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Xoxoday Implements POSH Act To Make Work Place Safer

Xoxoday Implements POSH Act To Make Work Place Safer

People’s organizations are those companies which offer a work environment where people feel good and safe. Xoxoday which keeps the safety and dignity of employees in high regard has taken a step ahead to implement POSH Act internally even though a single case of sexual violation is not reported till date in the company which still follows open office culture.

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has enacted ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 to create a work environment where women feel safe and strong. The boom in IT industry and diminishing gender gap have empowered more women to take up a job for financial and personal independence. But the sexual violence which was even reported at senior employee level cast a dark shadow over the ambitions and dignity of women.

Xoxoday has left no stones unturned to nurture a work culture to ensure utmost dignity and satisfaction of employees. As the company is growing with more numbers of female employees, increasing diversity, shift towards a less formal work environment and ubiquitous technology have prompted the HR to form a committee in the organization.
The POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Committee ’s key responsibility would be to educate the Xoxoday team on Sexual Harassment at the workplace and give the training to stand strong against sexual violence.

The seven-member committee with Baby Kumari as President has Pallavi Prakash, Veena, Nasreen, Vidhya, Joshua, Mahendra, Anindo as members.

The committee has conducted its first presentation to introduce the mission and motive of POSH Committee to Team Xoxoday.

The key highlight of the presentation

A brief on the Hostile work environment

  • Any work environment that is intimidating & humiliating which will affect health/safety of women/men
  • The sexist remarks, display of pornography or sexist/obscene graffiti, physical contact/brushing against men/women create a hostile work environment

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment:

  • Implied/explicit promise of preferential treatment in job
  • Threat of detrimental nature & threat to job
  • Sexual favors or advances in exchange for benefits
  • Any retaliatory action such as dismissal, demotion, difficult work conditions on a refusal to comply with a 'request'

How to act when you come across sexual violence

  • A few If you are NOT OKAY with a certain behavior from someone put it across to that person, CLEARLY
  • If the person persists of behaving in the same manner despite you informing them, then you can approach the committee
  • It is equally important to understand and draw a line between over friendliness and sexual harassment

For any concern related to this, employees can feel free to write to Posh@xoxoday.com or meet the committee directly.

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