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Employee Engagement

Women's Day: Gifts And Engagement Ideas For Your Employees

GDiscover a range of experiences and gift vouchers in our handpicked list of Women’ Day gift ideas.

October 31, 2019
Rani Joseph
Employee Engagement

Women's Day: Gifts And Engagement Ideas For Your Employees

Women's Day: Gifts And Engagement Ideas For Your Employees

Though we don’t need a special day to acknowledge the contribution of women in our lives, we do have March 8 marked as International Women’s day. We have handpicked a great list of Women’ Day gift ideas to make sure that you have plenty of choices to reward them.

Women at the workplace generally face a different set of challenges managing work and life. Taking these differences into consideration gives a stronger drive to rewards and recognition programs and ensures better results.

Source: Mckinsey, 2019

Today, women are performing very well across all work domains. Be it technology, management or sales, we have women making their mark at the top layer of each work stream. And it’s no surprise that companies consider Women’s day an opportunity to make their women folks feel special and appreciated.

This Women’s Day, choose rewards and engagement activities that provide them experiences that do justice to their innate potential.  Gift them opportunities to explore, learn and re-discover themselves.

A few great womens day gift ideas

Rewards and recognition forms a significant component of any organization’s strategy and women’s day rewards should be a necessary part of it, too. That said, the manner in which recognition is expressed could mean more than the monetary value of the reward.

The next question is – what are the right rewards and recognition for your women employees? The fact remains that though there is no single answer to this question, there are certain rewards that are more likely to be accepted better vis-à-vis others.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are widely popular in employee gifting trends. Reward your employees for their performance with these gift vouchers and give them the joy of purchasing their favorite products on amazing discount rates. Make the best of the  GV offers on Xoxoday Plum.

Watch Xoxoday Plum Gift Vouchers Video

Gifting vouchers are a popular way to keep employees motivated and driven towards their work. However, it’s important that the reward strategy for employees should consider the different needs of the women in the workforce.  Gift Vouchers give them the option of choosing their own reward from the extensive catalogue the GV provider offers.

Learning Vouchers

Give your employees the gift of learning. Learning opportunities are always grabbed with both hands. Appreciating your employee with the gift voucher of a learning opportunity is a great idea to encourage her professional focus.

Sprint Zeal Gift voucher in Xoxoday Plum

Apparels and Fashion Vouchers

Apparels and fashion gift vouchers are highly popular among gifts for women. At the workplace, it stands true. There are amazing deals for apparel shopping at leading shopping websites. Reward your employees with these amazing discounted offers.

GAP gift voucher in Xoxoday Plum

Jewelry Vouchers

Give your rewards the quality of being precious and special by gifting jewelry vouchers. World’s leading jewelry vouchers provide their discounted prices for all purchases.

Tanishq Gift Voucher in Xoxoday Plum

E-shops for jewellery and apparel make Women’s day the best time to shop to one’s heart's content. Delight your employees with gift vouchers from the best shopping brands. 

Beauty and wellness vouchers

Salons and spas are a medium for refreshing after long spells of work. Rewarding employees with these vouchers is giving them a chance to live a refreshing experience.

Bodycraft gift voucher in Xoxoday Plum

Baby and Kids Vouchers

Rewards and recognition strategies should accommodate the changing needs of female employees. During or post-maternity leaves, baby care vouchers are a good option to gift them with.

First cry gift voucher in Xoxoday Plum

Home Décor

Gift vouchers for home décor can be incorporated for rewarding married as well as unmarried female employees. Décor brands now even offer discounts on a wide range of purchases.

Good Homes Gift Voucher in Xoxoday Plum

Sports and fitness

Health and fitness gifting is an emerging trend in employee rewards. The companies that promote health and wellness practices at the workplace also incorporate healthcare and fitness vouchers to encourage a healthy lifestyle among employees. Gym membership cards, sports articles gifting is becoming a practice in employee rewarding.

Cult.fit Gift Voucher in Xoxoday Plum

Discounts on Gadgets

Many women love to own classy gadgets and also to get discounts on vouchers for gadgets purchases. Gift your female employees with vouchers with discounts on gadget purchases and they don't need a better reason for happiness.

Samsung Gift Voucher in Xoxoday Plum


Women employees prefer experiences and non-monetary rewards to monetary ones. Thus when it comes to choosing a reward, they prefer to avail experiences over tangible assets and freedom over stereotypes as experiences create cherishable memories.

