18 Spectacular Restaurants to Have Candle Light Dinner in Goa!

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Goa is one of the best places to be in India. It is a haven due to its blue oceans and the long sandy beaches. Goa is a cherished vacation for most and especially for the youngsters of India. It is known for the partying but romance is in its air too. A couple can enjoy Goa as their honeymoon destination or for a much-awaited vacation. A way to grab a woman’s heart is always through a romantic plan. It is a classy way to end a date night is through an extravagant candlelight dinner. The motive behind this article is about Candle Light Dinner in Goa which we present to you.

17 Spectacular Restaurants to Have Candle Light Dinner in Goa

Indians are romantic by nature and having a romantic Candlelight dinner can be very appealing and not forget, appetizing as well. The soothing yellow light of the candle gives an exceptional feel to the dinner. They do not have to dream anymore as there are many restaurants lined in and around Goa. These restaurants are famous for candlelight dinners. A partner can always plan a surprise for their loved one. They incorporate small gifts to make them super happy. Planning a Candle Light Dinner in Goa is the best way to celebrate an anniversary. So, if you’re looking for more unique ways to celebrate special occasions, there’s always the option of taking heading out on a weekend getaway to one of the many popular hill stations near Goa. Get adventurous and take your soulmate along on a sailing experience, and even dine on the cruise. Go on a road trip within Goa and explore all those places that have been featured the very many Bollywood movies. Wish to propose to your sweetheart, or just rekindle the romance after a good 20 years of marriage, this dining option will be romantic and extremely swoon-worthy.  

You could always try and do something unique and adventurous on the weekends, after all, Goa is much more than party. How about Kayaking through the beautiful blue waters of Zuari under the moonlight? If you’re new to Goa, then we suggest you get to know the city a lot better, a good old tour of Goa on a cycle should be informative. And if you are looking for something adventurous then Enjoy the adventurous Grande Island trip with snorkeling in Goa and take part in the snorkeling activity where you will have a chance to explore the ocean floor and witness the beautiful corals and sea life of Arabian Sea. If you’re up for some thrill, try your hand at kite surfing or windsurfing or learn the basics of Sailing. Heard of the gorgeous Dudhsagar waterfalls, go pay a visit to the cascading milky waters while you’re there. There are so many things you can do in Goa, so, as you try these out, we’re also giving you a list of romantic restaurants in Goa that you can dine at after your adventurous day.

Even the beach makes an ideal date venue, but candlelight dinners have their own beauty. Here we are sharing some of the best restaurants in Goa. This list will make things easier even for a tourist to arrange a beautiful night.

Let us dive into knowing some of the best restaurants to host a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. One has to keep in mind that hosting a candlelight dinner can be a little costly. But several options are here to help in choosing the best one by the couple.

18 Restaurants to Enjoy Candle Light Dinner in Goa 

Private Beachside Dinner at the Marriott, Goa

Indulge in a romantic dinner at Marriott Resort & Spa in Goa and savor upon a wide variety of delicious delicacies. To add the sparkle to the experience imported wine along with a delicious cake will be served to you. Your table will be set up on the beach with a beautiful and personalized decor where you can indulge in some romantic chat sessions with your partner whilst enjoying the romantic evening. Enjoy a 4-course meal as the sun sets and indulge your palate with a glass of the best wine.

