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Wellness Trends - Wellness Beyond Yoga and Meditation

‘World of Experiences Wellness sector Spa, Yoga and meditation have got redefined into Wellness experiences traveling, getaways, luxury wellness experience at www.xoxoday.com

October 31, 2019
Jiji Janardhanan
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Wellness Trends - Wellness Beyond Yoga and Meditation

Mar 18, 2020
Jiji Janardhanan
Wellness Trends - Wellness Beyond Yoga and Meditation | Xoxoday

When we moved to the ‘World of Experiences’ everything from shopping to travelling to technology have become experiential. Wellness sector which has gained a lot of prominence over the last few years due to the increased awareness on ‘Being healthy and Feeling well is in the way of transformation. Wellness trends which were earlier restricted to gym, Spa, Yoga and meditation have got redefined into Wellness experiences.

Nothing less than a unique offering that are experiential would only satisfy people who are true seekers of experiences Wellness sector has come so long that it has become much more than wellness, where it involves travelling, getaways, luxury etc. People never mind travelling to distant places to have the best of experiences which stands a step ahead like fitness fusions. These fitness fusions will not only rejuvenate one physically but also refresh the mental health and indulge in challenging activities. This can be anything depending upon the place you traveled like surfing, dancing etc. Also, the health-conscious meals cooked by personal chefs would be one of the highlights of such Wellness trips. The luxury getaways include a mix of yoga and meditation, without which Wellness will be incomplete.

High net worth individuals who look out for much needed wellness vacation would prefer intimate retreats and rejuvenation programmes. They would even travel to wellness resort in isolated private islands. There are holistic wellness programmes which are designed specifically for these HNI’s by wellness providers where the limited number of guests would undergo intimate restorative and rehabilitative experience treatments which may range from reflexology massages and detox baths to personal nutritional guidance.

Another trend which has been noticed is that wellness holiday is not a solo trip now, but people prefer to take whole family for the wellness retreat. People look for family-friendly wellness centers that everybody in the family including kids and grandparents would love to explore together. The options include a resort with an amazing spa that either provides wellness treatments to kids or should have excellent facilities that will keep the kids occupied while parents enjoy their spa sessions. New parents who take time out of their busy schedule would not want to compromise on their lovely moments with family. There is nothing more experiential than enjoying a much-needed wellness break together with family in an experiential destination. Anything beyond this like an organic wellness meal is an additional wellness gift for the entire family.

There is another segment of wellness programme which is more needed for mental wellness. Such wellness workshops are a package of meditation and philosophy to integrated health, science, and nutrition.

Trainers and wellness providers are experimenting a lot these days with their wellness programmes. As a result, a few new yoga practices like Acro yoga, a combination of Yoga, Aerobics and message evolved. The wellness providers have even dared to mix and match yoga practices to create new forms like goat yoga, beer Yoga etc.

Yoga retreats are the new fad in vacation getaways. People are looking for a wholesome experience which will treat their tired senses to indulge in some much-needed relaxation. The busy professional would be keener to go for short vacation destinations which are just a drive away from the city. Wellness centers are the place for such experience seekers. Wellness Centers like AyurvedaGram, one of the much sought-after wellness experience at www.xoxoday.com provides a new world of ethnic charm.
Yoga has undergone some make over to meet the demands of ‘Mom to be’ and ‘just Moms’. Moms are looking for specialized yoga practices which will help them to stay in shape and keep their health and the baby’s health at the best. Yoga practices for mothers-to-be help them to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The redesigned practices combine asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques for a wholesome experience.

Wellness therapies has also got some new names to the lists like Crystal Therapy, light therapy, Bamboo therapy etc.

Wellness is no more a personal requisite, as companies also have taken a step ahead by providing wellness programmes to employees to ensure a healthy productive work force. Companies which have realized the difficulties of employees to balance work and wellness are looking for an engaging, fun and holistic approaches to wellness. Xoxoday runs a Health & Wellness based program that intends to improve the fitness quotient in the organization. To achieve the goal of fitness, Xoxoday team started with simple home-based exercise named Planks that can be done by everyone. Each participant must do a set of planks every day and get their best time recorded in the Xoxoday Fitness App. These seconds are summed up against the milestones set. The team is working together to achieve the goal of fitness.

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