Working From Home with Kids: A Sneak Peak

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Transitioning to #WFH is one thing but, transitioning to WFH and having kids at home with you is a whole new ballgame. For parents, working remotely has brought an additional set of challenges since schools shifted to online learning and most childcare centers closed due to state mandates. Here we discuss how Xoxoians Work from home with kids.

Here at Xoxoday, we’ve been so impressed and grateful by the resilience of our Xoxoian family during these unprecedented times. We truly appreciate the amazing balancing act all of our working moms and dads doing right now. We want to put a spotlight on their incredible efforts—and share insights on how they have embraced the new normalcy of WFH pattern.

The Xoxoian way of Working From Home with Kids

Work From Home with kids
Work From Home with kids

Defining a routine

“WFH has given me the most helpful comrade I could've asked for, my son. He's at all times available at my service and more than happy to assist me in my daily chores that has definitely helped me define my routine.

From being my breakfast chef to some much-needed oom service, that includes keeping my laptop's battery levels checked. He readies the whole workstation for me before I start my work and on the off chance that I'm stressed out, he plays little games with me to let go of my stress. I can't thank the Almighty enough for blessing me with a son who's not only the coolness of my eyes but also a great help for me while I'm working from home.”

- Stella Anthony- Senior Sales Specialist, Bengaluru

Self Reflection 

Channel Sales( Work From Home)
Channel Sales( Work From Home)

“The WFH pattern has given me a chance to witness my true self through my daughter's eyes. She pretends to work from home just like I do. 

It made me realise how quickly kids learn from us. She mimics the way I talk over the phone and work on my laptop. Her skill of instantly memorising and imitating the advertisements, cartoon characters was an eye opener for me. To work with my family around takes away all my stress in a blink of an eye.”

- Ankit Bapna, AVP- Channel Sales, Mumbai

Switching Roles

“Keeping up with the busy schedule of work and continuous calls, it's important to remember that you need time for yourself too. WFH has given me and my son a fantastic opportunity to boost our undying spirit. My son has taken the role of my mom and feeds me food when I tend to skip my meals due to work.”

- Ramya CJ, Customer Success Head, Bengaluru
Customer Success head (Work From Home)
Customer Success head (Work From Home)

Curiosity- Cue to motivating your kids

Curious by nature, you can’t keep kids from exploring as they try to comprehend their environment.     Everything is a wonder. Children’s curiosity is first focused on their mom and dad especially when they are at work.

“My kids have always been curious about what I do on my laptop most of the day. With lockdown and WFH, I finally found some time to explain them about my work. Now, they always ask me who my next meeting is with or what the presentation I have on screen is about. This has amused them so much that their small talks these days include decisions about what they want to be when they grow up. 

WFH for me is Double love...Double fun!”

- Samir Sabharwal, AVP, Sales- Delhi

Do we have a plan?

There’s nothing that says too much planning when it comes to dealing with twins.

Rani (Senior Manager, Bengaluru), our content connoisseur  has crafted a beautiful plan along with her husband to keep her twins engaged during lockdown.

Senior Manager (Work Frome Home)
Senior Manager (Work Frome Home)

1. Allocating activities

Their typical day is filled with activities and we have stocked enough materials or even heavily up-cycle (during tight lock down days) for their tiny projects.

2. Lots of self play and well, fights.

Their toys are regularly tidied and sorted so that they discover their self-play sets independently. They keep re-discovering the new ways to play with the same set of toys. We (especially my Husband) are keen on them packing up everything they play with. Fights are generally left for them to handle amongst themselves, unless breakdowns happen.

3. Reading and writing

The books are kept well within their reach so that they stumble through them while in between playing. They copy-write these stories and recently (with a heavy inspiration from Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon series) even have started writing and tuning songs.

4. TV time

2:30 to 4:30 PM and we stick to it. Zero Mobile time.Thanks to my husband, they stick to the 2 hr a day screen time with Zero mobile time.

5. Cycling with Granny

Since lockdown ease outs, the 'restricted age-group' trio goes for at least 1.5 hour cycling rounds around our apartment complex. While they cycle, their granny monitors.

6. Helping around at Home

Elizabeth is the official water refiller and Austin is the anti- mosquito task force. Clearing the mess they create over the day is completely their responsibility.”

Xoxoday is thankful to all our super moms and dads who are doing their best now. We surely value every effort that you are putting day in and out!

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