January 8, 2020

Make opinionated software

It's easy to build products today than before and barriers to entry are going lower. Most products, companies, solutions, services are me-too, copied and have very limited differentiation. So "What you do" in the product is no longer a differentiation as the other product will copy it sooner or later. However, "Why you do" becomes a very big differentiation. Why becomes your product ideology, philosophy, brand and customers start recognizing you for that. Product designers have to take some bold calls while defining the product to establish the Why. There are numerous examples from Apple products, Whatsapp allows only 256 people in a group, Qwerty keyboards, a bulk operation feature not given in many great SaaS products to establish the importance of doing it one by one, and so on. So, try to reduce answering "What" in the product and think more "Why". What ll lead you to more, Why ll help you to do less but still significantly useful to customers.

Manoj Agarwal

Manoj is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Xoxoday.