January 13, 2020

You do not need to complicate as you grow old

This is the last post in the series of less is more. This image speaks for itself. This text is written on a notepad, a software which has remained same over last 25+ years. Yet, this simple software is heavily used even today as it was used over years. No enhancements or new features have been added to notepad software over decades. That's one reason it remained so simple and easy to use.Products of any type whether in software or other industries, don't need to complicate with time. Instead try to simplify it with time. It's human tendency that with every new year, we think we need to do more on a product and make changes to it. It's absolutely unnecessary to make changes when it's working very well and adopted very well by users. It's perfectly fine to keep the product constant as long as it's liked and not going towards obsolescence. Over complicating products with time generally leads to higher production cost and lower usability leading to revenue losses.

Manoj Agarwal

Manoj is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Xoxoday.