Xoxoday celebrates 6th Anniversary

October 31, 2019
Jiji Janardhanan

Xoxoday, an eventful business journey of four co-founders and the team has reached a new milestone this April celebrating 6 years of Business. Xoxoday which was started out as gifting company in April 2012 with only a handful of employees has grown up to become a leading experience company with 130 + employees, four offices and expanded the operation of Business across India and abroad.

The entire team has gathered in Bangalore office to celebrate Anniversary together.

The celebration was started with a brief presentation on milestone journey of Xoxoday by Mahendra Rathod, VP, Business Operation Xoxoday. The key achievements in the last one year and action plan for next year were presented to the team by Mahendra.

Key achievement-2017-18

  • A strong in-house team of rocking performers across departments.
  • An Introduced new line of Biz, Marketing/ Channel promotion.
  • Key Top Clients Added: Conversant, Altimetrik, Honeywell, L&T, Siemens, Cargill, Winshuttle, Boston Scientific, Hyatt, Oyo Rooms, Swiggy, Lenovo, Dr Path Labs, Shell.
  • Introduced microservices, better security, ISO standards, VPMS, Corp to Enterprise movement, High adoption of Enterprise Lite Version.
  • Improved timelines for internal and external payments.
  • Focused on automation which helped in reducing operational work for teams and rightsizing manpower requirement.
  • City Mentor, Direct Host Bookings, Playlists, B2C Web Transactions, Group Bookings and increased redemption.
  • Brand Vouchers - Better Margins, Large Global Catalog, and operationally efficient model.

Champions of Xoxoday

The anniversary celebration has also witnessed felicitation of rock star performers of Xoxoday. The awards were presented to the Star performers of the month, Quarter, leaders, innovators etc.

List of Award Winners.

1) Rock Stars :

  • Harshi Agarwal ( Host Alliance)
  • Nivya Ravikumar ( Testing )
  • Anurag Kumar ( Tech)
  • Ibrahim Basha ( Sales)
  • Preeti Ramamoorthy (Customer Support)
  • Shriharsh( Tech)

2) Dabang ( Star of Quarter)

  • Tanvi Gupta ( Sales )
  • Ayush Arora ( Sales)
  • Rahul Jain ( Marketing)
  • Srinivas Sainath( Tech)
  • Joshua Gautham ( CS)
  • Rakesh Das ( Tech)

3)Check De Team!

  • Customer Support Team

4)Secret Super Star

  • Swarna R ( API)
  • Pravin (Tech)
  • Lokesh Kumar Jain(Tech)
  • Pallavi Prakesh (API)
  • Ravi Singh ( Tech)
  • Swedal Maria Sequiera (Finance)
  • Guru Murthy (Operations)

5)Main hu nai

  • Jitendra Purohit ( tech )
  • Baby Kumari

6)Mission impossible Award

  • Mahendra Rathod - Business Operations
  • Abhimanyu Choudhary- Sales

7)Employee of the Year

  • Shyaram RK

8)Xoxosingh Award:

  • Shubham Agarwal

This was followed by a cake-cutting ceremony.

Champions of Xoxoday celebrating success
Co-Founders cutting the cake

Kushal Agarwal had a surprise video for the team. The video had captured all achievement and milestones moments in Xoxoday’s journey.

A small performance by sales team was a major highlight where they did a role play to thank all departments which contribute towards the smooth functioning of sales.

The celebration comes to end only to get set for many more such success celebrations.

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October 31, 2019
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December 28, 2020
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