Xoxoday Plum vs Tangocard

February 24, 2020
Rani Joseph

Company Info

Table 1
Features Xoxoday Plum Tango Card
 Founded in  2012  2009
 Employee size  51-200  51-200
 Geographical presence  USA, Europe, South-east Asia, Middle East, Australia  USA
 Target Company size  Small, Mid, Enterprise  Small, Mid, enterprise.
 Go-live time  0-7 days  0-7 days

Rewards & Redemption

Table 2
Features Xoxoday Plum Tango Card
 Global Catalog  - 20,000+ options with
- 4,000+ Giftcards, Brand vouchers, Non-profit donations, Cashcards.
- 5000+ Experiences.
- 3000+ Perks and more.
- Custom merchandise.
- Hotels, Travel, Healthcare (Coming soon)
 - 550+ Giftcards, Donations, Pre-paid cards.
- No experiences, perks, merchendise etc.
 Currency & Denominations  - Xoxo Codes, Xoxo Points, Multiple currency support applicable on all 20,000+ catalogue options.
- Finance Management: Invoice and payment management.
- Custom & flexible denominations from 5 to 100,000.
- Hassle-free excess payment options : netbanking, credit/debit card, wallets : ola money,freecharge, payzapp, airtel money etc.
- Wire-transfer in multiple geographies.
 - No point system.
- Finance Management available.
- Flexible denominations available.
- Payment through credit card only.
 Distribution Methods  - Bulk or single orders: 1 to 1Million.
- Rewards API, Storefront API, Rewards redemption web portal, Reward links.
- SMS based redemption.
- Custom reward workflows.
- Vendor and partner management system.
 - Bulk orders available.
- Rewards Link, API, Reward link redemption portal.
- No vendor and partner management system.
 Personalization  - Design & templates: Personalization of giftcards/greetings/images/messages, Occasion based designs(birthday,anniversary, festivals, notable days etc)
- Custom Landing Pages/URLs/Microsites, Packing & Delivery Services.
 - Personalization of email templates available.
- Customization available.
 Automation  - Campaign automation: Build sales, partner, marketing campaigns for your business.
- Mile stone based awards, Track issuance, Program roll-out communiation, Comprehensive MIS and reporting, Pilfer proof to prevent misuse.
- Omni channel rewarding (email, SMS,whatsapp etc)
 - Limited campaign automation.


Table 3
Features Xoxoday Plum Tango Card
 Export & Import data  Export or import CSV or xls files for users, redemption, campaigns etc.  Export or import CSV or xls files for users, redemption, campaigns etc.
 Reporting and Analytics  - Reports on gifts, rewards, redemptions, awards, funds, campaigns etc.
- Different views, graphs and filters.
- System generated nudges based on data intelligence.
 Reports on redemptions, history.
 Custom Configurations  - Email Templatization for custom branding.
- Configurable access controls.
- DIY Whitelabelling of colors, landing page, logo etc.
- Custom reward workflows.
- Payment gateways can be enabled/disabled.
 - Email Templatization available.
- Whitelabeling available.
 Third party integrations  Integrate with HRMS, HRIS, SSO, SFTP, SAML, CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Hubspot etc.  Integrations with salesforce, zendesk, qualtrics, zapier.
 DIY & Self Serve Enabled  Free trial, Set up guides, Resources.  Free trial, Set up guides, Resources.
 Developer APIs & Marketplace Apps  Ready Developer APIs and relevant marketplace apps.  Developer APIs, marketplace apps available.
 Mobile App & Web  Web access & PWA supported on all devices.  Web access & support available.
 Login  SAML,SSO, ADFS, Okta, One login and more integrations.  Available.
 International languages  Architecture to support any global language.  Only English.
 Security  - Audit logs.
- GDPR, ISO 27001 compliant.
- Local deployment and Hybrid cloud facility.
 - Audit logs.
- GDPR complaint.


Table 4
Features Xoxoday Plum
Tango Card
 Support  - Guaranteed 99% up-time SLA.
- Dedicated Account manager.
- 24/7 - Chat/Bot support.
- Email/Phone support.
- Implementation and onboarding support.
- HR consulting partner support.
 - Account Manager.
- Email support.
- Implementation support.
 Resources  Blogs, e-books, Videos, Community, Helpcentre, Webinars, Workshops, Trainings.  Blogs, videos, community, helpcentre, webinars.
 Use Cases  - Consumer promotions.
- Employee rewards & benefits.
- Festivals & occasions.
- Fulfilment programs.
- Survey panel incentives.
- Insurance and Bank loyalty programs.
- Earn & Burn programs and lot more.
 - Customer loyalty.
- Employee rewards.
- Sales & Marketing.
- Research & Panels.
 Does it have a Recognition tool?  Yes. Xoxoday Empuls integrates with Plum for it's rewards fulfilment.  No
 Pricing  - $500 per month.
- Free trial.
- On redemption pricing.
- Custom pricing for enterprise.
 - Custom pricing.
- On redemption pricing.

Xoxoday Plum helps you manage consumer promotions, rewards, incentive, benefits and loyalty campaigns at scale. Schedule a free demo of Xoxoday Plum learn more about how to build best rewarding stories.

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February 24, 2020
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December 28, 2020
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