Monthly Product Update - April, 2019

Employee Engagement
October 2, 2019
Poonam Das

Hey, Here are the new features released this April.

The new features focuses on customisation of interface to suit color guidelines of the organisation, personalisation for the users while adding new capabilities to existing features. This release also marks the initiation of the reports feature.

The details of the features are explained below -

Things To Do

The platform has set of actionable assigned to users like For Reporting Managers, BU heads & HRBP’s it would be Reviewing of nominations, Group Admins having to approve the group join requests and Super admin to allocate budget to the users requesting for budgets. User’s like BU heads, HRBP and Super Admin will be receiving multiple such requests, keeping track of these requests is a challenge that this feature wishes to solve for.

Using this feature -

  • Group join requests can be approved / Declined
  • Nominations can be reviewed
  • Budget request can be approved / Declined

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This feature is currently available only in web

Advanced White-labeling Settings

The Program administrators can now define their own color theme for the platform. The 3 variations namely Classic, Light and Dark are made available for the Super Admin to choose from, while the provision to use their own brand colors is available. (Images below). These color palette changes are applicable on the Menu Option panel only while the dashboard remains unaltered.

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This feature is currently available only in web

Attachments & Organisational values in Awards & Nominations

There are times when users who are submitting nominations have a problem in justifying their nomination in just words. This is now solved through the attachments feature available in "give an award" feature.The users submitting nominations can now attach files of a total upto 10 mb as part of the reason for nomination. The accepted format are listed below

  • Images : jpeg, jpg & png
  • Documents : pdf, doc & docx
  • Spreadsheets : xls, xlsx & csv
  • Presentations : ppt & pptx

Recommended use of this feature

  1. Sharing a client or any third party quote as an evidence
  2. Sharing private information which you don't wish to expose to all users of the platform
  3. Sharing stats and presentations that showcase the achievements of the nominee
  4. Other documents as mandated by the HR team for accepting nominations

The user can also link organisational values to their nomination using # tag as shown in image.

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This feature is currently available only in web

Profanity filter for messages in groups

This feature prevents users from posting profane words in the platform. This feature is not just a list of  profane words, it’s a system of detecting profanity. The service is designed to capture many variations of every kind of profanity one can imagine and identify them.

The feature will be extended to Group Name, Group Description, User comments and many other publicly accessible features.

Employee Directory

As the name suggests, the directory assists users to find the contact information of the employees in the organisation. The users can search for other users by their name or email id.


The reports feature will helps you understand the rewarding and recognition statistics. The focus of this release is to build a strong reports architecture that supports building different views of the data at department and organisational level. Problems of data consistency and tracking changes in user details are handled as well.

In this release, the below list of features are provided for the super admin

  • Awards: Here the admin will be able to know about all the awards sent, with details like Who was / were the recipient, Who sent the award, Budget used for this award, etc.
  • Budgets: This provides a snapshot of all budget points available with the users.
  • Redemption: Here the admin can know about the points usage by the users for purchases.
  • Nominations: This provides a snapshot of all open nomination awaiting review. This will help HR’s to know the state of all nominations.

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The users can now be issue certificates whenever they are rewarded. The feature of the certificates allows super admin’s to link certificates to Awards & Work Anniversaries gifts. The system shall auto generate the certificates and send them to the winners of the awards.

Currently, a standard certificate template is made available. Few more templates will be added in the next release.

Originally published on
October 2, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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