February 4, 2017

The Xoxoday Launch Story

Wondering how the name ‘Xoxoday’ came up? Curious to know the story behind re-branding – the logo, the tagline, the colors, the font, the theme and so on? Change is the only constant and a lot of time, energy and thought process went into conceptualizing the new brand, completing the transition from the old to the new and launching Xoxoday for the world to see. Here is the anecdotal account of how the branding exercise was undertaken and what inspired the birth of Xoxoday.

Xoxoday Launch Story

Inspired By The Sun
The logo of Xoxoday is inspired by Sun – the great ball of fire. The greatness and the brightness of the sun influenced our thoughts which reflected in a lot of things across the rebrading exercise. Right from the prominent use of orange to including the word ‘day’ in our name, the sun had an ‘umbrellic’ role to play.

Sharp And Universal
Our new font speaks a happy tongue, and lives up to the optimism exuded by the brand colours. While the font possesses a balanced aesthetic, the edges are sharp and well defined to create a balance with the rounded logotype. In other words, the font shares a lilting camaraderie with the colours.

What’s In A Name?
A lot is there in a name. We started somewhere in mid 2016 and it took months of approval, both internal and external. And that was just the beginning, because once we had our approvals, we had to make sure the name was available as a .com site, on the Play Store and the App Store. And the one name that survived it all was Xoxoday.

An Iconic Shift
Our new icon is a graphic representation of the Xoxoday brand ethos – the energy, the optimism and the voracious appetite to soak in new experiences. We see a glimpse of this energy in the outstretched arms in the top half of the ‘X” and the ‘up arrow’ in the lower half. The icon represents a happy person bubbling with energy and living in the now.

Here’s To Happy Memories
The orange to us reflected the same optimism and the positive energy that we feel as a team and that we share with the world through experiences. And when these experiences turn into memories, for us that’s a job well done. The millennials prefer memories over boredom and experiences over assets, afterall.

Live Your Now
The thing about having a great experience is actually having that experience. It definitely does not involve trying to document it with a selfie. Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against selfies, we just want you to live in the moment and make the most of it. Life is a journey afterall and what’s the fun without you enjoying that journey!

Enjoy every moment to the fullest as you live your day with Xoxoday. We’re here not just to give you an escape or to make life easy, but also to make it memorable and worth telling like a story. Bend the rules with us. Break stereotypes with us. Discover a new you with us. Live life to the fullest with us, so you don’t have any regrets at the end of the day. Rediscover life with our experiences and develop a newer, far more beautiful perspective with Xoxoday.
Live Your Now.

Aman Singhania