Should Countries be Run like an Organisation?

Employee Engagement
November 2, 2019
Malavika Mallya

Donald Trump is the President-elect for the United States of America. For all obvious reasons, he has the professional experience and the acumen of running an organisation or business. You could say he's one of the finest and accomplished business people of his generation. And let's leave that there.

So are Countries like an Organisation?

The answer to that question can be an open-ended one. But having said that, we believe a country is partly an organisation and partly a country. Every country has a President or a Prime Minister (in the case of India) who holds the seat of democratic power. He's the CEO of the nation. And his job is to create value for the stakeholders (citizens) of the organisation. It's as Richard Branson once said, "Take care of your employees, and they will take care of the customers." His primary goal is to ensure that the organisation is well run with the help of his board of directors (the ministers).

An interesting fact about the stakeholders is that they are both the stakeholders as well as the customers. And this is where the country ceases to become an organisation and more a country. Because if you ask any economists, they will all tell you that the country's economic success is not based on how much money the government makes from taxes and others means, but by the wealth and benefits it returns back to its citizens.

As mentioned earlier, being an open-ended question, there are other factors that you can take into account as to why a country is or isn't like an organisation.

Treating the Employees of an Organisation Right

As move away from the concept of how a country is like an organisation, let's us focus on the organisation itself. An organisation is like a family to many and like a family the members need to feel valued. While there are many companies that are doing a fine job with their employee engagement, there are a few who are either lagging behind or doing it slightly wrong.

This is where we, Xoxoday, steps in. A pioneer in the corporate gifting market, we believe that instead of gifting monetary benefits and such during Rewards & Recognition, LSA, and other employee-related gifting platforms, the companies should instead gift their employees experiences.

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Because while materialistic things are passé, memories made from experiences lasts forever.

Originally published on
November 2, 2019
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December 28, 2020
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