Top 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Sister

rakhi gift ideas for sisters

She quarrels with you, she punches you and sometimes, even outright harasses you. But, you love her to the moon and back. She is your adorable little sister or your doting didi/akka/chechi who will do anything for her brother. When it comes to rakhi gift ideas, this Rakshabandhan, make sure you make it super special for her.  Gift her something completely unique. What’s that, you ask? Give her memories, happy, precious memories. We bring to you a host of activities and experiences that will create a bouquet of beautiful memories. How about thinking beyond the traditional and wowing your sister?

10 Rakhi Gift Ideas For Sisters

1. Paramotor Joy Ride

Go off the beaten path of predictable gifts, and give your sister an unforgettable adventure complete with thrill and adrenaline rush! Let her fly high in the skies and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the vast lands down below. It will be an unforgettable experience, for sure!

rakhi gift ideas for sisters

2. Grape Stomping

If your sister is a wine aficionado, then this is an experience that we’re sure she will love. A grape stomping session will include everything from a leisure stroll in a vineyard to stomping the grapes and learning the techniques of winemaking. An added bonus, this experience also allows you to taste a few samples of fermented wine. This experience will leave your sister overjoyed.

rakhi gift ideas - grape stomping

3. Night Camping

If your sister is the outdoorsy kind, then camping is something right up her alley. Gift her a luxurious night camping experience coupled with various adventure activities. Join her as you both explore the wilderness and enjoy activities such as night Trekking, Kayaking, Zip Lining, to name some.

rakhi gift ideas

4. Trekking

Gone are the days when Rakhi gifts consisted of simple envelopes with cash or even a box of sweets, sisters deserve something more than that. Is your sister a nature lover? If she is, then there’s no better gift than a good trekking experience. Send her off on a good monsoon trek to one of the many nature escapes near your city. If you’ve not been able to spend to spend time her in the recent past, join her for the trek and relive those beautiful childhood moments all over again.

rakhi gift ideas - trekking

5. Spa

As far as we know there’s no sister who will turn down an opportunity for being pampered. So why not indulge your sis with a lovely day at the spa. Let her relax, unwind and rejuvenate with treatments from body massage, reflexology and much more. Show her that there’s always someone who is more than happy to spoil her rotten.

rakhi gift ideas for sister - spa

6. Fine Dining

When was it last when this beautiful superwoman in your life took a break to indulge in a beautiful dining experience? We have for her an enviable list to choose from cozy brunches, luxurious fine dining experiences, or themed-dining. These are offered by a range of restaurants, each a name that is praiseworthy, when it comes to rakhi gift ideas, this one’s the easiest experience around. 

rakhi gift ideas for sister- fine dining

7. Personal Stylist

A girls’ gotta have style. And, she certainly can, if she just decides to. And, with a little help from her brother. Gift your sister the services of a personal stylist for her and trust us, you don’t have to break a bank for this. The stylist will work on her hair and skin and help make a plan for keeping the style maintained. Well, after all, she deserves a little bit of pampering, for all the times she has saved you from your parent’s wrath.

rakhi gift ideas for sister - personal stylist

8. Fitness Session

All of us know the hardships of getting back in shape or getting fit (Aaah, that treadmill that is being used to hang towels!). So why not surprise your sister with a gym membership? Give her a headstart in her journey of fitness with a BYG gym membership and she will be happy and thankful as ever. To motivate her further, gift her these super cool Nike Bijou Flex Shoes for running.

rakhi gift ideas for sister-fitness classes

9. Chopper Ride

This Raksha Bandhan, take your sister on a ride of a lifetime in a private chopper and soar the skies of your city. This is one of the most exhilarating, heart pumping experience there is. She’s always had you tied around her little finger. So, use the opportunity to tell she’s the queen of the world.  A queen that can fly!

rakhi gift ideas for sister- chopper ride

10. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Is adventure is her pet sport, you need to take this tough girl for a ride in the skies. A lovely and safe option, it will create a memory precious and exciting. She won’t be able to wait to Instagram it the tag #bestbrother#bestgift. 

rakhi gift ideas for sister-hot air balloon ride

We hope you liked our list of rakhi gift ideas for your sister. For more such experiences, click here. 

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