PLUM Product Release: March 2020

April 9, 2020
Issac Thomas

The March 2020 Plum release brings with it a handful of advanced features to help organizations get the best out of the reward platform, like white labelling, better customization, readable campaign URLs, proforma invoicing, resending brand vouchers, viewing multiple items in one single order, multi admin and SMS delivery of points. Let's understand them one by one.

1. Customize Plum as per your brand with White labelling

White labelling Plum as per your brand helps you:-

  • Building brand credibility
  • Strengthening customer loyalty
  • Saving time and money

Having your brand name on logins and messages that are sent to customers helps in building brand awareness, a sense of credibility and trust with the client.
White labelling feature in Plum

Customize Plum as per your brand with White labelling
White labelling feature in Plum: Catalogue selection

White labelling feature in Plum
White labelling feature in Plum

  • An admin can now customize the way storefront would look for the end-users. This includes the background of the storefront website, the company logo, the URL to access it. 
White labelling feature in Plum
Email template customisation

  • They can also choose the name of their rewarding units (e.g. xoxopoints), email name through which rewards are sent.

Plum admin profile
Plum admin profile
  • It gives them the flexibility to enable/disable payment options, set the first level of support and communication.

Campaign email settings
Campaign email settings

Campaign email settings

  • They can now enable SMS delivery of points and vouchers to the recipients

2. Readable Campaign URLs

The admin will now be able to create a campaign with a URL that is more relevant and readable to the user. It will be of the format /<companyname>/<campaign name>

The objective is to make it easier for the end-user to read and also for future similar campaigns. 

3. Proforma Invoicing

Proforma Invoicing
Invoicing in Plum

A Plum admin will now have an option to generate the proforma invoice before they make a payment for recharges. They can submit the invoice for finance approval before making the actual payment and at any point of time access the specific transaction and complete it from the Reports section.

4. Resending Brand Voucher 

Resending Brand Voucher 
Plum order status

To give more flexibility to the end-users, Plum has the option to resend brand vouchers they purchased from their order history. This feature can come in very handy when a user loses their original voucher or order confirmation. The user can also resend the brand voucher to an alternate email- it can be their mail id, or they can use the email id of their family member or friend. All they need to do is to enter an alternate email in the box provided.

5. Viewing Multiple items in a single order  

Viewing Multiple items in a single order
Plum order details

Keeping up with the practice of giving more flexibility to the end-users, they can now see the details that include the delivery status of every individual voucher of a particular order. Earlier it wasn’t possible as they were restricted to see the details of the entire order as a whole.

6. Multiadmin (Earlier Releases)

Multiadmin (Earlier Releases)
Setting up multiple Plum admins

With the new product release features, our primary focus was to make our product as flexible as possible for our clients and their end-users. With this new feature, We have added the multi-admin feature which will allow the admin to add other people as the admins of Plum Dashboard so that they can Send Xoxo Points, Xoxo codes and check reports by themselves

It, in turn, helps in the decentralization of the reward allocation process to subordinates involved. Having shared access leads to faster transactions and more efficiency.

This is how it would work:-

  1. The person who created the client’s account in Xoxoday Plum acts as the super admin of the company.
  2. The super admin can add/remove other people as admin and grant them access to rewarding.
  3. The super admin can set up a maximum reward limit for each admin such that they cannot go beyond the threshold limit.
  4. The admins are permitted to send Xoxo codes, Xoxo points, and check reports.

7. SMS for Xoxo points 

SMS for Xoxo points 
SMS notification for Xoxo points

We have simplified the process of redeeming rewards by introducing SMS for Xoxo points and vouchers. The end users can now receive xoxo points, xoxocodes and brand vouchers on their mobile numbers, along with a redemption link which will redirect them to a specific page where they can redeem their reward as shown in the above image.

The focus on this month’s product release has been flexibility and simplification of Plum such that both our clients and their end-users are happy. We have introduced seven features to make our rewarding platform faster and more efficient. Hope it helps you in delighting your end-users.

Originally published on
April 9, 2020
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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