Tuscany Gardens

Tuscany Gardens is a cafe themed restaurant that is in Candolim, Goa. The place has a great ambience that can be for hosting the Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The restaurant has the timing of 4 PM to 11 PM which is great for holding a great dinner. It is good for a couple who loves to taste Italian food. This restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine. The regular customers recommend the Garlic Bread and Tiramisu. The place also has available which is great for couples. They have diverse options in the bar and have some great cocktails. Their special cocktail Pina Colada is famous and contains coconut rum. The pocket pinch for the restaurant is Rs. 1,000 for two including alcohol which is a great price. One can buy some gifts and a bouquet to enhance up the experience.

candle light dinner in Goa - Tuscany Gardens

Barbeque- Cidade de Goa

This is a fine dining restaurant which stands on the beach. It creates the best environment to host a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The view and ambience of the restaurant are breathtaking and so is the tasty food. The restaurant is on the Vainguinim Beach in Panaji. The seating area is in outdoors so that everyone can have their food in the sanctity of the sea. A romantic place at this place is a must for any couple that is going to Goa for a trip. The budget for this restaurant is about Rs 2,500 for a couple which is worthy of the experience. The must-have of the restaurant is their seafood and cocktails. Many recommend this place over and over for their ambience. The place is open from 7:30 PM to 11 PM.

candle light dinner in Goa - barbeque

A Reverie

This place has a perfect name as it reminds every couple of a dream. A Reverie is set up and everything is perfect. The place is in Calangute, Goa and is a perfect place to set up a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. It serves Continental food and a person can try their tasty dishes. The pocket pinch is a little high for this restaurant but it is worth every penny. One will need to spend Rs 3,000 for two people at this place. The must haves of this place is their Mushroom Risotto, Chicken and Tiramisu. The outdoor setting is perfect for a romantic date night. The restaurant also has a full bar and live music playing at all times. The operation time of the restaurant is 7 PM to 11 PM. If someone is setting up a romantic night at Goa then this place is a must visit.

candle light dinner in Goa - REVERIE


Located in Vagator, Antares stands by the sea. It is a great place to have dinner or lunch as it is open for noon till 12 PM. The outdoor seating by the sea makes it perfect to plan a Beachside Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The place is famous for their seafood so it is a great place to have one’s favourite seafood while sipping on the wine. The bar that the restaurant has is huge and a lot of variety is available. In the romantic night, one has to taste their Calamari, Risotto, Mojito, and Bruschetta. Ending the dinner on a sweet note of Chocolate Mousse is a must. The pocket pinch for the restaurant is about Rs. 2,000 for two. The place has live music and to experience it one has to see the sunset from the restaurant. The staff is courteous and the service is quick. A romantic dinner at this place will make create memories to cherish throughout the life.

candle light dinner in Goa - Antares

Jardin D Ulysse

The name may be hard to pronounce but the place is beautiful. It stands in a nature lined garden and it gives the most peaceful ambience to host a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The sitting is of course based in the garden which makes it extra special. To access the restaurant on has to visit Morjim and it is open between 9 AM to 11 PM. In the evening, the couples can experience the breeze from the backwaters. The beautiful scene gets better with the smell of fresh trees. The place serves Italian, North Indian and Continental cuisines which is quite diverse. The pocket pinch for the place will be about Rs 1000 for two people. The menu is diverse and the couple will be able to find their favourites for their special dinner. The place does serve alcohol which is a plus point for couples who like to have a little booze.

candle light dinner in Goa - JARDIN

Purple Martini

This is another beach based restaurant that people love. The restaurant has several cuisines that one can choose from. These include Continental, Seafood, North Indian, Mediterranean and Italian. The restaurant stands on the beautiful Anjuna Beach which heightens its ambience. If a couple is planning to visit Anjuna soon, then Purple Martini should be in there on the list. The place is the best place for planning a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The restaurant has a medium budget and it costs about Rs 1000 for two people. A full bar with a diverse menu is also available for the guests. The furniture and decor have been kept rustic to provide the feel of a Mediterranean setting. A lot of people still don’t know about the place and that is why it is perfect for a cost evening. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 12 AM.

candle light dinner in Goa - purple martini

The Black Sheep Bistro

This restaurant doesn’t perform as a black sheep to one’s experience. In fact, this is one of the best places that one can discover in Panaji. The great thing about this place is that it is open till 1 AM which is perfect for a late Candle Night Dinner in Goa. The food has a diversity of German, European and Continental food. The ambience of the place is great and it as quite a high rating. In the heart of God, this is the best place to be cosy in. One must try from this restaurant is their churros, drinks, and chicken wings.

