November 17, 2017

Nightlife Experiences In Ahmedabad For Your Employees To Explore

Ahmedabad's nightlife beams with energy. Choose from this list to gift your employees a fun time in the city.

India's fastest developing city, Ahmedabad is Gujrat's crown jewel. The city that is immensely blessed with a populace that is hardworking can get just as much overwhelming. And anyone who visits must definitely take the time out to get to know the city well and everything it offers. The city will warm your heart with its old-school architecture, the ancient history that it wraps within itself. This ancient meets modern city has just what you need to enjoy the Ahmedabad Nightlife. The nightlife in Ahmedabad may not be all that peppy like it is in Delhi, Bangalore or even Mumbai, but the city makes up for it with everything else.

best places to experience ahmedabad nightlife

Ahmedabad nightlife caters to a diverse crowd of business, students and young entrepreneurs. From trendy hangouts and restaurants to weekend getaways this city has something in store for everyone. Although the nightlife in Ahmedabad may not be all that glitzy and pompous, there are some things that you can do to enjoy every bit of the city at night. So, if you'd like to appreciate the nightlife in Ahmedabad, we'll tell you where to head.

Ahmedabad Nightlife

One can dance away the blues or sit down for coffee and banter over long lost memories, get down to minimalism and try out the street food, or dine in class. There's something here for everyone.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Dine at Collage, Hyatt Ahmedabad

collage hyatt ahmedabad nightlife

Designed to be intimate yet open, Collage, Hyatt Ahmedabad overlooks the Vastrapur Lake. The gardens and view provides an informal yet uplifting dining experience. Collage offers an extensive spread, including Indian and Italian cuisines. They even have a beautiful live cooking station for all those who love to watch how they're favorite food is being cooked. Whenever one needs to eat, Collage serves exactly what one needs. Come along with a loved one for a sumptuous dinner buffet. When it comes to Ahmedabad nightlife, this place will please one and all with their food, ambiance and impeccable service.

Dinner at Patang

dinner at patang ahmedabad

Patang welcomes one to a dinner buffet with an elaborate menu of soup, salads, main course, and desserts. The restaurant specializes in serving a wide range of flavourful dishes in a perfect ambiance. Come to savor the taste of multi-cuisine dishes, fancy desserts, and healthy salads. Curries prepared by experts chefs and dishes prepared with fresh ingredients are the trademarks which this restaurant stands by. Savour the Ahmedabad nightlife at this warm hospitable restaurant and enjoy food like never before. This revolving restaurant is also a very popular option on the list of things to do to enjoy Ahmedabad nightlife. It is truly a place that believes in providing its patrons with a unique gourmet experience.

Heritage Walk and Dinner at Agashiye

dinner at house of mg ahmedabad nightlife

Agashiye in Gujarati means - on the terrace. This stunning Gujarati Thali restaurant is spread over two huge terraces, interconnected by a smaller one that houses a wooden cottage. Agashiye is an iconic restaurant in Ahmedabad. It celebrates Gujarati food, the vegetarian cuisine in India that comes with the highest variety of dishes. Take a heritage walk and relish sumptuous food at the House of MG and enjoy Ahmedabad nightlife like never before. This experience makes a great way to celebrate and wind up the day.

Rooftop Dinner at The Fern

dinner at the fern ahmedabad

When it comes enjoying the nightlife in Ahmedabad, The Fern is an ideal place. If you're looking for a place that gives the palates a flavourful twist at affordable prices, this is it. This restaurant serves Mediterranean, Italian and Mexican dishes with a modern twist. The chic and classic ambiance paired up with an exotic bar menu make sure to cater to every diner's demands. The multi-cuisine dinner at @Nine offers its patrons an array of dishes and that is sure to satisfy their taste buds.

You can enjoy the food on a corner table with a good view. Come along with a loved one and have a memorable gourmet experience. This is one Ahmedabad nightlife option that one must most definitely bookmark.

Adventure Ahmedabad Nightlife

Camping at Dasada

camping at dasada ahmedabad

Whoever said that nightlife was restricted to within four walls with loud music, has definitely not gone camping. For some adventure then we suggest try on something that is totally out of the box. Dasada is located near Patdi village, just at the bay of Little Rann of Kutch in the adjoining district of Surendranagar. This campsite at Dasada gives you a luxurious stay with all the amenities that you could expect from a top-notch property while enjoying the desert experience.

