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Monthly Product Update - June, 2019

Find out the monthly Xoxoday products update and learn how to make the most of our recognition and rewards platform to build happy workforce for organization.

October 2, 2019
Poonam Das

Monthly Product Update - June, 2019

Mar 18, 2020
Poonam Das
Monthly Product Update - June, 2019 | Xoxoday

We have new product updates for the month of June and it starts with the name.

Yes! we have re-named our products. As Xoxoday is expanding to different global locations, we thought it is right to change our product names into something that resonates with users across different geographical boundaries. So, now -

  1. Xoxoday for employees is Empuls
  2. Xoxoday for channels is Compass
  3. Xoxoday for rewards is Plum

This month we will be talking more about Empuls (for employees), Plum (for rewards) and introduce our Mobile App. You will hear more on Compass soon.

Empuls (For Employees)

Private Chat for quick messaging:

Engage in a new private chat with your team using our brand new one-to-one and group chat feature. This enables users to communicate and participate in discussions with each member of the company. One can also have a quick conversation with their colleague or group of colleagues using this feature. Communication is now more instant and seamless.

[metaslider id="16150"]

Help Center Menu Option:

This function is available and can be used from the left side of the panel. Once you click that function, it will redirect you to our product support page for further assistance.

‘Create a group’ option :

In the previous version of our product, this function was present in the left side of the panel. You can now find it under ‘View all groups’ seen on the top right section. The creator of the groups can now view all of them on the same page.

Send wishes using direct messaging (DM):

The right side panel is now empowered with the birthday messaging functionality enabling you to directly greet your colleagues by using the chat option on the birthday notification icon.

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Share group message links on other groups:

You can now enjoy sharing your valued group discussions with other intended groups using this feature.

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Value Badge name display on hovering:

You suggested it and here we are delivering it. The value badge names can now be seen while hovering on the badge icons.

[metaslider id="16166"]

More engagement options on posts:

Make the most of your group interactions by engaging your audience with the options like “High Five” to show them, you like their idea. +1 icon on the top right corner can be used to display support.

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Leaderboard UI improvement:

You can now view your points and rank along with the top performers in the leaderboard to keep up with the competitive spirit.

Customised filter options in the report:

As an admin, you can now add filters on the information of the report to be shared with stakeholders. You can search and select entries as per your requirement.

Plum (Xoxoday for Rewards)

IP based complete stores

Xoxoday has modified Plum to detect the IP address and show perks and vouchers relevant to that location automatically. Apart from the benefit of automatic location detection, the addition will make reward redemption much more seamless and secure.

Custom Landing Page

To give a unique experience to each campaign, XOXODAY  provides the option to have a custom-designed landing page. You can customize logo and banners in the landing page, and preview the final page before publishing.

Custom Landing Page
White Labelling

The new white-labelling setting gives the program administrators the autonomy to personalize the login screen by introducing a simple setting to change the company logo to suit their branding. This feature also aids in providing a unified brand image.

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Send gift card

Improve employee recognition with a gift card program. Customize and add e-gift card purchases to your checkout and allow e-gift card recipients to redeem the gift card in the Plum platform.

Send Gift Cards
Country Filter

Country Filter plugins allow you to control the visibility of Plum elements depending on the users country of origin.

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More filters in the admin section for campaigns

Administrators can now define, apply pricing and packages filter in the experience section and voucher section

Advanced Filters for Reports

Introducing - Mobile Apps

Guess what? Xoxoday is now on your fingertips. We have released our product in a new app version, and it is available in both Android and iOS.

Chat (Individual and Group) /Description

Apart from groups and communities, the Xoxoday app will have a one-on-one chat. This feature will enable users to communicate and participate in discussions with members of the company both individual or in a group.

  1. Personal
Personal Chat
  1. Group
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Budget Co-owners

Xoxoday has introduced a new budget flow where the administrator can now add co-owners to the budget and share or request points from the budget co-owner.

Budget Co-owners
To-do for budget

To-do is a simple and intelligent list which will help you plan your pending actions regarding budget, group and award approval thus enhancing productivity.

Pending To-dos
Group activity count number

Now you can view the count of unread message against the group that you are a part of.

Points redemption on the main page

We have relocated the ‘Redeem Points’ section to the main menu to make the redemption process easier.

File Explorer UI improvement (Android)

Xoxoday updates its file explorer UI in Android phones. You will be able to attach files in file explorer from your device now.

[metaslider id="16159"]

Join group option in the group

‘Join the group’ will be displayed under group details of a specific group. If you are interested to join a group, you can request it with the help of this option.

Join group

That is it for this month. See you in August.

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