The food menu and the bar menu is quite diverse and one can get their favourite item. The pocket pinch for a couple is about Rs. 1,500. The couple who love sports will also love the place because they have live sports screening. So if Panaji is in the Goa plan, a couple can always drop at this place to enjoy a Candle Light Dinner in Goa.

candle light dinner in Goa - black sheep

The Chocolate Room

Couples who love chocolate will cherish this place forever. Situated in Calangute, this place is very different from the others on the list. This is a place for lovers of dessert. The unique place is also great to go for as a romantic dinner as it is open till 2 AM. The place does have an outdoor seating area where a couple can enjoy their candlelight dinner in a unique way. They must try the Waffles, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse from the place. They also have savouries like pizza, nachos and other things that one can choose from. This is also a place to drop by after having a heavy dinner.

candle light dinner in Goa - Chocolate room

18 Degrees Beach Resort

The newest addition to Baga will make you awestruck. The ambience makes it a perfect place for a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. It is a lounge cum restaurant so it is also great for couples who want to enjoy the nightlife of Goa. The place offers North Indian cuisine along with a huge bar menu to choose from. A couple should avail the outdoor seating to experience the best dinner ever. The pocket pinch is Rs 800 for two people which are great for such a fine restaurant. The decor and ambience have the light fixtures enhanced the beauty of the place. The seafood is amazing at the place and shisha is a must try for shisha lovers.

candle light dinner in Goa - 18 degrees


This is a classic style restaurant. A perfect for couples who like to have a romantic nightlife in Goa. The place is famous for the variety that it provides. The place has a dance floor, live entertainment, music, and karaoke for the people who love to have fun. This place can is in Baga and it is one of the unique places to plan a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The place serves amazing Mexican and American food and has a Mexican ambience. The must-have dishes are churros, Chimichanga and peri fish, and chips. The service is great and the pocket pinch for two is Rs. 1,800 which includes alcohol. One should definitely visit the place if they happen to be in Goa with the love of their lives. This is a must visit for couples who like Mexican cuisine.

candle light dinner in Goa - habanero

The Fisherman’s Warf

One of the most loved restaurants which are situated in Cavelossim in Goa. There aren’t enough words that one can use to describe this beautiful place. The place will heighten the romance in any of its visitors. Many local magazines have featured the place. This made this place legendary place to visit for every tourist. The place serves cuisines of Goan, North Indian, Continental, and Seafood. The place is accessible to the guest from 12 noon to 12 in the midnight. The ambience is great as one can sit and enjoy the breeze coming from the water. The pocket pinch of the place is approximately Rs 1,100 for two.

The place is perfect if one plans to have a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The must-have is their seafood, Goan Prawn curry, Nachos, Tiramisu, and cocktails. The menu for food, as well as the bar, is huge and couples will love to choose their pick. We would recommend the place as a perfect destination for a first date. It has the perfect ambience, setting, the diversity in the menu and also because of its budget.

candle light dinner in Goa - fisherman's wharf

Marbella Beach Restaurant

The restaurant has given a unique touch to the dining experience and it would be perfect for a couple. The decor and setting are quite romantic and will give a couple the best Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The place is open from 7 AM to 11 PM and is in Arambol. As it looks over the sea the sand and the breeze makes the ambience as perfect as possible. The food at this place includes choices of Seafood, North Indian, and Italian. The place also has a full bar that a guest can choose from.

