June 6, 2019

The health benefits of travel holidays for your employees

Besides being a stimulant of creativity, traveling is a great therapeutic agent for your body, mind and soul. Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind, especially if one is caught in their everyday routines and responsibilities. Break free from your mundane agenda and feed your soul while vastly improving your mental and physical health.

Let's talk about six health benefits of traveling.

Traveling can Boost Your Immunity

When you travel constantly; your body will be always exposed to foreign allergens, viruses and, bacteria. This exposure will make your body system to boost its immunity levels by fighting off these foreign allergens, germs and, viruses.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t pay regard to sanitation and hygiene while traveling. You should always protect your body from being exposed to germs; for instance, you should put on a gas mask when you are in a hazardous environment.

By visiting new places, your body can build a robust defense mechanism against foreign disease-causing germs. This way, traveling helps to boost your immunity levels. Freediving will also revitalize your body by toning every joint and muscle while at the same time giving you a new experience under water.

Traveling can Reduce the Risk of Contracting Heart Diseases

As asserted by The Yale Tribune, traveling can reduce the risk of contracting cardiovascular complications such as heart attacks, heart defects, angina and, strokes. This is because while traveling; you are always on the move. This movement is a form of mild exercise which can keep your heart healthy.

Moreover, traveling can help lower your stress levels. When you travel, you will focus more on yourself and take a break from the pressures and routines of your day to day life. Stress is a common cause of heart diseases, and by reducing stress; you will protect yourself from contracting cardiovascular complications.

Traveling can Improve your Concentration and Memory

When you don’t travel frequently, your brain will be used to your typical day to day routine; and you won’t have a chance to improve your concentration and memory. This is because there will be no new information for your mind to process.

However, when you travel; you will get a chance to improve the concentration and memory of your brain. This is because your mind will be processing new information; such as different schedules, different languages, unknown navigation streets, among others.

When your brain continuously processes new information on Amazon river cruise, the chances of you contracting cellular degenerative diseases will reduce. This way, you will keep your mind young; and automatically improve its concentration and memory.

Traveling can Improve Your Bone Health

Of course, when you travel; you will spend a lot of time outdoors. For instance, you may be outdoors visiting architectural sites, museums, beaches, among others. When you are outdoors, you will be exposed to sunlight; especially when you are traveling to warm places.

By being exposed to sunlight, your skin will absorb Vitamin D nutrients. This vitamin D is enriched with phosphorus and calcium, which are essential minerals used in the strengthening of bones.

Due to traveling, you will receive lots of calcium and phosphorus; which will improve your bone health. Osteoporosis is a prevalent disease in middle-aged people, and such people should be encouraged to travel to improve their bone health.

During traveling, most people tend to indulge in adventure sports. These are rigorous physical activities that can make you burn off that excess fat.

Furthermore, when you are in a new environment; your body will automatically increase its rate of metabolism. This can make you more physically active, and you will be able to engage in rigorous physical exercises which will help you lose weight.

Traveling Improves Respiration

If you stay in a congested city or, a populated urban area; your respiratory system is constantly being exposed to pollutants. As illustrated by Well-being Secrets, these pollutants can invade your respiratory system and, make you suffer from respiratory complications such as bronchitis, asthma and, lung cancer.

Therefore, you should always travel to the countryside and oceanic areas to detoxify your respiratory system. When you go to such places; your lungs will be able to breathe in fresh and, unpolluted air – and pollutants will be expelled from your respiratory system. In fact, breathing in salty, oceanic air is known to prevent cystic fibrosis, lung cancer and, excessive coughing.

Traveling can Help You Lose Weight

Nowadays, many people lead sedentary lifestyles. This may be due to their work-office environments and, lack of time and motivation to visit the gym or start exercising.

Traveling can put an end to your sedentary lifestyle; even if it is for a short term. Of course; you won’t sleep in a hotel room all day long while in a new place. Instead, you would want to go sightseeing, experience new cultures and, have fun.


If you don’t like traveling; just plan for a trip and face it with a relaxed, optimistic attitude. Besides temporary gratification, traveling can have a tremendous positive impact on your psychological and physical health. If you are still in doubts; then just go for a trip, and witness the positive effects of traveling on your health.

Jessica Valenza