Xoxoday Conducts Sessions on Financial Management for Employees

October 31, 2019
Jiji Janardhanan

Employees are the real wealth of any organisations. Xoxoday which holds the physical, mental, as well as financial well being of employees in high regard, frequently organises various sessions on financial management.

Session 1: Golden Pi on Bonds and debentures as an investment option

Abhijith Roy, Co-Founder Golden pie spoke about growing acceptance of bond or a debenture as an investment option taking its Fixed Rate of Return and Fixed Maturity Period into consideration. Bonds and debentures issued by Government, Public Sector Units (PSUs) or Corporates to raise money from investors as loans have become a prime choice of investment in India.

He gave a detailed presentation on the advantages of investing in bond over other options like gold, fixed bank deposit, real estate etc. He explained about  ROI, volatility, liquidity, safety, tenure, the risk involved in this investment option along with Procedures of investments. This was followed by a Q& A session where the employee's queries were answered by the speaker.

The team had set up a help desk at Xoxoday office to assist employees to open an account to invest in bonds of their choice.

Session 2: Mayank Singh on basics of investment

Mayank Singh has conducted a session on investment where he shared basics of investment with employees to help them to spend and save their money efficiently. The session explained why, where and how to invest.  The session also covered financial planning and shared basics of investment in the Mutual fund.

Originally published on
October 31, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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