Situated within a Resort, the Marbella is perfect for couples who are planning on deciding a holiday at the destination. It serves amazing pizzas and garlic naan. This is a perfect place to enjoy with a loved one on a lovely night. A couple will have to pay around Rs. 1,200 to experience this place.

candle light dinner in Goa - Marbela

Baba Au Rhum

Another place that one shouldn’t miss when they are in Anjuna! Baba Au Rhum has a high rating and they deserve it because of the food and ambience. It is perfect for a couple who loves food and this is a destination for them to plan a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The restaurant is famous as a great cafe and they serve French and Italian food. The place is accessible from 9 AM to 11 AM and is well known for the breakfast that they serve. For a romantic dinner, a couple can opt for thin crust pizzas. The best part is that the pizzas are cooked in wood ovens to have the authentic taste. Other recommendations include the bread and cakes that they produce.

Along with great food, they also serve alcohol and have a great variety of it. One cocktail to try is their Night Prowler which has espresso in it. The place is also known for their super affordable brewed coffee. The place will cost a couple approximately Rs. 1000 for their awesome date night. The great thing about the place is that it has live music and is wheelchair accessible.

candle light dinner in Goa - baba au rhum

Britto’s Bar & Restaurant

A place situated in Baga that has gained itself a good name and has become a legendary spot for tourists. This is a place that a couple has to visit if they are in Baga. The restaurant has been set up as a shack restaurant and the couple will be able to sit in the outdoor area. If one plans a Candle Light Dinner in Goa then this is a perfect place to arrange it at. The rustic feel with great food and live music will give them nostalgia as well as great memories. The place is famous for their Seafood and House wine. Apart from this, one also has the options of Chinese, Continental, North Indian and a huge bar menu to choose from. The place can cost a couple approximately Rs 1,400.

The must haves of this place is tandoori chicken, seafood platter, Pork Sorpotel and Goan Feni. Several cocktails and luxurious alcohol choices are also available. This place is great for couples who want to experience the Goan traditions. One can also try their Irish coffee that has liquor in it.

candle light dinner in Goa - brittos

Chulha, Grand Hyatt

This is a luxury dining place that is great to host a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The place is in Bambolim and has garnered a great name. The decor and ambience are perfect to have a romantic night at. The place is a little costly and a couple will need to spend around Rs 2,500 for an excellent dinner. The restaurant serves Indian food and they are best in the area. The excellent meals make to your table in a well-mannered way and the experience will last for a long time. They often host food festivals as well which can intrigue lovers of food. To experience dinner a couple can visit the restaurant between 7 PM and 11:30 PM. They also have a luxury bar that serves some great cocktail.

candle light dinner in Goa - Chulha

Go With the Flow

Again a restaurant situated in Baga that is famous for its luxurious experience. The restaurant has a blue theme which makes its ambience pop even more. The place serves amazing Continental food like Pork Belly and the Brazilian bread. The operating hours of the restaurant are 6 PM to 10:30 PM which makes it best to arrange a Candle Light Dinner in Goa. The restaurant will cost you about Rs 2,000 for a couple but it will be worthy of the experience. The place has a full bar as well which helps in starting the evening over a good glass of wine. Couples should always go for the seating in the outdoor place and enjoy the live music here.

Kokni Kanteen

This last restaurant on the list is budget friendly and is best if one wants to taste authentic Goan food. The place is in Panaji and is a cult favourite among tourists. For two people the pocket pinch is only Rs. 550 which is great. The place also has a full bar which is also great for a candlelight dinner. The ambience is perfect to have a romantic dinner. The place is open from 7 PM to 11:30 PM for dinner. They have a ton of authentic Goan dishes that one can try for. If you have a Goan girlfriend then this is the best restaurant to take her to. You can end your dinner with Bebinca to have nice memories.

candle light dinner in Goa - Kokni Kanteen

These are some of the restaurants where one can have candlelight dinner in Goa. One can choose anyone according to taste and budget but we can guarantee that they will have a good time. The restaurants on the list are great and Goa should be a must visit place for any couple. 

Do you have any favourite restaurants in Goa that give you a great spread of Candle Light dinner in Goa, comment below and help us explore Goa better?

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