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November 2, 2019
Aman Singhania

The dynamic marketing team at Xoxoday, that always stays ahead of the curve, was filled with joy when Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder, Xoxoday, took the unit out for lunch on Thursday, 23rd March, 2017 at MishMash, a popular Italian restaurant in the vicinity of the office, as a small gesture of appreciation of the team’s good work and to inculcate bonding amongst team members.

The marketing team at Xoxoday comprises of functions such as digital marketing, social media, B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing, public relations, content marketing, designing, events etc. The team made full use of the opportunity to bond with each other. Team members shared their likes, dislikes, hobbies and anecdotes and indulged themselves in 2 non-stop hours of mutual conversations.

At the same time, the team was very conscious to not miss out on the fun and the enjoyment part of the lunch. The occasion became very jovial when the single team was divided into two groups - Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians.

The Non-vegetarians hogged on the yummy and the hot pizzas, the pastas, some grilled chicken and delicious fish. The ‘Dil hai Hindustani’ vegetarians of marketing team extended their preference to order Roti, Sabzi, Daal and Gulab Jamun to name a few.

The team also discussed some aspects of the marketing strategy and the work plan for the upcoming month in a light way.Xoxoday, unlike a few other organizations, is not overtly appreciative of hierarchy system. The experienced members of the team are always available to address any concerns and guide the newbies to growth in right direction.

Manoj Agarwal, shared some light moments with the team. The team thanked him for the wonderful lunch and meeting. The occasion was also a farewell party for Pooja Mittal, an intern with the marketing team. The team appreciated her good work in such a short span of time and winded up the lunch with a good bye note to her.

“It was an absolutely fun-filled lunch. Came at just the right time amidst the work schedule. Jokes, banter, laughter, conversations and lots more.“, reflected Amit Ahlawat, the Content Strategist of Marketing team.

“Awesome Experience. Such meetups help team members understand themselves and the people they work with. You get to understand the personalities of your team members during such team outings, and equip yourself to sub-consciously pick up your colleague’s traits and put the same into use in work environment.”, observed Nishant Goyal, the SEO Strategist of Marketing team.

The author of the blog is Jiji Janardhanan, PR Manager at Xoxoday.

Originally published on
November 2, 2019
Updated on
December 28, 2020
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