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October 31, 2019
Jiji Janardhanan

Xoxoday, which keeps employee engagement and wellness at the workplace in high regard will not leave any stones unturned to ensure the best of both experiences. The idea of pairing technology with a wellness programme was put forward by Mallik, and he has been well executing the programme.

The Plank challenge which has been named as ‘Xoxoday Fitness Program’ refers to Health & Wellness based program that intends to improve the fitness quotient in the organization. To achieve the goal of fitness, Xoxoday team started with simple home-based exercise named Planks that can be done by everyone at any time anywhere.

Plank is a wellness / physical activity which needs no equipment at all to build your core strength. The plank is a move that can be made into various exercises that challenge all the major muscles groups and stabilizers. These exercises improve strength and help one to prevent injury. The plank is an exercise one can do anywhere, and it only takes a couple of minutes every day to build your core strength.

The plank challenge is all about having fun while building core strength. This challenge only takes a couple of minutes to complete each day. By the end of the challenge, one will feel stronger and be ready to hike harder and longer!
The team has been strictly advised to practice in proper form to avoid injury.The objective is to improve the fitness quotient of the organization. The metrics to measure the results were the differential time on day 1 and day 20 for every user, Reduction in Body Weight Ratio.

How do we do it

Each participant has to do a set of planks every day and get their best time recorded in the Xoxoday Fitness App. These seconds are summed up in the milestones set. Each milestone is associated with reward points and the reward value increases after every milestone achieved.

The participation is mainly driven by the reward points while some users are driven by the social recognition (Featuring in Day's Top 10 Scorers).


  • Few participants are now aware of their relative fitness levels thus in self-assessment and improvement mode.
  • Few participants are now able to improve their planking seconds. The inclusion of fitness criteria in lifestyle choices is one of the reason.
  • Other observations include the tendency of the users to compare their scores and standing in organizational fitness matrix.

Originally published on
October 31, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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