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Xoxoday Integrates with Freshdesk Marketplace to Build a Great Customer Experience Reward Program

Together Xoxoday and Freshdesk aim to create a rewarding customer support workplace that ensures better customer satisfaction by motivating agents through milestone-based rewards.

April 15, 2020
Issac Thomas

Xoxoday Integrates with Freshdesk Marketplace to Build a Great Customer Experience Reward Program

Xoxoday Integrates with Freshdesk Marketplace to Build a Great Customer Experience Reward Program

Problem statement:

Currently organizations using Freshdesk did not have the functionality to reward agents for their hard work. Through this integration, tech has made it possible to set milestone-based rewards. 

Freshdesk Integration overview:

This integration helps Customer Success/Support team to Motivate support agents through performance-based rewards.
Admins can set up awards based on specific objectives such as SLA adherence, ticket throughput and resolution times through a very easy to use and intuitive campaign design interface. This app allows the ability to define the set of eligible tickets through a multi-criteria filter so that the right behavior is awarded. example: High priority tickets closed on Mondays raised for products P1 and P2 etc . The app enables progressive awards through the use of milestones where the agents get higher awards as their performance improves.  

This integration gives access to global catalogue of 2000+ brand vouchers, 3500+ global experiences and 10,000+ perks (these are meaningful savings over and above the accumulated points) for redemption purpose. 


   • It provides instant gratification for good work done and incentivizes the right behavior
      of the agents.

   • Agents feel motivated to deliver more.

   • Plethora of reward options to choose from, from fine dining to adventure, health & wellness options etc.

   • Increase Customer satisfaction score through faster closure of tickets.

   • Provides companies a medium to recognize people behind the scenes.

   • Rewards can be aligned to goals such as closing 100 tickets in a day.

Xoxoday listed on Freshdesk Marketplace. 

User Journey

Freshdesk Organisation Admins can enable the integration by logging in and navigating to Settings > Apps > Get more apps.

Xoxoday is listed in the Agent Productivity Category. It can be configured by signing up / logging into a Xoxoday account and then adding API Key to get the Xoxoday app added to the Freshdesk account.

Xoxoday app will now be available on the tickets page for all your agents.

Please refer to the app marketplace page here for more details.

Visit here for the blog published on our forum.

How to get started:

1. Go to Settings and select Apps in Helpdesk Productivity.

2. This will redirect you to the Freshworks marketplace, Click on Get more apps, Search for Xoxoday and click on the Install button.

3. When you click on Install you will be redirected to the  Xoxoday app registration process.

4.  You will be asked to login/register to Xoxoday and authorize Freshdesk. 

Steps to register with Xoxoday Plum

Step 1: 

          a) Enter Your Company Name.

          b) Your company email address.

Step 2: 

          a) Verify your email by entering the OTP.

Step 3:

          a) Set a password.

          b) Create a unique URL for your company store.

Step 4: The next step is to add Billing details for your company.

          a) Enter your company Tax ID.

          b) Enter the currency for the Plum Store to be used for transactions.

          c) Enter Billing address.

Step 5: Now authorize your Freshdesk account with the Plum account for seamless data sync.

Now you are successfully registered with Xoxoday Plum.

5. If you are already registered as a Xoxoday customer:

          a) Sign-in use your existing user ID and password.  (Note: Use a Xoxoday account that has admin privileges with access to Xoxoday admin dashboard. If you are not an admin user on Xoxoday, you will not be able to use the Xoxoday app.)

          b) Authorize your account for seamless data sync.

          Now you are successfully registered with Xoxoday Plum.

6. Now, You will be redirected to your Freshdesk account and you will get a window to enter the Freshdesk API Key. 

          How to find your API Key Login to your Freshdesk account.

            1. Log in to your Freshdesk account

            2. Click on your Profile Picture on the top right and select “Profile Settings”

            3. In the sidebar on the right, you will find the API Key

            4. Copy-paste this as required to authenticate third-party solutions and click on Save.

            5. After entering the API key, the app will be successfully installed with your Freshdesk Account.

            6. Xoxoday app will now be available on the Ticket pages for all Freshdesk users.

How to use Xoxoday App to Reward your Agents     

(For Freshdesk Admin)

Step 1: Go to your tickets, open any ticket and locate the Xoxoday App.

Step 2: Click on Launch and go to Admin settings.

Step 3: Click on Recharge to Recharge your Plum Account for Reward Campaigns. You will be redirected to Xoxoday Plum account, Recharge section.

Step 4: Click on Add Funds and Proceed with the Payment

            The recharged amount will now be reflected on the Freshdesk extension.

Step 4: Click on Campaigns to create Reward campaign for your agents, you will be redirected to Xoxoday Plum, now click on Create New to get started.
Step 5: Now add basic details to your Reward campaign like Reward Name, Reward Description, Reward Recurrence, Start Date and End Date.

Step 6:  Define the filter criteria and the achievement metrics, the conditions for earning the Reward and the Reward value.

              Click on Save to successfully create the Reward campaign.

Step 7: The Campaign created will be visible now to all the Freshdesk agents

              Start rewarding your agents!

How to use Xoxoday App to get and claim Rewards

(For  Freshdesk Agents)

Step 1: Go to your Open tickets and Launch Xoxoday App.

Step 2: Go to Campaigns sections to see the active campaigns.

Step 3: Close and update the tickets matching the campaign criteria and get rewarded.

Step 4: On successful completion of a campaign, Agents can now Click on Redeem to claim the earned points,  this would redirect the agent to the Xoxoday Plum store and they can now redeem from a wide variety of available experiences, Gift Vouchers, Perks, Hot offers.


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