The Year That Was

November 2, 2019
Aman Singhania

Every year, March endings and April arrivals witness organizations closing their old books and starting the new ones. Xoxoday saw an eventful FY 2016-17 tread along its trajectory of continuous growth. What stood out during the year was the extra bit of effort that the organization made as a whole to consolidate it is market and industry position, in alignment with its core competency and long term vision. With an inward approach to stimulate and sustain business growth, the team at Xoxoday was party to some carefully crafted strategic interventions this year:

  1. Enhanced Employee centricity: Throughout the year, the co-founders at Xoxoday drove a series of successful targeted initiatives to promote employee engagement. Major highlights of these initiatives are:
  • Several employee-friendly policies were formulated and implemented
  • The co-founders took regular sessions with different teams to monitor performance and gauge sentiment
  • Festivals and occasions such as Diwali, New Year, Holi and even Women’s Day were celebrated with grandeur
  • ‘Voice of the employee’ initiative was started to equip employees to contribute towards the bigger business vision
  • The co-founders made themselves available and directly approachable to all employees. They also reached out to every employee and discussed aspects such as work responsibilities, career opportunities and future business plans
  • The co-founders implemented 360-degree feedback for themselves, wherein employees shared their feedback with them
  1. Renewed Customer focus: Xoxoday was successful in reaching out closer to its customers. Through its customer satisfaction and engagement drive, the organization strengthened its relationship with customers. Some examples of initiatives taken are:
  • Customer Audit was conducted on a joint basis wherein the relevant communication between the business and the customers was made more prompt, frequent and pro-active. The pain points and business requirements of the customers were also collected and acted upon
  • Customer Feedback initiative saw the prompt, sturdy and long-term resolution of customer complaints with zero chances of repetition ensured. Customer feedback throughout the year was bucketed into several categories and support teams approached the customers even on calls for prompt resolution of complaints
  1. Paradigm shift as an organization: Xoxoday advanced to a higher level of maturity as an organization during the year. The prevailing paradigm of reacting to business situations was replaced by the paradigm of anticipating business scenarios and responding to them in an objective manner. The organization and its employees learnt to stay more balanced across the highs and the lows of business situations.
  2. Leadership Development: The co-founders identified both potential leaders and non-leaders during the course of the year. Identification, assessment and mapping of talent across the organization brought a fresh dose of learning even to the co-founders.
  3. Engagement mindset: The organization moved from an upfront feedback based work culture to a more collaborative and engagement based mindset to manage employee performance. Motivation became the buzzword as the change in mindset ensured a widely happy workforce at Xoxoday.
  4. Temporal Agility for business: The year saw the co-founders also lay emphasis on the need for employees to develop ample future orientation along with the prevalent focus on the present. Employees were encouraged to become independent in their work and plan their future projects in alignment with the organizational vision. ‘Think Big’ became the business mantra of the year.

With these focus areas chosen to improve throughout the year, Xoxoday ensured it took bold steps to trigger inclusive growth covering various elements of a business. The company grew its turnover by around 40% year-on-year. 

While employees are now feeling more empowered than ever before to make a difference, the customers are turning more loyal and appreciative towards Xoxoday’s offerings. The organization matured as a whole while high potential talent is being groomed by the co-founders. 

An aura of happiness pervades in the work environment as the business looks prepared to transcend to higher levels of agility the year ahead. Basis these impactful changes executed last year, Xoxoday looks well poised for growth in turnover of 80% the next fiscal year.

The author of the blog is Sumit Khandelwal, Co-founder at Xoxoday.
Originally published on
November 2, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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