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October 31, 2019
Jennifer Riggins

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stuff to tell, not show. This is the whole idea around the Xoxoday platform’s customer and employee rewards. We empower, motivate, acknowledge, and thank thousands of people a day at more than 800 global businesses, always with this principle at heart. Whether you are in sales, human resources, or management, we believe you can leverage the Xoxoday platform to touch more lives and to increase employee and customer loyalty. So how do we do that? Today we’re going to outline the benefits of an employee engagement and motivation platform, and how to measure Engagement and Manage Rewards on Xoxoday Platform in hopes that you too will take advantage of its unique offerings.

Benefit #1: Xoxoday Platform’s Rewarding

This is what you’re here for, right? You want to reward your employees for their hard work, loyalty, and dedication to your company and your customers and users. The Xoxoday platform enables you to award top channel performers with customized and high-value experiences, even with a dedicated customer support team to manage experience bookings for your top performers.

So what kind of experiences and activities are we offering? We have a huge catalog of more than 10,000 high-value adventures in India and abroad. We look for unique, memorable experiences that capture the allure of each beautiful city — whether the stakeholders you want to reward stay close to home or travel to encounter lasting joy. These range from the more adventurous — like skydiving, mountain biking, and kayaking — to gastronomic delights to the always beautiful opportunity to give back to their community or environment.

What makes Xoxoday different? Sure, people like bonuses but they come to expect it like salaries. And a gift card's reasoning and the giver is forgotten soon after receiving, long before spending, and far detached from anything bought with it. 

Giving an experience is creating a truly positive memory that’s related to your company. Now that creates loyalty.

Plus, using our platform, you can create online communities around these experience themes to create a sense of acceptance and relatedness among colleagues. Finding common interests outside work makes for better teamwork and collaboration during work.

In addition, sometimes it’s not about actual rewards at all. Employees can collect points and send peer-to-peer non-monetary "Cheers and Badges” or kudos that highlight company values and leadership principles, and, most importantly, foster peer-to-peer recognition.

Benefit #2: Xoxoday Platform’s Tracking

Any enterprise-grade tooling is only as good as its tracking. After all, is there anything worth doing for your business if you can’t measure and track it, working transparently with your team? Our self-service platform takes about five minutes to set up and lets you easily keep track of it all. You can create an ongoing reward system or campaigns surrounding certain customer offers, sales goals, holidays and more.

Our platform comes with role-based access control so you can build multi-layered users and workflows for points allocation, approval, and redemption, allocating and distributing a budget as a company but allowing division, department, and team managers to manage their own projects tailored to their own teams.

Not only does our easy-to-use dashboard keep track of all the usually complicated logistics, it helps you as a business get to know your employees or customers. The Xoxoday platform gives you an overview of how different teams are interacting with each other and acknowledging each other, what types of activities the majority of colleagues choose (great crowdsourcing for your next company retreat) and so much more. Learning how to celebrate your employees just makes it easier for you to celebrate them more often, always increasing employee motivation and employee engagement.

 Plus, imagine all that animated water cooler talk around their adventures!

Benefit #3: Xoxoday Platform’s Analytics

Any employee motivation program should be tailored to the needs of your staff, but you’ve got to measure it all in order to see if it’s working or not. That’s where, like with all SaaS or business software, great analytics come into play.

The Xoxoday platform comes well-equipped with exhaustive reports on gift redemptions, point recharging, allocations, campaign effectiveness and more. These detailed reports and analytics on tool utilization not only help you understand each campaign’s effectiveness, it helps you understand your employees’ needs and motivations better.

Analytics within the Xoxoday platform by the plan you sign up for. The basic plan gives you the basic tracking, analytics, and rewarding you need to get started. As you move up the price range, you get more features like global catalog management and the ability to set up and manage a dynamic hierarchy and various workflows to reflect the diverse areas of your business. You even can build and measure customized user experience with your own themes, branding, and email campaigns that show team spirit and professionalism. Of course, we are here to help you create any custom reporting you need to make your campaigns with Xoxoday a success.

What are you waiting for? See the Xoxoday Platform in Action Today!

Finally, we may be an easy-to-use cloud-based business software, but that doesn’t mean you have to do any of this alone. When you join, you’ll be assigned a Xoxoday Platform Program Manager to make sure your teams get the most out of this engagement activity.

To add to all of this, the Xoxoday platform offers point-based engagement and loyalty with features like employee mood surveys, special perks, custom nomination schemes, and a whole method of experience and gift voucher redemption with reminders to make sure your motivators are used! So what are you waiting for? Just click on that button in the top right corner to request a demo of the Xoxoday platform and start motivating and engaging your stakeholders today!

Already a Xoxoday platform user? Tell us how you leverage it to increase employee engagement!

Originally published on
October 31, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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