June 6, 2016

Why Gift Giving is Important in the Corporate World

In most corporate cultures, gift giving is important. Whether you are trying to thank long-standing customers, remind someone of your business, or recognize a hardworking employee, the basic reason behind gift giving is the same. Gifts are meant to affirm relationships and enhance personal connections between clients, customers, and employees. In fact, according to Promotional Products Association International, gift giving is proven to increase business activity.

Gifts versus Incentives

Gift giving and incentives differ on several strategic and practical levels. While gifts are offered with no preconditions for improved performance, incentives are explicitly meant to motivate employees to work harder. Incentives are awards for reaching defined goals, including sales quotas, improvements, and good attendance. Gifts, on the other hand, are not given as part of a defined arrangement. Another important difference is that incentives are usually given by upper management to lower level employees, while gifts can be given within any stratum of the office hierarchy.

Why Are Gifts Better?

Many companies avoid using incentives so as not to ignite problematic competition within the office. Instead, some companies give managers a small stipend to spend on gifts to recognize employees for exceptional accomplishments. These could include extensive efforts to please customers, working longer hours to complete a project, closing a large sale, or saving the company money and time through active suggestions for improvement.

What to Give

There are many different possibilities for gift giving. Food and drink items are extremely popular as corporate gifts. An evening of gourmet experiences or a handcrafted gift basket can be a creative and thoughtful gift. Gourmet gift basket company, Thoughtfully, provides meaningful gifts that are personalized and perfect for office environments. Office related gifts can be practical items that will be put to good use. An exquisite fountain pen, a personalized plaque, or a custom ink blotter is always appreciated. Activities, sporting events, and live entertainment also make thrilling gifts as a reward for office-wide success.

It is important to carefully consider a gift before making a purchase. Let office ethics be your guide when planning to present any employee with a gift. If giving a material item doesn’t seem appropriate, perhaps a donation to a charity of their choice would be a suitable alternative.

Where to Get Gifts

Adventure Island

Retail catalogs and store purchases are a good place to start for small-scale operations, but when it involves multiple people or booking an experience, handling everything on your own can quickly become complicated. You can buy directly from manufacturers, talk to incentive representatives, or engage the services of companies such as Xoxoday, whose business organizes experience gift boxes and customized gift baskets.

When exploring the possibilities for gift giving in your office, don’t get overwhelmed. Use the expert advice from professional gift giving companies to give wisely, create a better work environment, and keep your employees happy.

Xoxoday Team

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