November 26, 2017

Romantic Candle Light Dinners in Hyderabad To Gift Your Employees

Here's a list of the most romantic candlelight dinner experiences in Hyderabad city that you can gift your newly married employees for a splendid time with their loved ones.

Romantic Restaurants for Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

If you are looking for a romance soaked evening in Hyderabad, this post is for you. Make the experience worthwhile. Pick up the one from the top 20 romantic restaurants listed below.

Restaurants in Hyderabad are no stranger to romance. Food and romance bloom together at candle light dinners. Right from star stud skies roof-top to enigmatic indoor spaces the city of Pearls has it all. Quaint little corners where lovers can gaze into each other’s eyes offer to dine and wine together.

Best Restaurants for Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

Although when the romantic half is along, any place feels exotic. A perfect setting makes a date worth remembering. Clasp your hands and enjoy exotic food over dripping wax candles.

Unbeatable Luxury: Holy Basil, The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Hyderabad

Holy Basil is tucked in the posh suburbs of the city of Pearls. A perfect spot for lovers to avoid the uncomfortable eye-rolls when they sit on the same side of the table. Cocktails and cakes prepend a special element to the evening. Cozy dinner at The Radisson Blu Plaza on a delightful first date is a charming experience at Holy Basil.

An exotic yet simple menu meets the perfect setting with Pan-Asian cuisine. Take the advantage of indulgent menu in the night of serious romance. The ambiance, the exotic platters, fairy-lights warm up a perfect romantic evening.

A Serene Moonlit Evening: Over the Moon, Jubilee Hills

A Serene Moonlit Evening Hyderabad

Over the Moon is revered as one of the most elegant and upscale lounges. It offers the best Candle light dinner in Hyderabad. Open spaces, flowy drapes, and earthy elements add natural serenity to the place. The restaurant exudes romance as soon as you step in. Premium menu serve mouth-watering Mediterranean, continental, Asian and North Indian cuisines. Amazing out-of-the world cocktails are a bonus. House-made sauces make the delicacies even more exotic.

Lovely lighting and beautiful views create a dreamy ambiance. A storybook evening offers comfort and modern décor experience. The live romantic music soaks you up and what happens post that left to you.

Romance and The Food: Mekong, Merigold Hotel, Green Lands

Romance And The Food Mekong Merigold Hotel Hyderabad

Something to impress your dinner date. Wines and wooden decors of the place along the trails of the river make it a perfect place to grab a glass of seasoned wine. Make a statement and meander through the most excellent quality cuisines of seven countries. Surprisingly authentic taste of cuisines spanning Asia is mouth-watering. The classy décor makes it a perfect for a candle light dinner in Hyderabad. Refined and seductive cuisine travels from Pattaya to Vietnam and to Japan. Simple preparations that respect the Asian ingredients shine with creativity.

The Mekong by Merigold Hotel often makes headlines for its updates to the exotic Asian food menu. A special place that gives your loved one a feeling of “designed for you.”

Welcome to the Land of Whites: Olive Bistro and Bar, Jubilee Hills

Welcome To The Land Of Whites Olive Bistro and Bar Hyderabad

An unusual place that may, earn you some brownie points. A little white-walled bungalow is a perfect place for a romantic evening rendezvous. The cobblestone staircase and brilliance of flower beds make it a storybook place to dine. A salubrious setting is not pretty but grand too. If you could not make it to Greece, Olive Bistro gives you an affordable experience of Greek island and the cuisine.

The charm of the evening is hard to miss for a romantic candle light dinner in Hyderabad. Load up your plates with Italian, Mediterranean and European delicacies. In-house baked pieces of bread, delicate broths and good wines on rooftop bar await you here.

The Taj Glory: Thai Pavilion, Begumpet

The Taj Glory Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

Splurge into the glory of Taj Group's hospitality. It is a perfect haute spot. Impress your date with the taste of class and leave her wowed. Sink into a couch and feel welcomed by the fantastic cocktails. Dine in privacy and order a special bespoke meal. A perfect way for private couple time.

Discover the real Thai cuisine from the roots and elevated by the live kitchen feature. You can choose to dine in traditional Thai style of eating. Get served a sparkling wine glass with the impeccable service. The menu is never the same. Even if it is not your first time here, the newer stunning cuisine awaits you with signature dishes.

Nothing Less than Pure Romance: Little Italy, Jubilee Hill

Nothing Less Than Pure Romance Little Italy Hyderabad

Warm and intimate, the authentic Italian food and wines are quite impressive. It merits as a romantic restaurant because of the quiet location. Stun your partner with the exotic Italian candle light dinner in Hyderabad. A perfect high-end restaurant to rekindle your love and create the moments forever.