Enjoy the wildlife, heritage, culture, and traditions of Gujrat at it's best while camping. You will also get to explore over 10 acres of land with every modern facility and a touch of Zalawad culture and tradition. Dasada is an eco-friendly boutique resort offering cultural and wildlife experiences. Come in and experience the cross-desert safari across the Little Rann of Kutch in open vehicles.

Pubs and Nightclubs in Ahmedabad

Cyclone Discotheque

cyclone discotheque ahmedabad

Located in one of the more most famous malls in the city, this place is definitely worth visiting if you like to shake a leg or two. Their spectacular in-house DJ will help you bring out your swagger with a playlist that consists of some of the peppiest songs you could think of. The bar menu is here is exotic and also exquisite serving you with domestic and international liquor. The tasty food served here makes this an apt Friday night scene. The ambiance is free, colorful and extremely lively. For those partygoers, this Ahmedabad nightlife option in the city is a MUST visit.

Rewind Disc

rewind disc ahmedabad

A harmonious settlement situated in the most natural setting, offering hotel suites, fine dining establishments, full leisure, recreation and relaxation facilities, as well as a limited number of exceptional private residences.

Zing, The Bar

For mocktail lovers, this option among the few in the list of Ahmedabad nightlife is where one should head to. Zing Bar located in the Pride Plaza Hotel, this is the real deal. From a hookah bar to a dance stage, karaoke and so much more, one could also try out the Havana and Cuban cigars here! This in-house bar, also serves delicious food, what's more, these guys also serve hard liquor for the alcohol lovers. If one wants to experience an unforgettable time in nightlife in Ahmedabad, this is where one must head to.

Java +

java nightlife in ahmedabad

If you're looking for places that are open 24*7 for you to enjoy Ahmedabad nightlife, then let's start with Java+. A quaint and beautiful courtyard café located in the Marriott, this little place is a heaven to visit. The moment one enters, one is welcomed by the gorgeous scent of freshly brewed coffee. The courtyard, the greenery, and the brown interiors make this a place you visit to get away from stress. Their chic interiors also make this a great hangout spot. So, if one is looking at pulling an all-nighter, this should be the go-to choice.

Sphere by Ramada

sphere by ramada ahmedabad

If one is looking for hangout spots in Ahmedabad where one can catch up with your friends over a nice cup of coffee till 2 am, then this is the place. The gorgeous ambiance that Sphere provides you is all about modern chic meets contemporary. This open rooftop lounge is the best it gets for long nights of chit chatter with friends. The cozy rooftop also serves as a great date night go-to place for most in the city. The dim lighting, candle-lit also helps in opening up and leaving behind your stress and worries. They've also got a good theatre system up for those where one wants to watch the match and chill out with their friends. This place is one of the recommended picks when it comes to Ahmedabad nightlife.

Kaffe - Mast Hai

kaffe mast hai ahmedabad

Talk about quirky cafés when it comes to Ahmedabad nightlife and this place comes up. The well-done up café is fully-equipped with sheeshas/hookahs and so much more. Their interiors are just as unique as the food served there. From American bagel sandwiches to creamy Alfredo pasta, you name it, this place has it all. If you're the late night worker looking for a peaceful place with a quiet corner for you to work at, this is the place to be. Their ambiance is perfect for group outings as well. Head to Kaffe - Mast Hai for the daily dosage of awesomeness.

Marakeesh Lounge

One of the oldest sheesha lounges in Ahmedabad nightlife, this once thriving hangout spot was where everyone used to hang out. Their impeccable service, unique ambiance and delectable food is what makes this place still a favorite among people in Ahmedabad.

Nirvana Lounge

nirvana lounge ahmedabad

Its cozy interiors, plush couches, and songs by The Beatles keeps one engaged. Along with traditional flavors, their hookahs are served with a base of fruits, milk, or Redbull. Try their Special Mojito along with Cheese Nachos, Veg Club Sandwich, Margarita Pizza and more. A group of five can share a hookah, which tends to last for almost an hour. This incredible definitely deserves a mention on our list of Ahmedabad nightlife options.

If one likes our list of things one can do and places one can visit to enjoy Ahmedabad nightlife, then comment below and let us know.

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