Watch Xoxoday Plum Experiences Video

Experiences fit naturally into their scheme of things as the women of today look for an occasional adrenaline rush, a frequent deep relaxation, an increasingly-good conversation, an unpredictable journey to an unknown land, a chance to defy the laws of nature, an opportunity to be different, an excuse to bend rules and break stereotypes; some lip-smacking food with a great ambience, a knack to learn something new, a constant escape from boredom and a desire to embrace newer ways of life every single day.

Spa Experiences

Who doesn’t love to be pampered in the luxury of a spa? It’s a cosy experience that your female employees would love to indulge in. Spas also come up with special offers on the occasion of women’s day. Purchase exclusive spa vouchers here. Gifting such experiences is a fun way to make them feel appreciated and keeps their motivation levels high.

Spa & Massage at JW Marriot At Goa

Adventure Experiences

Women too, have taken up the trend of going on adventure trips, for the thrill of adrenaline rush. Adventures boosts the risk taking skills among employees and gives them an opportunity to unleash their adventure spirits. Gifting your female employees with a memorable adventure experience is a fun way to bring cheers and smiles on their faces.

Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh

Adventure activities such as flying a plane, hot air balloon ride, deep-water snorkeling, high altitude zip-line ride, sky-diving, trekking and camping in the snow-clad mountains etc. form a reward that resonates well with the theme #BeBoldForChange. These rewards are likely to encourage women to break their inhibitions and embrace their true nature.


Fitness/ Health Benefits

The wellness of your women employees matters a lot. As an effort in the direction, you could think of building a gamified health app for women and integrating it with your existing human resource management system (HRMS). You can also provide offline incentives to your women employees for enrolling in wellness programs such as Relaxation and Naturopathy.

Reflexology At Opium Spa

Fitness is of utmost importance but unfortunately, it is something that continuously eludes them too often. Maintaining a routine that supports their fitness is a difficult task specially for the women folk. This is where you can show that you support their health goals and also encourage a healthy lifestyle among employees. Arrange a fitness session like a short Zumba workshop. Introducing them to fitness centers with a month-long free membership can also be a great way to impress them.

Self Defence Workshops

Learning self-defense techniques can be of great help at crucial times. You never know when it comes handy. Arranging a short workshop by an accomplished martial arts trainer for your female employees is another awesome way to celebrate women’s day. Such sessions should be made mandatory for participation. It’s an effective way to show your care and concern towards the womenfolk.

Boxing Classes at Gurugram

Karate classes, kick-boxing and martial arts make for wonderful self-defense programs. By learning these crucial skills, your women employees would feel emboldened and empowered to take charge and believe in their abilities. At an individual level, these rewards could even help women become aware of their potential.


Workshops and hobby classes are a great way to offer your employees inspiration to develop their latent talents and new hobbies. For instance, chocolate making is not just a hobby but an experience for many. In fact, it is an indulgence in itself with the special aroma and delicious flavors blending together.

Chocolate Making With Duraiya

Arrange Fun Group Games

Let this women’s day be a fun day with loads of laughter and enjoyment. What better way to bring excitement in the office than to organize a fun game for the employees. Organize games that encourage bonding and give a lot of opportunities for your female employees to share laughter. Musical chairs, Dumb Charades are two of the most popular games that employees like to engage in.

Day out resorts with team games

Trekking For All Girls Group

Spending time in nature enriches one’s life. Women now-a-days love to take up challenging activities like trekking, running and adventure sports. Give them a memorable experience like a well-organized group trek that will leave them refreshed and relieved.

Waterfalls Trek In Rishikesh

Training boot camp

You can choose to reward women employees with outbound boot-camp-cum-training workshops. This one-of-its-kind experience would not just make them professionally competent, but also allow women to bond and gel with each other. Effectively, the ROI of this reward is likely to be high as the participants would learn and imbibe the essentials of business and broaden their outlook towards life in general.

DSLR Photography Training


Employees may feel hesitant to avail long holidays as rewards. Micro-holidays form a perfect reward for women. These micro-holidays could be of 1-2 days duration, and involve a comfortable schedule and travel to a good nearby destination. This outbound activity is likely to bring a refreshing change for women from their daily schedule and form a perfect pitch for them to consume a reward entirely on their own.

Refuge In The Forests Micro holiday

This Women’s Day, Xoxoday can help you treat your women leaders and employees with unique experiences and create unforgettable memories. From Skydiving in Delhi to Flying a microlight plane in Bangalore to getting a personal online stylist in Mumbai, we have curated extraordinary experiences for bold women across India. To know more about experiential rewards for women, reach out to us now!


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