The place offers you an exquisite dining experience and classic cuisine. With the soul touching music, the place is setup beautifully to provide you with the cozy comfort with your special one. The perfect combination of classy interior and warm ambiance, Little Italy is a lovely experience.

Royal Romance Date: Celeste, Taj Falaknuma Palace

Royal Romance Date Celeste Hyderabad

Surprise your loved one with the royal Candle light dinner in Hyderabad. Its classy ambiance, exotic chandeliers, warm lights and exquisite detailing is an out-of-the-world experience. The awesomeness of the place is beyond words and can only be felt.

The magnificence of this 19th-century palace restored in the most exotic way. Tour the royalty of the Taj Falaknuma Palace and indulge in the luxury dining in its spick and span seating. Preserving the Nizam culture and adding a twist to classic Italian and Mediterranean palates, the place offers a bespoke experience to the love buds.

Unusual Romantic Date: Hard rock Café, Banjara Hills

Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad at Hard rock Cafe

Who said the candlelight has to be always quite? For the ones who like the pitch-perfect entertainment on a romantic date, Hard Rock Café is a must place to visit. Experience authentic American cuisine and live entertainment. Culinary greatness and best of the musical history will add pep to your romantic date.

It may not be the best place to take your better half for a candle light dinner in Hyderabad, but it definitely has a vibrant pulse and liveliness about it that sparks romance. Signature entrees and handcrafted cocktails add to an iconic evening in Hyderabad.

A Night of Romance in Full Grace: Marriot Hotel and Convention Center, Opp Hussain Sagar Lake

A Night Of Romance In Full Grace at Marriot Hotel Hyderabad

Beautiful location of Hussain Sagar Lake makes it a perfect spot for a romantic date. A stylish alternative to the traditional romantic evening the place offers grace and romantic charm. The candlelight fills the dining area with warmth as the exotic cuisine awaits you.

Plush velvet chairs create a dramatic scene of luxury and style. The top-notch kitchen at Marriot hotel offers you inspiring dishes for the romantic date while serving you in utter warmth. Complementing the amazing cocktails, the overall ambiance is impressive and makes to the top of places for candle light dinner in Hyderabad.

A Romantic Date at Sultans: Sahib Sindh Sultan, Banjara Hills

A beautiful place of the cultural mix of cuisines is so classy that a candlelight dinner becomes very interesting. This place house the rich cultural heritage of Anglo-Indian dishes. Serving North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese, your plate will never lose flavor.

Perfection in every detail makes Sahib Sindh Sultan the best place for a candle light dinner in Hyderabad. Tops the list of places for a romantic date night rendezvous. Enjoy hearty meals over the sweet love talks as the restaurant carves a stylish space for your privacy.

Dine by the Water: Radisson Blu, Banjara Hills

Radisson Blu Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

An exclusive date venue, the waterfront candlelight dinner in Radisson Blu is an unbeatable experience. The name says it all. The place serves the best view of a beautiful and enchanting waterfront. The massive spread of fine cuisines that range from western to traditional, all is set for the best candle light dinner in Hyderabad.

A romantic setting with fresh, crisp air and exclusive wines are bound to set a romantic mood of the evening. Win over her heart all over again by expressing your love at this exquisite place that makes her feel special and loved. This mesmerizing outdoor at Radisson Blu setting will sweep her off the floor.

Exotic Romantic Date: Zafraan Exotica, Banjara Hills

Exotic Romantic Date at Zafraan Exotica Hyderabad

The ambiance of Zafraan Exotica will charm you and your loved one. Its all wooden roofing with mist guns lined from the inside. The terrace, gurgling sounds of enchanting water fountains and bamboo thickets make it a rich place to dine. The cool breeze in open terrace makes the place blissful for a candle light dinner in Hyderabad.

The indoor seating of the exotic place is equally classy. The indulging menu spans Chinese, Thai and Hyderabadi cuisine too but what steals the heart is North Indian and North-West food. The desserts on the menu are mouthwatering like Angoori Rasmalai. Let the evening wrap with the exotic sweetness

Dine in Nizam Style: Firdaus, Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills

Dine In Nizam Style Firdaus Hyderabad

Taj Group brings you another spectacular place to woo your better half. The occasion need not be special, but the candlelight dinner at Firdaus will make it a memory. A beautifully laid out candlelit table and the warm welcome is going to make her feel like a queen.

The place has mastered the art of Nizam cuisines. You will be served culinary jewels crafted in age-old Royal Kitchens. Feast on some real Hyderabadi rich delicacies and enrich your taste buds. Food, wine, and ambiance all make the evening a dream come true. Unwind in royalty!!

