December 30, 2019

Why we chose the name 'Xoxoday'

We have been hearing this since we started.

"Xoxoday sounds cool, cute, sweet, nice, unique and much more."

We have been asked this question a thousand times.

"Why this name? What does it mean?"

Let me try to explain this for once and for all.

Xoxo colloquially means 'hugs and kisses'. People use this word to show love, friendship, sincerity and affection. We wanted to build a company that can bring more "love and affection" between people groups. Whether this affection is between an employer and their employees, an employee and another employee, a channel partner and another, or a brand and a channel partner, or a customer and a brand. We wanted people to give and get more of this affection everyday. So, some "Xoxo" every "day" makes the whole and sole of Xoxoday.

Xoxoday is in the business of employee engagement, channel and sales engagement. We bring forward products and solutions that help companies to engage employees, teams and partners, better. Just like the seven days of the week, Xoxoday can be another important day in the week. With this 'day', one brings more love and affection at work and more love and affection with work partners - leading to more engagement. Thereby, transforming  transactional work connections to become sincere and deep human to human relationships.

Make your day at work more engaged, affectionate, friendly and lovely with Xoxoday!

Manoj Agarwal

Manoj is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Xoxoday.