Improve the Employee Experience with Empuls Employee Engagement Survey: March 2020

Employee Engagement
March 19, 2020
Rani Joseph

Employee Engagement Survey is a cornerstone feature of Xoxoday Empuls. The survey feature has been designed in collaboration with SHRM, a professional human resources association who is the foremost expert, convener, and thought leader on issues impacting today’s evolving workplaces. This feature has been developed with extensive tests across multiple participant organizations to ensure high validity, reliability, and usability - bringing with it the scientific, ‘pulse’ method of administration, and improve the employee experience.

Improve the Employee Experience: What’s New?

Engagement survey

Even though bulky annual surveys were once the world order, technology has made them redundant. Empuls engagement surveys go one step further, by dynamically collecting rich cross-sectional data with intelligent sampling and short bursts of questions. This ‘pulse’ mechanism stands out because of:

  • Reduced responder fatigue with 30+ questions administered quarterly to semi-annually
  • Keeping the respondent interests high by careful selection of questions to avoid ineffective repetitions to incorporate reverse coding
  • Having the best response rates, owing to the very few sets of questions they pose to employees at one go. Note: Response rates are inversely related to the number of questions on a survey instrument.
  • Breaking down large surveys into smaller and effective chunks

While survey modules in the market are sufficient to measure current levels of engagement, they do not have channels to take corrective actions - calling for managing disconnected solutions. Empuls closes the loop by taking corrective actions all through one common platform. Empuls designed to be extensible, offering a wide range of corrective solutions to any engagement issues identified over the Pulse survey. Actions, follow-ups, and tracking remain within a unified product instead of multiple, loosely coupled ones.

Why should the Engagement survey feature be used?

HR professionals are data-challenged to measure metrics and conduct in-depth analysis to make data-driven decisions and demonstrate the return on investment of key HR expenditures. Empuls Pulse Surveys generate extensive and meaningful data that empowers HR leaders to finely measure and monitor each of their initiatives and policies. The advantages of these, being:

  • Make data-backed decisions
  • Collect tangible and valid feedback to improve the employee experience
  • A structured way of collecting cross-sectional data and time-series data across high employee lifecycle events
Engagement Survey Feature

NPS has been proven to be a highly predictive metric for customer satisfaction and loyalty for businesses across the world. Employee NPS (known as NPS) extends the same concept to employee satisfaction and loyalty. By asking one question, organizations tend to understand their current levels of employee satisfaction and hence, improve the employee experience. 

The Empuls engagement survey comes with such an eNPS question that gives a singular snapshot of the high-level status quo of the organization. It also comes along with 67 engagement questions that help HRs delve deeper to discover pockets of engagement areas within the organization that needs attention. (Find here more about the Empuls engagement survey dimensions and methodology) 

How can the Engagement survey feature be used?

Surveys are powerful tools to document, evaluate, and improve employee touchpoints aiming to transform and improve the employee experience. Acquiring a strong understanding and intelligence of these employee touchpoints helps HR leaders take action in real-time. Following are a few touchpoints that could be transformed this way:

Applications of engagement survey

Empuls employee lifecycle surveys cover all major employee lifecycle touchpoints. Xoxoday helps HR adjust the data inferences the instrument generates to match their specific organizational requirements.

How to access the engagement survey feature in Empuls?

The engagement survey feature is available for HR admins for setup. The survey can be accessed from the ‘Survey’ menu item within Empuls. The home screen of the survey screen gives a quick snapshot of the live engagement surveys. (At the first login, these representations are demonstrative.)

Fig 1: The engagement survey dashboard 
Fig 1: The engagement survey dashboard 

Selecting the ‘Run pulse survey’ initiates the engagement survey, where the HR admin can set the frequency of the engagement survey.

Survey design‍

The engagement survey forms are designed to improve the employee experience - in order to make their survey filling process effortless and gather real data with high conversion rates.

Once the survey is live, a ‘push’ notification appears on the employee’s pending tasks.

Fig 2: Push notification for the engagement survey
Fig 2: Push notification for the engagement survey

The employee is then offered the eNPS survey question and based on the response, further drill down questions are posed. The survey ends with an open-ended, feedback question.

Fig 3: The status quo measuring eNPS question in Empuls Pulse survey
Fig 3: The status quo measuring eNPS question in Empuls Pulse survey

emplus engagement survey
Fig 4: A sample question within ‘Strategic Connect’ in Empuls Pulse survey

Reports and Analytics

While feedback collection is the start of the continuous improvement cycle - understanding the feedback and taking action are the next two steps which are more critical to ensure the success of an organizational initiative.  Once the engagement survey is live, the dashboard fills in with rich insights into the survey results.

Fig 5: The survey dashboard is responsible for making sense of this feedback
Fig 5: The survey dashboard is responsible for making sense of this feedback

eNPS analytics

Employee NPS data that Empuls pulse surveys collect provide organization-level and team-level data drill-downs, eNPS trends, promoter breakdowns, and inter-departmental trends. By asking a single eNPS question, organizations can understand and improve the employee experience at the workplace. 

Fig 6: The eNPS dashboard drills down department wise metrics
Fig 6: The eNPS dashboard drills down department wise metrics

Engagement dimension analytics

The deeper level analysis evaluates the performance of the organization across dimensions which are the biggest drivers for employee satisfaction and engagement. The dimension level data analytics provides key insights on how the organization is performing and improving in each of the dimensions.


Fig 7: The engagement dashboard drilling down the ‘Strategic connect’ dimension
Fig 7: The engagement dashboard drilling down the ‘Strategic connect’ dimension

While eNPS measures the overall satisfaction score for the organization, engagement dimensions enable a deeper understanding of the causative factors behind the satisfaction of the employee base.

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March 19, 2020
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December 28, 2020
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