Dine at the Finest Club: Hyderabad Golf Course

Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad at Golf Course

While in the day it bustles with golf clubs and golf karts, the Golf course in the heart of the city has a jewel. Offering the most romantic candle light dinner in Hyderabad the restaurant sets up a picturesque area. Surprise your date with a view of sprawling green lawns in a classy ambiance.

The food is exotic, and you have quite some handful of choices. Its splendor represents a romantic integration of nature and sport. The majestic golf grounds lit by halogens in the evening draw a mesmerizing picture of a perfect dinner date.

Best Garden Area Romance: The Autumn Leaf, Jubilee Hills

The Autumn Leaf Jubilee Hills Hyderabad

A quite newer place, The Autumn Leaf is a welcome change to the city’s hangout place. At the exterior, it looks like a garden side café but it has too much more to offer. Take out your date to a candlelight dinner in the beautifully manicured lawns of Autumn Leaf.

Tasteful wooden chairs and benches add a completely fresh and unique feel to the place. Away from the regular menu, the place offers you the assortment of appetizers like Baked Spinach and artichoke dip with Lavash chips. Autumn leaf scores big on the ambiance for a quiet evening with a twisted menu.

Dinner in Stars: Falaknuma Palace, Fatima Nagar

Dinner in Stars at Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad

The tail end of Taj Falaknuma takes you entirely off to a new world. Quite far from the hustle and bustle of the city, this quaint dome of Gol Bungalow makes it a vivid place for candle light dinner in Hyderabad. Indulge in spicy cuisines and rich aroma with a soul-satisfying view of Hyderabad city.

The menu is luxurious, and the ambiance is rich. The Hyderabadi culture of this upscale property leaves you bespoke with unparalleled hospitality. The place offers you and your loved one a perfect place to giggle and snuggle over the warmth of the sweet talks.

Love the Punjabi Style: Dil Punjabi, Madhapur

Dil Punjabi Candle Light Dinner in Hyderabad

Dim lights and classy hindi instrumental music makes the upscale restaurant the choicest place for romantic dates. Serving amazing north Indian and Mughlai cuisine the ambience of the place adds a little extra happiness to your evening.

The place wins the heart in first place for its choice of most romantic hindi music. Ambience is classy and contemporary while the food is typical desi served in style. Your choice is definitely going to impress the better half. It will be an evening you will cherish forever.

A Rich and Classy Date: Prego, Westin Hotel, HITECH City

Prego Westin Hotel HITECH City Hyderabad

The name itself ensures a high-scale dinner date. With the option of indoor and outdoor sitting, you and your partner will have all the privacy of the world. Spend some valuable moments with the special one while the best candle light dinner in Hyderabad awaits you.

An impressive array of scotch and wines help you unwind in style. The live kitchen fills the air with the Italian aroma while you relish the best Italian dishes in ambient lighting and comfortable seatings. Make your loved one feel special and loved.

Romantic Date in International Style: Viva, Taj Vivanta, Begumpet

Romantic Date In International Style at Viva Hyderabad

Chic and classy with informal ambiance, Viva at Taj Vivanta is all you could ask for a candle light dinner in Hyderabad. A refreshing new look to the Hyderabadi hospitality, this place will leave the other half in complete awe. The international cuisines onboard are authentic and vary from Mediterranean, Italian to European.

Pick from the exciting list of the main course and savor the most excellent wines around the globe. Stylish cocktails and chic eats make the evening memorable. One cozy and sophisticated place in Hyderabad offers you a tailored meal for your taste buds. Carry along the sweet memories crafted by the ambiance of the entire set up.

A Mexican Date: La Cantina, Novotel Kondapur

La Cantina Novotel Kondapur Hyderabad

With La Cantina, Mexico is not far. Enjoy a sumptuous poolside candle dinner with the love of your life. Mexican cuisine served with sparkling wine creates a magical evening with the special one. At the poolside, the breeze feels fresh, and the aura becomes even more romantic.

The menu has a lot to offer at the world-class facility of Novotel. Satiate the taste bud while the evening perfectly unwinds into a most memorable one which can be more exciting then planning for a weekend getaway or travelling to one of the popular hill stations to spend your time.

The mood is set perfect for a dinner date and a candlelight gives you all the more reasons to get closer to your companion. Casual bites and drinks become exotic when paired with deep red banquets, mirrored walls, and floral arrangements. Make the other half feel exclusive with the warmth and inviting aura of the best restaurants for candle light dinner in Hyderabad.

Nestled in the posh areas of the city of pearls, the grandeur of the top 20 romantic restaurants will leave you spell bound. The endeavors are worth every penny and minute you spend in the magical evening with the love of your life!!

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