New Improved Empuls Employee Engagement Platform – May, 2019

Employee Engagement
October 2, 2019
Poonam Das

In this release, we have added some new features like Leaderboard, Automated Gifts Reports and Gif image support - making Empuls an enhanced employee engagement platform with a unique reward system. There have also been improvements in features like filter, data export in reports, control and manage messages in townhall, pdf & excel readers, whitelabelling settings, google capcha, DIY signup, delete access to super admin and groups admin. These upgrades will address some of the key problems that were earlier reported by the program managers.

New Improved Empuls Employee Engagement Platform


Leader board as the name suggests is intended to highlight the Top Performers or Top Contributors. This will inspire action and participation from the users and  thus, contribute to the success of the program.

You can incentivize users with Karma points (a non-monetary unit to establish user participation) on different types of actions in the system as listed below. The users with highest karma will become the top contributors for the program.

Categories based on which you will get Karma Points -

  • Events that Inspire action (Posting interesting messages in a group, Being a recipient of a reward/ recognition, etc.)
  • Event that helps in achieving program objectives (like Giving an award, Approving Nominations etc.)
  • Actions help in building user adoption (Daily Login, Creation of an active group, etc.)

The Top 3 Contributors will be highlighted in the Town hall Every Friday.

Birthday & Work Anniversary Gifts Report

The administrator can now know the details of the gifts sent automatically from the system for events like birthdays, work anniversary. This will include the welcome gifts for new joiners too.

This feature has been added as part of the reports, available for super admin & general admins.

Empuls screenshot reports
Empuls screenshot reports

Report Enhancements

Few challenges like not being able to view the reports filtered for a specific period, ability to share the reports to other users has now been rectified.

The admin can now filter the reports to specific period using Date Filter option in the reports.

Empuls screenshot reports
Empuls screenshot reports

The admin can also export the reports into a comma separated file.

Empuls screenshot reports

Controls to Manage Messages in Town hall & Other Groups

The program administrators had a major challenge in controlling the content, essentially to prevent misuse of the platform through usage of profanity, abuse etc. We have added few capabilities to correct such misuse. The super admin and group administrators will now have an option to delete feeds / comments that can be termed as misuse.

Empuls screenshot post deletion
Empuls screenshot post deletion

This also extends to users posting messages in a group where they can delete any comment on their message.

Date and Time Guidelines

We will be now following the below guidelines for displaying date & time in all features. This is to keep the timestamp simple and easy to follow. The same guidelines will be applicable to all upcoming features and extensions to the product.

Empuls screenshot timestamp
Empuls screenshot timestamp

GIF Integration for Greeting Images

The engagement platforms tend to seem monotonous due to repeated use of similar graphics especially for greetings. We have tried to address this by sourcing Gif images from external partners. Here we source trending images and refresh choices regularly.

Empuls screenshot gifs in posts
Empuls screenshot gifs in posts

PDF and Excel Reader in feeds

You can now read pdf and excel documents in the web browser without having to download them. The application will provide the option to zoom In, zoom out and download the document when you are reading it.

Whitelabelling settings - Login Page Background

Xoxoday whitelabeling setting makes it possible for you (the program administrators) now to personalize the login screen to suit your organization color scheme and  branding by introducing the simple setting to change the login page background. This feature also aids in providing unified company image.

Google CAPTCHA for Reset Password

CAPTCHA is used to tell bots apart from human and prevent bots from automatically submitting forms with Spam or other unwanted content.  Xoxoday is introducing Google CAPTCHA for reset password to secure your email account from being misused or being taken over by malicious people or hackers.

DIY Signup- Accept Corporate E-Mail ID & Username

We have been receiving sign up from various untrustworthy users who are uninterested in exploring the capabilities but intend to abuse. We have added a few measures to address these issues one of which is to disallow public domain email id’s and allow only Corporate email ids. This helps our support team to help out genuine users in successfully setting up the platform.

Empuls screenshot DIY Signup
Empuls screenshot DIY Signup

Furthermore we have added Username acceptance to personalize the communication to the users.

Originally published on
October 2, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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