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Employee Engagement

Monthly Product Update - March 2019

Find out the monthly Xoxoday products update and learn how to make the most of our recognition and rewards platform to build happy workforce for organization.

October 11, 2019
Poonam Das
Employee Engagement

Monthly Product Update - March 2019

Monthly Product Update - March 2019

What’s New?

The latest Xoxoday product update is now live! The new features will help you delivers more personalized and integrated employee experience, while enabling your team to work smarter, improve communication, engage employees and obtain new insight across your organization.

Team Awards

Admins can now set up team awards to reward team instantly, through nominations. This feature will allow the users to nominate team (i.e multiple employees) for an award through, web and mobile applications.

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The feature is available in Awards List under Awards menu.

View latest updates in Groups

This feature helps users identify the groups that have unread feeds. The group with unread messages can be tagged with a label indicating the number of unread feeds.

Send Greetings & Gifts to employees for Birthdays & Work Anniversaries

The Super Admin's can now automate the process of sending greetings and gifts to employees on their birthdays and work anniversaries. The application will send a greeting card along with gift points as defined by the super admin.

This feature is available as Automated Gifts under Rewards Menu.

Welcome messages to New Joinees

You can greet new with welcome cards and messages after a defined period of time. This gives the new joinees all the essential organisation information and processes. The admin can link gift points through this message and encourage users to explore the Xoxoday platform.

This feature is available as Automated Gifts under Rewards Menu.

These features are made available to you in the platform. Please reach out to cs@xoxoday.com for further queries.

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