods campground adjacent or go for a plunge in the Gira Waterfalls.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to Saputara

Mumbai to Kamshet

Pined for as ‘Paraglider’s Paradise’, Kamshet and two or three neighbouring urban areas offer sightseers a magnificent affair of paragliding. It flies over beautiful fields of paddy and sunflower and the Pawna Lake. The road trip from Mumbai to Kamshet is along the Mumbai– Pune Expressway and is an involvement in itself.The slopes encompassing the Kamshet town additionally house a few hollows, pilgrim slope stations, and slope posts. Located 20 km from Kamshet is the Kondeshwar Cliff where paragliding should be possible from a tallness of 2200 feet. For low tallness warm paragliding, one can visit Shelar, found 8 km from Kamshet. Lonavala is likewise just 16 km from Kamshet. Kamshet is, in fact, one of the most Adventurous places in Mumbai.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to Kamshet

Mumbai to Pune

The ‘Oxford of the East’, Pune, is the biggest city of Maharashtra, second just to Mumbai. The road trip from Mumbai to Pune by means of Mumbai– Pune Expressway offers a beautiful perspective of the Western Ghats. The list of places for one day trip near Pune will be a treat for riders. If you are looking for Camping near Pune, then it will surely add colour to your journey. Trekking around the Bhimashankar Wildlife asylum, visit exhibition halls and posts, Neelkantheshwar Temple, long passages on turnpike – Kamshet burrows, Bhatan burrow, Mandap passage, and Khandala tunnel. Detours in transit Pune can take you to Lonavala, Khandala, and Kamshet. You can likewise visit Adlabs Imagica  Water Theme Park – an entertainment mecca with a few subject based rides. A further drive to Lavasa is a standout amongst other road trips from Mumbai.

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Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to pune

Mumbai to Matheran

Matheran, Asia’s just vehicle free slope station, is a commended end of the week escape close Mumbai. A short road trip from Mumbai takes you the pleasant hinterlands of Matheran. It means the ‘backwoods on the forehead’. A stunning perspective of the Prabhal Fort from Louisa Point, Monkey Point, One Tree Hill Point, Hart Point, Porcupine Point, Panorama Point, and Rambagh point

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to Matheran

Private vehicles are not permitted in this eco-delicate zone. You will require steeds or hand-pulled rickshaws to achieve Matheran. Else, you can simply go for a short trek to Matheran.

Mumbai to Sula Vineyards

The drive to the Sula Vineyards is just ecstatic. No, we don’t advance drink and drive yet wine sampling and grape stepping doesn’t generally make you alcoholic. Isn’t that right?

Road trips from mumbai- Sula Vineyards

Look at the calendar of the yearly Sula Wine Fest held in the period of February every year. Obviously, it influences February as the greatest month for this road to trip close Mumbai.

Additionally Located Nearby: A 15 km reroute from Khardi prompts the lovely Vaitarna dam.

Mumbai to Dandeli

Situated in North Karnataka, on the banks of the Kali River, Dandeli is most prevalent for white stream boating. One of the more extended road trips from Mumbai, the Dandeli– Mumbai course is exceptionally encouraging. Adding to the magnificent experience of the voyage, Dandeli has a considerable measure to offer. White waterway boating, kayaking, coracle rides, natural life and feathered creature viewing at Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, outdoors, trekking,

Best time to visit the Dandeli area is October – May.

Located Nearby: Located another 25 km in front of the base camp at Dandeli are the Kavala limestone holes.

Road trips from mumbai- mumbai to Dandeli

With regards to road trips from Mumbai, the expression goes – ‘Four Wheels move the body, Two Wheels move the spirit.’ Nothing beats the vibe of the breeze against your face as you tear through scenes and pleasant perspectives on the two sides of the road. Road trips from Mumbai enable you to split far from the ordinary everyday life and give you a really satisfying get-away. There is something about road trips from Mumbai that give you the fulfilment nothing else can. With such a large number of spots around Mumbai, there are a lot of alternatives to take a road trip from Mumbai. Here is a guide of handpicked goals to which you can take a road trip from Mumbai.

Getting on the roads amid the Mumbai downpours is something we connect with a great deal of outrage and dissatisfaction. The sloppy, overflowed roads don’t make for a soothing knowledge by any means. Yet, what we’ve understood while working at Easy Roads is that taking off, if it’s on a cool extend with trees waving on one side, and the ocean twinkling on the other, can be a definitive occasion.

Indeed there are heaps of activities in Mumbai itself. And yet every so often we must wander out of the city, and which preferable city over Mumbai to design a road trip? We have astonishing expressways – truly outstanding in nation, delightful laid-back slope stations couple of hours from Mumbai. We can go north or south and there is such a great amount to see up and down the drift. Ideal from shorelines of Goa in the south to Forts of Rajasthan in the north, all feasible in simple road trips from Mumbai.

After some examination, we have assembled a rundown of best road treks to be done from Mumbai. Bicycle or auto, whatever is your ride, these can be effectively finished with some planning.Incredible road connectivity and nearness of a few adjacent vacation destinations accommodate some marvellous short excursions from Mumbai. A significant number of these excursions can be secured inside a day’s span.


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