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October 31, 2019

It's not always the talent and hard work of the young vibrant team that gets recognized at Xoxoday but also the craziness at its best sometimes. This time it was a selfie contest which has endorsed the selfie queens / Kings at Xoxoday.  Selfie contest run by HR engagement team has given the fun-loving team an opportunity to share their funky faces on Xoxoday Reward app.  The crazy folks who never fail to show up their craziest self to the world used Contest the to its fullest to bombard the reward app with their selfies. The one-week long selfie contest from Monday to Friday invited the team to click their best selfie. The contestants had to Download Reward App and post selfies that will go well along with the theme of the day.

Hashtags for each day were as below

For Monday #HBD Nazz

For Tuesday-  # Xoxo TripsyTuesdayTunes

For Wednesday-# XoxoWisdomWednesday

For Thursday -# Xoxo ThankfulThursday

For Friday-# XoxoFridayFun

Winners are announced for each day and they would be getting reward Point for their creative craziness. Cheers to may more fun activities at Xoxoday

Originally published on
October 31, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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